Are You Familiar with the 7 Rings of Marriage?

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Are You Familiar With The 7 Rings of Marriage?

I recently wrote an article about rubber wedding rings after seeing an NFL player wearing one on HBO’s show Hard Knocks.  The company which sells the wedding rings somehow discovered my article, contacted me, and offered to send me some rings.

A couple weeks later a package arrived.  When I opened the package I was surprised to see they didn’t send a couple, they sent like 12 wedding rings!

Have you worn multiple rings?

Of all the rings they sent, I can only wear a few of them as some are too large and some are too small (my wife wanted to wear the smaller ones to match her man).  Of course, no matter how many fit me, only one wedding ring needs to be worn at a time.  But it has me thinking about the different rings we wear in our marriages.

Just like I have several rubber wedding rings, my marriage has gone through a few wedding rings itself.  Not because I’ve been divorced, or have another wife and family out on the west coast (some people do that you know).  And I’m not talking about physical wedding rings, but different rings, or stages, of marriage.  Some stages have been good, some have been not-so-good, and others have been down right rough!

Become familiar with the 7 rings of marriage

You may have noticed something similar in your marriage.  Maybe you are concerned because you don’t know what phase is coming next.  But if you knew what to expect you could prepare for it, and handle it better.  I was caught off guard by some of the rings of marriage.  My hope is you don’t get caught off guard like me.  Becoming familiar with the 7 rings of marriage will help you.

BMWK – Click through the 7 rings of marriage.  What ring of marriage are you wearing right now?  If it is a tough fit, how can you make it through to the next rings?

1. Engagement RING

Picture 1 of 7

This is the beginning.  You have found that special someone and you are wide open!  You see happily ever after in your future, and don't see anything else.  Your vision is nothing but love.  The engagement ring of marriage is full of love, hope, and possibility.

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27 WordPress comments on “Are You Familiar with the 7 Rings of Marriage?

  1. Lu

    Right after each ring stage I had to say to myself this is on point.
    I must say my wife and I are just making it pass ring four after eighteen years together this oct/18/13 but nine years Married.
    Very nice article

  2. Jaye

    Thanks for blessing and encouraging me this evening! I am newly wedded, but my husband and I currently stay and work in different countries. It’s really not the best for a newly weds…

  3. Miss God!

    Great write-up; how apt! But the last part has soMe mistakes, probably typographical? “At this stage, you help everyone you can wear the prospering.” Can you please correct that part and let us know? Thanx. Great work!

    1. Lamar Tyler

      We agree, Jackie did an awesome job on this article. And we want to thank you for supporting the site. We don’t take it for granted that there are millions of other sites that you could spend your time on. God Bless you and your marriage.

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  5. Lauren Johnson

    Great article! That’s why I firmly believe in living with a person for at least a month or two before marriage( according to Church folk –shakin’ up). I see nothing ‘sinful’ about it because you get to know all of the quirks of your mate before you step into commitment for life. I think this is also a must for blended families. I’m glad I lived with my hubby beforehand because I know all of him –the wonderful good, bad and ugly as well he does knowing me. We are able to handle each other with understanding that we together for eternity no matter what.

  6. TrueStories

    Not to sound negative, however many men will ask, what happened to the 8th ring, suffeRING? Somewhere between discoveRING, and perseveRING, enduring suffering, especially when the very foundation of the marriage has come into question, can determine what, if any rings are worn beyond that point. Thoughts?

  7. sweety

    So what happens when you are still in love with you husband and he overtly tells you he doesn’t want you anymore, because he wasn’t ready and verbally, emotionally abuses you to the point where your broken, should I still hold on :0(…what makes things worse is that I am an affectionate, really affectionate person, so I need his hugs, I crave his kisses, I just enjoy being in his presence. what do I do then

    1. KnowThySelf

      This is a very sad situation. You are at a point where you forgot your self-worth! You are a beautiful woman who deserves to be hugged, kissed, and told that you are loved every single day. You have been sitting quietly allowing your man to treat you like trash. This is not acceptable. I’m sure you have love for him, but with no respect, then your ‘marriage’ has no real support. I’m sure you probably do everything for him; cook for him, have sex whenever he wants to, clean up after him, etc. That’s the only reason he’s keeping you around. He is selfish, and has his own anger issues. You need to LEAVE him!! Not only will you benefit from your time that you will be taking for yourself, to find yourself; but he will also realize your value. Don’t call him! Don’t see him! Just take your time, think about your own life goals and plans that have nothing to do with him, and begin to pursue them.
      Please hear my words, girl: “The best investment is yourself.”
      Give thanks to God for his blessings. Sometimes the greatest of life’s blessings come disguised as misfortune.

      1. Nicca

        I do not agree you should leave him, but within the marriage, it’s time to focus on YOU. Go back to school, cook for only you, stop having sex, and don’t pick up after him. Start going out with girlfriends and start enjoying your life. You are being taken for granted. It’s time to flip it so he’s reminded of what he’s missing.

        YouTube Mr. & Mrs. It’s a Nigerian movie. Lots of valuable lessons

        1. sweety

          Like the previous writer said yes I do everything for him and I enjoy it, but asking me not saying I should only cook for myself or not clean-up will only cause me to suffer more to see a dirty unorganized house etc….because he can then say ok fine Ill stop help with HW, or paying the bill etc. I will say however, I am starting to focus on me more I cant lie though its such a lonely, road and at times I get weak, and in general I am a really strong person ( I really don’t know where it turned)I just started my own business, and I cant even concentrate fully on it like I need to be doing to expand it because I want to make sure home is taken care of, I wanted to share this experience and new way of life with him. Just trying to do my part so that if or when it does end Im not punished by GOD. I just want to be happy man- I really do I just want to be loved, and love others. Im not insecure or anything like that, I am beautiful inside and out-Ive been asking GOD to walk in front of me and guide my steps and I just cant seem to sharpen my focus. On the outside looking in you’d swear I have it all together, but Im so deeply hurt. But I still appreciate and thank you for your inputs.. Just please ALL Pray for me, if you can just find one moment in your prayer to pray for me by name I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much

  8. Sabrina

    This is a great article and I relate totally. I just joined a couple weeks ago and I am so far in. Thank you for your help!!

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  10. Lucretia Doyle

    I love this article looking foward into getting married soon. I’m in a committed relationship and looking foward to the engagement plus the wedding and marriage
    I believe if you keep God first in your relationship everything else will fall in place

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