Tom Joyner And Crew Educate R&B Singer Joe On Voting

BY: - 25 Sep '08 | Politics

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Check out this must hear audio from this morning’s Tom Joyner Morning Show:


On the show singer R&B singer Joe admitted this will be his first time voting after The Fly Jock and crew put the press on him. Prior to the interview they got in a few text messages telling them to ask Joe about voting.

This was followed by Joe’s reasoning that Obama will win hands down so he doesn’t need to vote and some other mess you’ve got to hear. They then had to explain to him that voting only takes place on one day, you don’t have a range of days etc…

BMWK, make sure you know all of your folks are registered to vote and that they get out. This is a good example for us not to assume anyone is registered no matter what walk of life that they are in, how much money they make, etc… What did you think after hearing this?

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Lamar Tyler wrote 2229 articles on this blog.

Lamar Tyler is co-creator He also is the co-producer of the films Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage, You Saved Me, Men Ain't Boys and Still Standing.


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28 WordPress comments on “Tom Joyner And Crew Educate R&B Singer Joe On Voting

  1. Jamie Hrobowski

    OMG….My son that is 4 know more than he does about the upcoming election. This is scary because I know he is not alone. He is nice and I like his songs but dang. Can you vote online? How many times you vote? This is not Americas Next Dance Crew.

    We, as country, have the ability to elect Obama who I feel will bring us all together. Not just blacks and whites but all people. I will rather follow someone with good ideas and great organizational skills with limited experience then a person a person with experience but wants to lead me to a bridge to no where. No way, no how, no John McCain, No Palin…(shout out to Hilary’s Supporter’s).

  2. Anna

    That was funny but oh so sad. If you don’t vote you don’t have any right to complain about our countries economic situation. What is he “the Jessica Simpson” but a black male version? A mind is truely to be treasured. Parents, it is our job to introduce our kids to everything. My kids couldn’t wait to turn 18 so they could vote. Our dining table has always been about how was your day and talking politics. I am so proud to be an American I can’t imagine not being able to vote. My foresisters have made this possible for me and for that I thank them. If Palin gets in she will set woman back a century. Let’s not let that happen ppl. my body is for me to chose what I do with it, not the government.

  3. blacknessdefined

    We think people know what time it is but sometimes they don’t. Celebrity is not equivalent to knowledge. We need everyone to vote and participate. When I go to the barbershop and listen to the latest discussions, I ask who is going to vote? Most say they will not bother. My immediate response is that if you don’t vote then don’t complain.

    blacknessdefineds last blog post..Cancer and Cell Phones: Connection?

  4. kim h20s

    i just happened to be listening to the show when i heard this mess! when tom said people were texting him about joe’s voting habits i thought for sure that joe would come out strong! if i was tom, i would have told joe “when you register to vote, i’ll play your song”.

    i am having a challenge trying to get my voter registration corrected, but i’m still doing it. as a matter of fact i am taking a day off work so i can go the board of elections office in person to get my registration correct.

  5. Justina

    I can’t beleive what I am hearing. Can I vote on line? It’s just one day right? How can I support someone like this. I don’t care how much
    I like his album.
    Everybody else is going to buy it so why do I need too
    Maybe I should just buy a burned copy. If people took this attitude,
    Joe you wouldn’t be a winner

  6. Monica

    Im speechless. Wow (shaking head)I must say I have lost a lot of respect for the brother, but unfortunately he represents millions of black folks. This is PROOF that we must engage everyone in our lives in the conversation, because people who we might assume is in the loop just aint at all! I know its shocking, but encourage them.

  7. kim h20s

    Monica is right! Instead of ridiculing the person who isn’t registered to vote, we should help that person get registered! I have to give the Tom Joyner show credit, because one of the show’s dj’s told Joe that if he stayed on the line after the interview she could get him registered immediately through Tom’s voter hotline. i wish i remembered that number!

  8. Not Surprised

    I am not really surprised by Joe’s comments. If you look at his previous interviews his knowledge is totally wrapped around the music industry and continuing ‘his’ success in that industry.

    This is the same 36 year old man who said that he was going to leave “marriage (commitment) to the young boys.” Even though most of his songs surround love and the sanctity thereof. Which one is it? Either you believe in what you are singing or you don’t.

    He may have grown up in a church family however, it is very obvious (even in his lyrics) that he dose not have the same values as the family he was raised in.

    In other words, if it does not surrounding ‘his’ music or ‘his’ album release…why does ‘he’ need to be concerned about it?

  9. Necee

    Good day:
    I cannot believe how stupid this interview is with this man. How in the world could you STILL be this behind the times and ignorant as to world view and United States Politics. Singing as he does is sexy, but there is nothing sexier than an educated Black Man. How can you not be able to carry on a conversation which based off of logic, wisdom, and knowledge of something other than yourself? We have enough stereotypical issues to deal with STILL in 2008 to not to have to listen to such utter BS and nonsense. Pick up a book and use it for something other than to hold up an uneven table. Knowing how to put together a proper sentence in print or in speech came from reading. Reading is fundamental. Who reads your bank statements? Who reads your fan mail? Who helps you get from point A to point B if this is the best that you have as a 21st Century Black Man? What in the hell? Your parents must be so proud of your achievements, and in particular this interview. I now look at you with a different viewpoint!! And Baby, it is not the best…get a book…get a few books…damn pick up a newspaper at least once a month. Use the internet for more than myspace and facebook! Women, do not fall for this type of man today!!! Please make sure that if he can carry a conversation by his damn self! Best wishes in the hunt for an educated 21st Century Black Man!

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  11. DLS77

    He’s always been rather wack to me, but now he is just ignorant! WOW! How are you that old and NOT registered? The ONLY excuse is if in your state you’ve lost the right because of past imprisonment…Otherwise, it’s pathetic. Our ancestors DIED for us to have that right…died! There is no excuse.

  12. blackbeauty

    Joe are you stupid? Instead of saying Obama will wins hands down you should vote for Obama don’t you know that they still some stupid people voting Mc Pain.

    Mc Cain + Palin = Mc Pain


  13. BusyLady128

    Here’s an analogy for you. I decide not to run out and buy your new CD, because I assume your CD will “blow-up” on the basis of everyone else buying and supporting it. Or maybe I’ll just get the bootleg copy because everyone else will take care of your record sale numbers and I can get it cheaper.

    How will that type of thinking affect your record sales or your next deal/contract?

    It starts to make sense when it hits your pocketbook. Well, my pocketbook has been picked and mangled by 8 years of Bush administration.

    Make a difference, get registered, cast your vote!!!

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  15. Theresa

    Now that he realizes how important it is to vote, maybe he can make a song overnight to get the rest of “the people”, just like him to rock the vote. Go, Obama!

  16. mdebrow

    Joe should be absolutely ashamed of himself! I hope he’s embarrassed! I hope he went home and sobbed for hours because he should know better! This is the most important election in HISTORY and he’s not even registered to vote?! Come on! As a celebrity, you are an example and this is just a poor example of what not to be. I do hope that all his record industry friends, look at him as taking one for the team and registered themselves, so when they are put on the spot, they can honestly say, yes, I’m register and yes I voted come November 4!

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  18. Shazz

    How can an African American man over the age of 18 NOT be registered to vote? Just shameful. I lost ALL respect for this grown azz man. Unbelievable. Did he say “when is the vote day”? Geesh…

  19. Constance

    I know this topic is old and done for now that the election is over, but it’s not shocking to me that Joe is unknowledgeable about the election process or voting in general. There are lots of black people, especially young black people that do not know and do not care about voting. What is shocking to me is that so many people are being judgemental about it. What good is it to beat people up for their lack of what we perceive to be a basic principle? All that does is to serve as a dividing point in our community. Yes everyone, especially black people, should want to become involved, but learning can be overwhelming if you don’t where to start. Or especially if you’re a celebrity like Joe who is surrounded by people that hang off your every word and never say no. If you’re famous and say something stupid your crew instead of informing you will probably laugh it off.

    Think about what level our community might be at if we all chose to inform rather than ridicule those of us that do not know.

  20. 27Cwms

    I know this is real old, but as a fan of Joe and a sista. I have to say something. First and foremost , Constance you are right and a wise person. Black people are so so so good at ridiculing each other, instead of uplifting and extending a helping hand or educating. No one knows everything. But the main point I want to make to those with the negative comments…Guess What, while you are judging somebody is talking about you and pointing the finger behind your back about what you don’t know. White Folks in particular have always talked about us and our lack of knowledge and our actions. For example, you may have voted, but they talk about black people being consumers and not investors (they don’t know what a dividend or the NY stock exchange is). “Blacks are ingrained in violence and rid with kids that they don’t know how to support and uneducated.” “They don’t contribute to society and always talking/crying over racism instead of pressing forward (And whatever else they say).” Some of those statement have a point. But now that I know what I know…you have unknowledgable people in all races. It’s some white hillbilly people that did not vote and hispanic-cause of lack of understanding. So it’s across the board. There is something we all don’t know that we should know about something and that include those who made negative comments on this blog. I know one thing black people need to stop being petty, hateful and judgemental. We’ll never move ahead whether we have a black president in office or not-whether we vote or not. God did not put you here to judge anybody, but to do the opposite of that. Last but not least, now that it is a little over two years in to the game….look at our president now….he is being ridicule on everything he does in office from white folks and not surprisingly by black people too. YOU JUST CAN’T PLEASE EVERYBODY NO MATTER WHAT.

    Be Bless and Uplifting. 27CWms

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About the author

Lamar Tyler wrote 2229 articles on this blog.

Lamar Tyler is co-creator He also is the co-producer of the films Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage, You Saved Me, Men Ain't Boys and Still Standing.


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