From Good to Great: 7 Ways to Take Your Marriage to the Next Level

BY: - 10 Feb '14 | Marriage

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From Good to Great: 7 Ways to Take Your Marriage to the Next Level

Most of the time when I ask people about their marriages, I get responses like: “It’s good.”

And sometimes I get: “ We’re all right.”

But one response that I would love to hear more often is: “We’re great.”

Do you ever see those couples that seem to have great marriages and wonder what they are doing that’s so different from everyone else?

The one thing that I have learned from couples that would characterize their marriages as being great is that they never stop working on their marriages. They are not satisfied with being “all right” or “good.”  They keep working on their relationship…regardless of how long they have been married.  They do this because they know that their marriage (just like life) is a journey and they want to be prepared for any obstacles that come their way.

In anything that you do, if you want to move to the next level, then you are going to have to do more

In honor of National Marriage Week that occurs February 7 to February 14 every year, and seeks to strengthen marriages and reduce the divorce rate, check out

 7 Ways to Take Your Marriage to the Next Level….

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