O-M-G, am I a Cool Mom?

BY: - 10 Jan '08 | Home

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I certainly feel like I am a cool mom, but I wonder what our 14 year old son thinks. When I was little, I did not think of my parents as cool parents. But now when I look through old family photographs, I think my parents were sooo cool. My dad’s Afro was perfect and his polyester printed shirts and dress slacks were coordinated to a tee. He had to be cool in that brand new Black Chrysler Cordoba which was nicknamed the Love Roller Coaster. And my mom, she was so fly…. her lip gloss was the shiniest and her outfits were the flyest…. the gauchos.. the riding boots… They had to be cool…I just did not know it.

But now-a-days with the rap music, the music videos, and 106 and Park, it is easy to stay in tune with what the youngsters are in to. I definitely can be caught “Cranking that Soulja Boy” around the house ( pregnant belly and all), I can shake it like Beyonce, and for my 6 year old….I think Troy from High School Musical is cute too. But right now, I really don’t care if they think I am cool. I am sure I lost many cool points the other day when I told my son he had 2 days to get that nasty fowl music off of his IPOD before I confiscated it or when I told him he could not wear shirts with skulls on them because we do not wear that type of  stuff in our house or when I tell him to come in the house before it gets dark because there is no reason for him to be hanging out in the streets after dark.

Check out the Ohio Players singing “Love Rollercoaster”

Check out this story from another totally uncool Mom:

‘Meanest mom on planet’ sells son’s car
After finding alcohol in her son’s car, she decided to sell the car and share her 19-year-old’s misdeed with everyone — by placing an ad in the local newspaper.
The ad reads: “OLDS 1999 Intrigue. Totally uncool parents who obviously don’t love teenage son, selling his car. Only driven for three weeks before snoopy mom who needs to get a life found booze under front seat. $3,700/offer. Call meanest mom on the planet.”   Click here to read the full story…


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  • tdb7297

    I also saw that on the CNN.com website. I am a teacher of at-risk teens and I emailed the article to all my colleagues. What that mom did was absolute genius.
    I had a parent complain that her teenage sons would not listen to her, they would invite their loud, obnxious friends over to her house and eat all her food and disrespect her rules. I suggested some disciplinary things like take remove the tv. Her response? “Well, I wouldn’t have anything to watch”. Both sons ended up in juvenile detention centers.
    Parents, listen up…you may have to sacrifice something, something big, to teach your kids. Some life lessons are serious and require a bold, in your face message. I am sure that young man will not let anyone drink in his car again…even when he is 21

  • http://www.martyblogs.com Marty

    That’s funny. The lady selling her kid’s car is even better. Great to hear that tough parenting still exists even with cool parents.

    You know the only thing missing from your post? This “Love Rollercoaster” video clip from the Ohio Players from back in the day. Enjoy.

  • http://www.martyblogs.com Marty

    O.K. I thought I had embed a YouTube clip, but pull up the song on YouTube and reminisce.

  • http://www.blackandmarriedwithkids.com TheDad

    Marty I went out and got it to embed in the story. Good looking out!

  • http://nlitenedsoulz.com Tamika LaShelle *THE LYE*

    Loving what you do!! Check us out, hope to have you on the show soon!!


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  • http://ericaburnsdesigns.blogspot.com/ One & Only

    My husband & I have 2 sons, both are from our previous marriage. My step son is 16 & he has lived with us & I have raised him since he was 6, with some input from his mother in the past few years. My son from my first marriage has been raised by my husband since he was 1. He is now 10. This site is a wonderful thing! We are a very happily married couple with well adjusted children, even though we have a blended family. Back to the topic! I think I am very cool, but of course my kids have their doubts about that! It is ok, I know I am cool!!! LOL!

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