Rapper Nas Raises Over $60,000 to Help Widowed Father of 8

BY: - 12 Aug '13 | On the Web

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Nasir helps Widowed Father

Hip Hop stars don’t always get a good name in the media.  But every so often something happens and it rightfully gets shared on mainstream media.  These are the stories we love sharing on BMWK!  Check out what Nas has done for a homeless father of 8.

A year after the passing of his wife, Stanley Young and his eight kids were a few days from being homeless.  Running out of money and struggling to find a place to live, he tapped every possible resource he could.  An ABC news station shared Mr. Young’s story, and it just so happened Nas was watching the story.

Nas took action by starting a Crowdtilt campaign and sent the following tweet:

Within hours the initial $15,000 goal was met.  Nas decided to keep the campaign going, and it proceeded to smash their original goal!  Here is one of his more recent Tweets:

Wow!  This is a great story, and shows the power of people coming together to help one another.

Click here to read more from the Washington Post.

Watch the original ABC news story below.

BMWK – Share your thoughts on this, and other ways we can come together to do more things like this.

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One thought on “Rapper Nas Raises Over $60,000 to Help Widowed Father of 8

  1. cassandra nelson

    As I sat and read and watched Mr.young story I cried. I never knew who Nasir Jones home was because I don’t list to rapp music however I love to her music artist testimony about there faith in god the lord thy god. No I know to include Nasir Jones in my prayers and I will forever love him that. Lord knows what I have been Thur myself and is still going Thur, I am just greatful for were god brought me out. It’s so many people run programs and are stealing and mistreating people in the winter time me or my children were told that the other ladies in the shelter did not want me and my children to ride the small township bus they had in pads for the homeless and was turn away some nights. So to see Mr.young and his family be bless that is remarkable I am over whelmed with joy in my soul. Thank you Jesus! There is still good people here wanting to help make someone else life better. I couldn’t thank Nasir Jones and all the people who gave enough. Thanks for being awesome Cassandra Nelson


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