Things That Make a Man Want To Marry You!

BY: - 28 Oct '08 | Relationships

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I got this list from yahoo. Click here to read the full article with explanations of each. Here is the list:

Marriage Maker 1: (In)dependence

While most men understand that being married doesn’t mean that they can play six nights a week like they did in their bachelor days, they also want to feel like they have the blessing, support, and encouragement to play golf with their pals every once in a while, to knock a few back at the sports bar when the big game is on, to still feel free even when they’ve willingly surrendered some independence.

Marriage Maker 2: Adoring, Yet Not Needy

Few things turn a guy on as much as a woman who makes her man feel like he’s the only guy for her. And few things turn off a guy as much as a woman who makes her man feel like he’s the only guy for her.

Marriage Maker 3: An Imaginative Mind

when a woman is driven, that means that she’s moving forward, and the whole family is, too.

Marriage Maker 4: Jekyll and Hyde

Not that we want our partners to flip-flop and pretend to be people they’re not, but there’s something intrinsically exciting about a partner who has the ability to be a sort of chameleon – a little fun and imaginative in bed, yet charming at a family reunion.

BMWK you know the drill. Give us your ideas on the list.

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10 WordPress comments on “Things That Make a Man Want To Marry You!

  1. Anna

    Political Pete said:
    I am left wandering, where is the rest of this list! lol It is drastically tentative and too vague.
    Men are “simple” in a great way. As long as you give them a pat on the back and a few “that a boy(s) a few times a week they are satisified. Forgot to mention, as long as they can take you home to meet mom they are happy.

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  3. Anonymous

    Dear Black & Married,

    Your list is dangerously short. Your list ignores that there are some real serious issues with black couples.

    Oh…by the way, who gets married in black america WILL NOT change.

    The sistah’s who continue to shock us with new levels of emotional instablity, emotional immaturity, and downright selfishnes will continue to lose out no matter how many articles we write or how much they pretend that they “queens”.

  4. Terra

    Anonymous # 30 November 2008 at 3:25 pm –

    Your statment must be regionally applicable because it is the exact opposite where I live. It seems that the women who are self suffient and stable are the ones who are still single. My friends and I are always talking about how difficult it is to find a guy when they could have any doormat on the street. It difficult to compete with that because not every man is up for a challenge or a woman who will stimulate his mind – most just want to come home and wipe their feet of the world: enter DOORMAT. I consider myself to be educated, confident and quite sexy. I’m a loyal friend and a passionate lover. I am not afraid to be confident nor reveal my weaknesses to my partner. However, I find it very difficult to find a man my age with similiar life goals who is willing to engage in a committed relationship.

  5. Rachel

    I agree with Terra. It seems men are intimated when women are more educated, self sufficient and independent.They guess they don’t know what else to offer you as a provider.

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