VIDEO: Official Trailer for New Black Love Film “Lessons Before Love”

BY: - 15 Jan '14 | On the Web

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If you love films like Love Jones, Love & Basketball and The Best Man you have to check out the debut film of writer/director Dui Jarrod, Lessons Before Love.  A modern day story of Black professionals who are trying to find themselves while also searching for their happily ever after, Lessons Before Love delivers some deep stuff.

Lesson Before Love Image 2Winner of the Best Drama award at the San Diego Black Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, Lessons Before Love has been having a powerful impact on audiences everywhere, reaching more people than Jarrod ever anticipated.

The man behind the film, Dui Jarrod, says, “Every young filmmaker maker has a hope and a dream.  Most time, that dream involves access to their work on a grand scale.  When I sat down to write this project, I could have never imagined our film getting nationwide DVD distribution.  It’s a fitting beginning to my film career and fitting end to this film.  I pray people continue to discover it in the days, weeks and years to come.”

Lessons Before Love will be released on DVD on February 25th.  Check out the below and let us know if you plan to curl up on the couch and watch this film.  I know I’ll be watching.

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