Black Bridal Bliss: Love Is In The Air

BY: - 16 Jun '11 | Relationships

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Patrice and Elijah Bland seem to be one of those couples that are going to go the distance. You can just tell. Check out Patrice’s advice to couples about to tie the knot: “”Plan for the marriage more than you plan for your wedding.” 

They had a spectacular New Jersey wedding back in March, one that totally fit their personality. Check out more about this beautiful couple below. 

When asked how he and his beloved Patrice met, Elijah immediately responds “Craigslist!” with a hearty laugh.

Patrice, a stage actress and singer responded to an ad on Craigslist that Elijah, an aspiring musician, placed in search of a vocalist. After meeting and learning that Patrice fit the bill for Elijah’s band, a working relationship and friendship quickly followed.

“We became very close friends instantly and discovered we were both dating other people who we thought were losers,” jokingly explains Patrice. Still, she admits, “I really thought he was going to be my straight male friend.” Once their dead-end relationships were over Elijah expressed his feelings and the twosome began dating.

Read the rest of their love story over at Black Bridal Bliss

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