5 Reasons Telling Your Wife “Thank You!” Benefits You Both

BY: - 13 Aug '13 | Marriage

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Wonder Woman, Super Woman, Mother, WIFE: Yup for many families and husbands those super heroes and titles are one in the same! I’m still trying to figure out how wives do so much for so many people and continue to make it look easy! As an adult I often look back at my childhood and I’m in awe of how my mother ran a household, excelled at her job, raised her kids and everyone else’s kids, and was still a great  Mom all at the same time.

Then I got to thinking about the fact that although my mother did so much, I don’t remember many people ever expressing much gratitude or appreciation for it. Hence the reason I wrote this blog, because as husbands I think sometimes we get so spoiled and entitled that we forget to show appreciation!

I know that sometimes in relationships we assume different roles and we do them without complaining or expecting anything, but we must admit showing a little appreciation for our super heroes makes doing those things a little easier and more worthwhile for them.

The bottom line is that thank you goes a long way. You know the way you feel when someone gives you a gracious and heartfelt appreciation for who you and what you do? Well make your wife feel the same way. Show your woman you appreciate all of her superpowers and if you really want to go to the next level don’t just say thank you, help her out a little more as well.

Here are a few reasons why and a few things you should do to show Superwoman some appreciation:

1) It makes her feel valuable and appreciated.

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It is your duty as a husband to always make sure that your wife is taken care of and that includes making sure that mentally and emotionally you are providing her the support she needs. Running a household might not seem like a tremendous task to you, but to her it's a huge part of her identity and when she feels like you understand and appreciate that then she will be happy.


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