How to Be an Ephesians 5 Husband for Your Proverbs 31 Wife

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How to Be an Ephesians 5 Husband for Your Proverbs 31 Wife

When I say the words, “Proverbs 31 wife,” most people, especially married folk, know what I’m talking about. A Proverbs 31 wife is the true definition of the “trophy wife.” She is a woman her husband can be proud to call his, and as the Bible passage says, “she is more precious than rubies” and surpasses all women.

For many women familiar with the passage, and those who’ve received counsel from women more seasoned in marriage, it becomes something they desire and strive towards. But what about her husband?

Having a true Proverbs 31 wife would be amazing. But it seems incomplete.

What kind of husband would be the perfect match for the Proverbs 31 wife?

Where is the manual, the blueprint for a man like this?

The perfect man for the Proverbs 31 wife is the Ephesians 5 husband. Like the woman in Proverbs, this brotha has it going on. But I’m guessing, unless you are a serious Bible reader, you may not be as familiar with Ephesians 5 as you are with the passage in Proverbs.

BMWK – Click through for “5 ways to be an Ephesians 5 husband for your Proverbs 31 wife.” Ladies, check them out to see how your man is doing.

1. Give Yourself Up for Her

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Marriage can be seen as one big journey from selfishness to selflessness. An Ephesians 5 husband will give up everything he has in order to make sure his wife has what she needs. No matter how big the sacrifice, meeting her needs becomes his priority.

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Jackie is a writer, blogger, and speaker. He is the creator of  The 7 Rings of Marriage™, and the author of The Family Leader's Manifesto. Read more from him on his blog,, and Twitter @JBledsoeJr.


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18 WordPress comments on “How to Be an Ephesians 5 Husband for Your Proverbs 31 Wife

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    1. Jackie Bledsoe, Jr. Post author

      Thanks, Pamela! I’m glad you enjoyed it and plan to share it. I’d love to join you on your podcast to talk more about it. And if you are interested, I’d also like to have someone from your site guest post on my new podcast.

  2. Linda

    Hallelujiah and Amen this is a wonderful post so glad you took the time to research and share the scriptures. It gives our husbands good & Godly examples to follow as well as us wives to continue striving to be that Proverbs 31 women that our husbands trust, love, & admire. God Bless & Happy Holidays

  3. Aaron

    Good stuff. However, it says nothing about when a wife makes it difficult for the man to do this. I know for a Christian man to love his wife, it should not to be conditional, but it gets difficult when all you get back for trying to be an Ephesians 5 husband is selfishness and self-centeredness. You work toward making her your best friend and her mum and sisters remain her closest confidantes. You give all you earn to support the family and she stashes her money and make big ticket purchases, like property, behind your back. It gets real tough. God help all brothers in such relationships.

    1. Danielle

      I’m sorry Aaron that you are going through this. Thats truly not normal behavior for any wife, saved or unsaved. My marriage is not perfect but I’ve always tried to get my husband to be my best friend and confidante, which he always seems to resist. I also personally try to plan purchases with him but it never seems like he’s trying to build for our family and future like I am. I even tried to get him to learn about the Eph. 5 man, he didnt seem that interested. I think the only solution is prayer even though its difficult.

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  5. Franklin

    Awesome article Jackie. Your title captured me as I was on fbook and I had to find out and read more. Keep sharing your gifts with us, much appreciated. Read and shared with my wifey…

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  7. Etesam

    Aaron, above, has made a strong comment. It’s always tough when the love is perceived to be one-sided. I am striving for moderation in my believe. The best husband ever once had the worst wife never! Cf. Jerimiah chapter 2: God (husband) vs Israel (wife).


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