6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe at a Theme Park

BY: - 13 Aug '13 | Parenting

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Summer is winding down and families everywhere are planning that last vacation or visit to a family favorite theme park.  Everyone has their favorite theme/amusement park and there are even fabulous theme parks for toddlers.  This time of year all theme/amusement parks are crowded and it is sometimes easy for kids to get separated from their family or friends. We have a few tips to help keep kids safe at large and small theme parks. To keep your children safe while at a theme park, the ‘National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’ suggests:

  1. Take a photo of your child/children  before you enter the park, so you can show park personnel and authorities a current picture if a child goes missing.
  2. Never let child become isolated with anyone even theme-park costumed characters.
  3. Teach your child not to talk with anyone unless they get your permission.
  4. Do not write your kids name on the outside of their clothes.
  5. In the event your child is separated from you, teach them to go to the nearest information center.

These are all fabulous, helpful and easy to follow tips. There is also a great product that is a tremendous help in your child’s safe return.

There’s no app to help physically return a missing child but there is a tat, a ‘Safety Tat’ (tattoo)! Developed by a Baltimore Mom of 3, ‘Safety Tats’ are fun colorful, temporary safety child ID tattoos.  The tattoos are sweatproof/waterproof and last 1-5 days are can be customized with a parents/adults cell phone number.  Fabulous idea! When placed/applied on the childs arm, the ‘Safety Tat’ provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification.  Medical alert versions are also available.  A travel pack of 6 (complete with a free tattoo marking pen) costs just $9.99.  They are available online at www.SafetyTat.com and at select AAA travel stores.  Be safe and enjoy the last days of summer before school starts. Be Happy.  Be Fabulous.  Be Well Traveled.

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