It’s Back To School Time. What are You Doing with All of the Pictures?

BY: - 19 Aug '13 | Parenting

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SchoolPics Final

I have never been good at making photo albums or scrap books.  I did make the senior year scrapbook that you see in the picture below ( I know some of you scrapbooking pros are cringing right now.) Can someone tell me why I put a proof in the album?  I mean, we did buy the pictures.

Senior Photos

 My poor kids. I can’t keep up with all of the pictures.  They literally have baby albums that are empty.  I have the pictures….but they somehow don’t make their way over to the album.  Also, I am still buying school pictures.  But they, too, don’t find their way into the albums…I barely get them cut and mailed off to my parents and siblings.

If my hard drive crashes, our entire family history is going to be erased!

Thank God for the advancements in technology.  Because now that our cellphones have great cameras on them, I am able to capture more of those special moments.  But, I am still not getting those pictures off of the cell phones and cameras and into albums…I seriously need some help in this area. If my hard drive crashes, our entire family history is going to be erased.

And as a side note, what do you do with all of the pictures that people send at Christmas time. They are so adorable and you know that your friends spent hours trying to select the perfect outfits, comb the kids’ hair, take the picture and then mail them to you.  So, is it proper etiquette to throw those pictures away after New Years. Or, do you keep a special album for pictures like that?

Lately, I’ve implemented a few tricks to help me in this area:

  1. Stay away from scrapbooking...because I suck at it. 
  2. When I see them on sale, I purchase a photo album….that way I have photo albums handy when I am ready for them.
  3. As soon as you get back from a trip, or event such as a birthday party, sit down and send your pictures to the nearest Photo Lab to be printed.
  4. Get the kids involved with making the albums. Now that my kids are older, they take the pictures and put them into the albums for me. And they are doing a better job than mommy too!!  So now we have photo albums from our last few family vacations and from their birthdays…thanks to the kids. 
Hallmark Pics N Props2

Hallmark Pics ‘N’ Props photo album . Take a picture of your child with the chalkboard.

 And finally, Hallmark is also helping me make our school year memorable. Since I am participating in a campaign about Back-to-School encouragement, Hallmark has provided me with several of their encouragement cards to keep our kids motivated and they also gave me a great Pics ‘N’ Props photo album that will help me keep the memories of the first day of Kindergarten and every year after that.  And yes, you caught me…that cute little boy in the picture is not my 5 year old.  I still need to get her picture printed and into the album. But I already gave her the album and she is now helping to keep me accountable for getting the pictures into it. My second grader also said that I need to get her a Pics ‘N’ Props album too.

BMWK – am I the only person that has a problem getting pictures into albums?  Please give me some tips.

Each new day provides you with an opportunity to have special moments with your family.

Disclosure:     This post is part of a series about Back to School encouragement that is sponsored by Hallmark.  All opinions and editorial content expressed are my own.

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2 WordPress comments on “It’s Back To School Time. What are You Doing with All of the Pictures?

  1. Christine St. Vil

    You are definitely not alone! I’m big on doing photobooks that way I dont’ have to remember to print anything. But now that I am homeschooling, I think this would be a fun project for the kids to work on/help me with. Thanks so much for sharing!

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