Back to Back – Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes Both Die This Weekend

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Bernie MacIsaac Hayes
Over this weekend we lost two men that were at the top of their professions. Comedian Bernie Mac died Saturday at the age of 50 and musician, producer, writer and singer Isaac Hayes died Sunday at 65. Bernie Mac had been in the hospital for the past few weeks battling pneumonia and Isaac Hayes was found near a treadmill in his house earlier today, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. R.I.P. Check out the videos below:

“The Mac Man” at Kings of Comedy (Profanity)

“Black Moses” Isaac Hayes – The Look of Love

BMWK what are some of your favorite memories of these two? I went to Kings of Comedy years back when it came to D.C. and Bernie Mac had a brother crying. His transition to TV went off great also. The show was funny and well received even though they kept switching the night around. Black Moses was one of the baddest in the game, I remember being mad a few years back because I couldn’t make it to the Capital Jazz fest both days, I was there on a Saturday but he was performing on that Sunday. Let us know what you think about these two.


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  • Roschelle

    So many fond memories come to mind…I guess Bernie Mac’s “Kings of Comedy” routine is the funniest for me…and although I never really got into Isaac’s music, I did love the theme song from Shaft..But his comedy role in the movie “Im Gonna Get You Sucka” is the fondest memory I have of him. May they both rest in peace

    Roschelles last blog post..Posts of The Day


    Hello there!

    It is a shame that Isaac Hayes has passed away…and a day after black people all over the world were just bracing themselves after hearing about the passing of Bernie McCullough…

    At the height of his career, Isaac Hayes represented a different type of black masculinity. He had a lot of mystery about him. Many women found him to be extremely sexy, although he was not the “all-American pretty boy type”…

    I pray that he is resting with God.

    He was a legend who did not make his people ashamed with any scandals…a lovely brotha…

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

    *** Please feel welcome to stop by my blog any time and jump into some deep conversations!!

  • Mo Amsterdam

    the windows of the world will have a different view today

    Walk on by Ike, so you can,t see the tears i cry

    Ain,t no sunshine Ike !

    Miss you so much !

    Mo Amsterdam

  • Smooth

    Wow….like does catch you off guard. i saw Issac Hayes while traveling rhu the airport in Menphis, a few years ago. He wasa very sexy man in many ways and his music…”If you see me walking down the street…Walk on by” By the time I get to Phenoix……his Hot buttered Soul album…..he was the man, sure hope he got some of that big money that the rappers ware making today because back in the day, there was no big money…..
    Bernic Mac….”what’s going on America” a strong postivie brother who showed America how to take responsibilty for family…..
    May God bless these brothers and there family members…..

  • Kemi in Toronto, Canada

    You know Lamar, the same thing happened with Ed Bradley and Gerald Levert. I was back home in Africa when I read that online. Back to back deaths are really sad. How are you all. We are coping now after the weekend explosions in my neighborhood in Toronto. Thanks to everyone that e-mailed me.

    Gerald Levert R.I.P Nov 10th 2006
    Ed Bradley R.I.P Nov 9th 2006

    Kemi in Toronto, Canadas last blog post..VIDEO OF THE DAY: HUNNED PROOF–MY SHORTY/SO DOPE.

  • elle denise

    Would’ve LOVED for them to be around for this to dominate the Box Office…

  • Anna

    This is sad news. I wish and pray that Samuel L Jackons has the strengh to attend the premier of the movie. Sad for me to state this but Batman did and is doing well and Heath Ledger did not even get to finish his role bfore he died. Sometimes a death of a cast member in a movie that has not come to the movies yet , is our way of closing a gap watching an actors last project, is a curiousity. We are all human and human nature does take over.

  • lililoliliolo


  • dania

    that time was so sad 4 me ……………….