5 Mistakes Men Make With Dating

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Has it been a struggle to make progress with the women you’re interested in? Have you found yourself feeling like you just can’t seem to get things right with dating or finding a “good woman”? It can be tough dating, but with some self reflection you can start seeing things improve. As easy as it is to simply say the issue is the women, the reality is that there are typically issues on a man’s end that need some adjusting. In my attempt to help give clarity on what some may need to improve, here are 5 mistakes men make with dating.

Check them out and let us know if you can relate? What else should we add to this list?

This article is the followup to: 5 Mistakes Women Make with Dating

1. You don't have a plan.

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Women are attracted to men with vision. They like a man who can be assertive and knows how to handle his business. The man that shows he is capable of taking the lead in a situation will be able to grab a woman's attention. So when she asks "so where are you taking me?" Answering her with "uugghh I don't know, where do you want to go?" in most cases is already starting off on the wrong foot. Have a plan in place... but just remain flexible if it doesn't work for her. You also should be able to show you have a plan for your life. You don't have to present some 10 year vision, but be able to express some short term goals and aspirations. Don't come off looking like a boy that is lost or you may constantly find yourself as a man that's alone.


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12 WordPress comments on “5 Mistakes Men Make With Dating

  1. Mutah

    I’m kind of in on confidence and not being my self, and geez i sometimes feel i shooting it more as an interview than an audition. I guess there should be some balance. I’ve had great dates though just refering to a recent one. Give and take they say huh.

    1. Stephan Labossiere

      You just said a key word: balance. That is exactly what you want to strive for and definitely be yourself. The more you embrace who you are, the easier it gets to be confident or understand what you can improve upon to help build it up.

  2. Marilyn

    It is hard on the first date and what may seem awkward at first may lead to a second date depending on how your conversation flows. Communication is key first and foremost, be yourself no matter what. Nine times out of ten your date will always remember their first impression of you.

  3. Lisa

    This article is very powerful and life changing. Yes, I agree with everything shared in this article regarding the mistakes men DO make in dating., for I have experienced them as well. Two things I’d like to add: One, stop the text messages. It’s annoying, it’s childish, and I will not respond. Two, stop talking about your EX. I’m not interested about what she did to you or didn’t do for you. Move on or go back.

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  5. Denise

    Yep, another great article. I’m 45 and dated a guy who is 41. I loved him, but I promise he wasn’t ready. He had great potential, but not interested in expounding on them. We actually ended the relationship very recently, and even tho movin on is hard to do, I vow that I’m bruised but not broken. His loss baby!!!

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