What Happened to Chivalry?

BY: - 26 Mar '13 | Marriage

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An Essence article by Nathan Hale Williams has people wondering what happened to chivalry going so far as to pose the question, “Is chivalry on life support?” Depending on whom you ask it is very likely that you will hear that it is.

When my mother walks up to a door in the presence of a man, she waits. It was the way I was trained to always open a door for a woman. It is one of the myriads of things my mother taught me about being a true gentleman. Unfortunately, it seems today that such chivalry is dead. You see, so many women seem pleasantly surprised by my gentlemanly behavior. Thankfully, I was “raised right,” but this type of treatment should be the norm, not the exception.

Williams seems like a breath of fresh air in a world where it appears chivalry is on its way out. While there are many reasons that can be attributed to its decline, there is also a chance for parents to ensure that we are raising our sons and daughters in such a way that it won’t be so foreign to their generation. For more on this story visit Essence.

BMWK — Know of someone who still practices chivalry? Tell us about him in the comments as a testament to the fact that chivalry is not dead. How are you helping to ensure that chivalry lives on?

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One thought on “What Happened to Chivalry?

  1. Mrs. K. Williams

    My husband is a true certified GENTLEMAN. For the 3 years we have been together I hardly know what the passenger door of our car feels like. He still opens doors for me and I am still grateful he does it (always say thank you). Little things like that make me so happy to cook for him and do what I can to help his day be easier :)


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