Students Let Off at Wrong Stop Leave Parents Questioning

BY: - 21 Aug '13 | On the Web

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Both parents and students are troubled by the events that took place on a Broward County School bus in Florida on Monday. Minutes away from Forest Glen Middle School in Coral Springs, seven students were let off the bus in the wrong city.

Original reports state that the female students, aged 10 to 13, were supposed to be let off in Coral Springs, but where dropped off 8 miles away in Pompano Beach after they informed the driver he’d passed their stop. When one of the girls, Samantha Cisneros, called her father, he asked to speak to the bus driver, but was declined. The driver said he couldn’t talk while driving.

I’m totally frustrated, mad, angry. And I just can’t believe a person would just drop a child off in the street basically to just fend for yourself, Wilson Cisneros said.

An updated article claims that the students voluntarily got off the bus in Pompano after the driver explained that he would return them to their appropriate stop after he finished the route. A statement by the district’s Transportation Department claims that the driver asked the students to return to the bus, but they did not.

Samantha cried that night telling NBC 6 that she did not want to ride the bus again.

Why would he just leave us stranded out in the middle of nowhere,” the 10-year-old girl asked of the driver. “We don’t even know where we are.

Despite the district’s explanation, her mother, Tracy Cisneros, questions its validity. Read both accounts of the incident on NBC 6 South Florida.

BMWK– What are your thoughts on the situation? Are your children prepared if something like this should happen to them?

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