“Black Hairstyle” Acceptance In The Workplace

BY: - 17 Oct '13 | Natural Hair

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Photographer Endia Beal has taken the “Acceptable Black Hairstyles in the Workplace” controversy to a whole other level.  In her photographic series “Can I Touch It” Ms. Beal explores gender, race and generational gaps by taking a group of middle aged white women to a Black salon and giving them all so called “Black” hairstyles.  Afterwards, she took head shots of them in those hairstyles but with corporate attire.  

According to David Rosenberg’s Behold blog on Slate.com, Endia was simply tired of the reaction that she received towards her afro that she sported in her office and she wanted to encourage a discussion about it through this experiment.  She even went a step further 7 months ago by creating a video where she allowed some of the white men in her office to touch her Afro hair and then recorded their reactions to it (see video below.)

In his post, White Women, Black Hair Styles, David Rosenberg states 

“Although the project has a quirky sense of humor, Beal is an artist looking to open a dialogue among people of different gender, race, and generations about the ways in which we express ourselves, specifically in a corporate environment.”  

Here are a few of Ms Beals pics from CargoCollective.com/EndiaBeal

BMWK – Do you think that this project is effective in opening a dialogue re:  “Black” hairstyle acceptance in the workplace?  

013 Beal Office Scene Excerpt (Full Video 4mins) from Endia Beal on Vimeo.

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