Travel Tuesday: 5 Must-Have Travel Apps for Summer Vacations

BY: - 7 May '13 | Travel

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My colleague Sheree Adams wrote a cool article last week on ‘Sweet and Sexy Apps for Couples.’ I can’t tell you about any sweet and sexy travel apps (there aren’t any) LOL, but I can bring 5 cool apps to download before you leave for summer vacation.

Have you ever driven around an airport trying to avoid the airport cops, waiting for your sweethearts’ plane to land? Well, there’s an app for that and it’s called ‘Just Landed.’ This app lets you search for the needed flight by number, once you find it, tap on it and the app starts tracking the flight. It gives you the estimated arrival time, terminal, gate and baggage claim information. My favorite feature…the app tells you when to leave to pick up your favorite traveler. ‘Just Landed’ is just fabulous! Learn more about ‘Just Landed’ by visiting You can purchase it at the iTunes store for 99 cent.

Click the page below for another must have travel app….

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