5 Tips on Selecting the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Spouse

BY: - 8 Nov '13 | Marriage

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How do you give the perfect Christmas gift? Well, let me tell you it doesn’t begin with your wallet, it begins with your heart. Your desire to give your mate the perfect gift will cause you to pay close attention to what they are saying, what they are looking at on the internet, what they are talking about with their friends. It takes a little detective work on your part. Here is the thingthe Perfect Christmas Gift is not the gift you think would be perfect for your mate but the gift your mate thinks is perfect.

These 5 tips should put you on the right track to finding that perfect gift. Use them when shopping for your mate. They can be modified to fit your needs when shopping for others.

1) Know if this Christmas your spouse would appreciate a tangible gift or a gift of quality time.

Tangible gift – something you can wrap up in a box and stick under the tree.

Gift of quality time – a day at the spa, a weekend getaway, a trip to the theater without the kids.

2) Know your spouse’s size.

Know your mates’ shoe size, pant size, and shirt size. Find out now. There is nothing worse than going to the mall and holding up a dress saying “I think this will fit” or asking the sales person what size they wear with the expressed, “my spouse is just a little bigger than you so this should work.” NO!

3) Start asking curious questions now. You can be direct.

Babe is there anything special you want for Christmas this year?

4) Know what excites your spouse.

Example- One year for Christmas I stayed up half the night trying to get through to the Green Bay Packers sales line because they had open season on their stocks. My husband is a huge Green Bay fan. The stock is essentially worth nothing more than bragging rights and the stick your chest out feeling that comes with being part owner of the Green Bay Packers Football team. Was my husband excited? Oh my gosh yes.

5)  Know your budget.

A gift is not a gift if you are still paying for it 6 months later. That is called debt. Spend within your means. Again, the perfect gift is not about your wallet. A creatively crafted gift certificate for a romantic evening with the events of your spouse’s choosing can be very exciting. Noticing that she complains of cold hands and you purchasing the best gloves your budget can afford is special. His favorite cologne or a new personalize baseball cap may mean way more than a new suit that is outside of your financial means.

Avoid the pressure and rush of holiday shopping, start thinking about the Perfect Christmas Gift now. It’s not too early.

BMWK – Do you already have something in mind for the perfect Christmas gift?  Do you have any low cost, but thoughtful, suggestions you can share? Post below.


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