Female Breadwinners: Are Men Afraid to Deal with Women Who Make More Money?

BY: - 2 Oct '13 | Marriage

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by Adam Butler,

Gender roles and the concept of female “bread winners” has always been a major issue on Facebook, and a hot topic of conversation during my social forums, the Vent.  I’ve been  thinking about what is the real problem, if any, with female “bread winners”? Why are we men so afraid to deal with a woman that makes more than us?

Perhaps the issue isn’t as simple as who makes more money than who.  Maybe the issue is who carries more weight than the other. Each and every time this issue has come up during one of our forums a woman (or two or three) says, “I don’t want to take care of a man”; and I agree with this 100%!

I don’t think any man that is worth his salt would want to lay around and willingly let a woman do all the work.  Now, I’m not talking about lames here, this post is only referring to real men.  See, what I think confuses men the most, or is the biggest question, is what exactly happens when his wife becomes the “bread winner”? Will she throw it in my face? Will she get tired and eventually leave me? Am I less of a man because I don’t make as much as her?

OK.. OK.. OK, I know this may sound silly, but these are the questions that go through most men’s heads. You have to understand that a lot of us were raised to be the “bread winner” at all cost.  And as a man, if you don’t accomplish this goal you are without question a failure! Seems harsh, but ask any man and I guarantee you they would agree. It’s the culture we live in and I know it seems as though It’s a tough expectation, but it’s the truth. This is why men do things like wait forever to ask a woman they love with all their heart to marry them because they are saying to themselves “I gotta get my money right before all that“. It’s a silly thing to think, but if you really give it some thought it becomes pretty simple to figure out.

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