Why He Should Stop Grabbing His Wife’s Booty…or Should He?

BY: - 14 Aug '13 | Marriage

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One of the first principles I really “grasped” early in our marriage was the fact that my body was my wife’s, and more importantly her body was mine.  And I learned that in church, so that made it even better!

For those non-church goers, here is what the bible says,

“The wife’s body does not belong only to her. It also belongs to her husband. In the same way, the husband’s body does not belong only to him. It also belongs to his wife.” – 1 Corinthians 7:4

To a 26-year-old man this was a true revelation!  To me and my buddies that meant once you got married, you had “access” 24/7!  Marriage was going to be the BOMB!  But I am not so sure my wife embraced it the same as I did.

Marriage 101

I felt like, I see the booty, I like the booty, I grab the booty.  I like the way it feels, and she likes the way it felt.  It was all good.  She didn’t always feel like that.

I slowly began to learn a valuable marriage lesson:

I see the booty, I like the booty, I grab the booty. #MarriedBooty [Click to Tweet]

What you like doesn’t always translate into what your spouse likes.

If she was in the mood, then the good feeling may be mutual.  But if she had one of those days, or things weren’t the best between us, that grabbing may get on her nerves!

I learned my lesson

When we were young in our marriage that could have caused some major drama.  But overtime I learned what she liked, and didn’t like.  And more importantly I learned when she liked it, and when she didn’t like it.

Fellas, you know that your wife may like something one minute, and then not like it the next, right?  If not, you’ll learn.

So, now when I see the booty, I like the booty, and I want to grab the booty, I may put my hand on the small of her back.  This may lead to my hand naturally moving to where I want it, in a way she likes it.

How do other couples view booty grabbing in marriage?

After talking with my wife about this, and learning that my booty grabbing is not as detestable as it used to be (I guess I learned my lesson).  I decided to see how other couples viewed it in marriage.

Is it acceptable?  Does it get on the wife’s nerves?  Or do they love it and can’t get enough?

Check out some of the reactions I got from my Facebook Page:

“My hubby does that … gets on my nerves lol”

“Acceptable and a turn on”

“I do my wife and she does me…love it.”

“Acceptable turn on and likely to be returned lol”

So, grabbing his wife’s booty may not be such a bad thing.  Shoot, from the comments if he is not grabbing her booty, she may be like “what’s up???”  As for me, I learned my lesson.  I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. ;)

BMWK – Is grabbing your spouse’s booty a good, or bad thing?

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Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.


Jackie is a writer, blogger, and speaker. He is the creator of  The 7 Rings of Marriage™, and the author of The Family Leader's Manifesto. Read more from him on his blog, JackieBledsoe.com, and Twitter @JBledsoeJr.


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11 WordPress comments on “Why He Should Stop Grabbing His Wife’s Booty…or Should He?

  1. Luv it!

    I feel an old church song parody coming on:
    “Reach out and touch the booty, as it goes by.
    You’ll find it’s not to busy, to feel your hand brush by.
    It is passing by this moment, your feel to supply.
    Reach out and touch the booty, as it goes by.”

    The booty feel and slapping is mutual in our home…. let her know you’re into her and let him know you’re into him… keep the love and attraction flowing freely. My wife struggled with it for a long time until she got onboard. ..something about loving her just for her body…until I stopped…. boy did the complaints start to roll out especially after she had a baby. :-)…FEEL AND SLAP THE BOOTY YA’LL!! or someone else will

  2. Anonymous

    My husband is constantly grabbing my booty – I mean ALL THE TIME! It does get on my nerves sometimes, because who wants to be pawed every moment of the day? But I love my husband and I love the fact that he is so into me…so I just go with it. It’s better than being ingnored by my man!

  3. Keiana

    Well – my guy is a grabber, and a smacker. I’m not always receptive, because like most women, my mood will determine what i’m “in the mood” for. But I do enjoy it when the time is right. As for him, he acts like I’m some thieving, mugging, stalking, “ill-to-do stranger” whenever I try to get some grab-action. He has literally hit me due to his “reflexes” when I tried. :-(

  4. Antonio Maurice Daniels

    Married men have to be very careful not to objectify their wives’ bodies. Even though the man has “access” to his wife’s body, he must make sure that she is willing to grant him “access.” We have to understand that “access” does not mean ownership. We also have to learn what our women desire, including if they really like their booty being grabbed regularly or not. If one’s wife has had a stressful day or is not in a good mood, it’s probably not a good day to grab her booty. This is an issue where communication with one’s wife is key to learning how she feels about grabbing her booty. I would recommend a frank and open discourse with one’s wife about this issue.

  5. Darrell Hines

    My wife doesn’t like it all the time and I’m learning that, especially when we are out in public and I can respect that but I’ma still grab that booty! Real Talk! lol I love it!

  6. Garrick

    After 21 years of marriage and 3 childbirths later my wife’s booty has evolved into what I feel is her best asset. She knows this and regularly puts it on display for my enjoyment, however I’m also aware that she won’t be as receptive 24 hours out of the day of a grab our a nice playful pat. I’m very touchy and feely and love my wife’s body this makes her feel good inside because she knows that she still has what it takes to keep my attention.

  7. k(Black)

    Figured if it was ok for the President to do it why couldn’t I?!..lol I was/am a bottom slapper. But the wife wasn’t cool with me doing it in public. So once we walk out the front door it’s a no-no. Once we’re inside it’s “Game On”! :)

  8. yolanda w

    Hello my husband and I have been together for almost 10 years and I must admit that I have not always had a back side. After a few years my backside evolved into something wonderful. …lol and my husband can’t seen to keep his hands of of it. He lives it and everyone I walk past him he always seem to get erect, being very serious and sometimes while the kids are around but he corrects himself pretty fast. But I must say that sometimes more than others I have a problem with it especially or in publicbut home he Iis free to do as he please and not lumuted to my backside, he grands everything and feels the need to taste, grab, squeeze, and caresses, he does it all and I love him still.

  9. cherie

    I agree, I love it, enjoy it when we are home or on a special getaway. I don’t always like it in public breastfeed it gives purges the impression that I’m for higher, and he had start fighting other men…. so totally honest. also love it doing the whoopie.


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