BMWK Speaks to Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash About Season 2 of The Soul Man

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Are you ready for Season Two of TV Land’s The Soul Man starring Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash? We are too! The two play a happily married couple – The Reverend and Mrs. Lolly Boyce. The two are in a real but beautiful marriage, and naturally they have a fun chemistry. Recently, BMWK was able to catch a moment in time with the two lead cast members of the show to discuss work, family and love. Here’s what they had to say:

BMWK: You guys have been at it for a while and, of course now, you’re both household names. Who would you say inspires you the most behind the scenes, off the set and in your real life?

Cedric: For me, I will have to say it’s my wife. As far as being a soldier of love – she’s been with me and we’ve been married right at 14 years. In a business like this, where it’s so much going on and still having to tour a lot, being away from the family. She just really holds me down. We have a great loving relationship. You know, there’s a responsibility to our household and our kids and to our relationship that still is great, even to this day. She’s definitely one of my role models and one of the people that influences me the most.

Now, my mother, she’s that strong black woman that guided me through. I was raised in a single parent household. She was just so dynamic in her leadership and the things that she was about. I never really longed for that father figure. I know my daddy. He just wasn’t there. My mother made sure that I felt whole.

Niecy Nash: Let me just say, It takes a village to raise a diva. There are a lot of people that help me make it all work and who inspire me. I have a wonderful new husband. You know, my children unsderstand what it means to stand in the gap. My mother lives with us and she is a big help. At the same time, I have really wonderful friends and I admire different things with them. Like, for some, I admire their work ethic. Some, I admire the amount of energy they bring to everything they do. Others, I love their passion. So, I draw a little bit of everything from the people in my life. It’s not just limited to my family per se. But, anyone who’s in my inner circle – I lean heavily on my stylist, my publicist…so many different people!

BMWK: I love [both] of your spirits on and off television. I follow both of you on Instagram and it seems that both of you are always doing things that include your families and your “circle” How do you manage to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Cedric: Have a strong self-identity of knowing who you are and what it is you have to offer. You don’t have to overdo it in order to make a name for yourself. Also, respect those folks. Like Niecy said, it takes a whole campaign of people to make sure that my day goes well. Be kind to everybody from the janitor to the TV executive. It’s all about having that energy reciprocated. That helps me get through my day. I have fun at work. I find joy in it. When I pass that off to others, they pass it back. You know, we really have a stress-free atmosphere. Doing this show, Niecy is so in tune with that same attitude and that’s why we have so much fun! Pretty much why we miss each other when we’re off. When we’re on hiatus, we’re like, “Man, I miss work. It’s so much fun!” (laughing)

Niecy Nash: When it comes to balancing work…first of all, you have to work hard if you wanna get the right results. Even though it looks like we’re having fun – paying attention, being present – you really have to understand your craft. So, as hard as I work, I play JUST as hard. I try to make sure that I find that balance. What keeps me more “even” at work, is that I make a lotta love when I’m at home. (laughing) Keeps me BALANCED!

BMWK: We’re looking forward to another great season of Soul Man. As always, thanks so much for talking to us.

This sitcom is such a breath of fresh air because you can actually watch it with your family. You can catch Ced the Entertainer and Niecy Nash together on Soul Man on Thursdays, starting June 19th at 11pm/10pm CST on TV Land.

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