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BY: - 2 Apr '09 | Products

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We would like to introduce you to our newest sponsor Sizta 2 Sizta Healthy Hair Company. Our sponsors help us to provide you with great content and resources on a daily basis so please take a moment to check them out. Below is a message from Sizta 2 Sizta owner Stacey Watson. FYI… the website is great and wait until you see the pictures of what the products did to Stacey’s hair.


Sizta 2 Sizta Healthy Hair Company was started as a personal journey for black hair care answers.   After years of frustration with short damaged hair and being   just plain tired of spending money on weaves and failed attempts with every quick hair scheme, I ventured out on a mission that lead me to develop my own hair care line and technique which allows women of color to grow and maintain long healthy hair.   Please stop by to read more of my story.


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    I just happen to stumble across your site. I would like to tell you a little about my hair. I decided about a year ago not to put perms in my hair anymore. I actually cut all of the perm out now it is natural. My hair is very course and dry. I started to go to the dominicans to get my hair done. It seems to be doing fine. Because I was getting braid it broke off my edges. It seems to me the longer my hair gets the thinner it gets. I have allergys to some things how is your product with people who have allegeries. I really would like to try your product.

  • neex

    Helena – I suggest you go to . This site is No1 for natural hair care – you’ll get a lot of encourage and support from the other posters. They also review products so you will find help on the best products for your hair…