Should You Treat Your Husband Like a 2-year-old?

BY: - 11 Sep '09 | Relationships

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by Tara Pringle Jefferson

My co-worker and I were talking about how we wanted our husbands to help us around the house ““ and with the kids ““ more.

She told how her husband surprised her by making dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and then taking out the trash.

“I totally went overboard with the praise,” she said. “I was literally clapping my hands and praising him like I do with our son when he pees in the toilet. I was all, “˜Good job! I’m so proud of you!'”

We laughed about how hard we praise our husbands in an effort to get him to do more of what we want ““ but maybe I realized she was on to something. No man wants to be treated like a child, but what if we showed the same enthusiasm to our spouse that we show to our kids whenever they do something they think is noteworthy?


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  • Rob

    No we shouldn’t treat like 2 years olds but you shouldn’t have to ask your spouse to clean the house. They get treated as such because wives are replacement mothers. It burns my hide that I have to mention taking out the trash, folding throws in the living room, or wiping the table after he makes a sandwich; but believe you me if I don’t he won’t.

  • Ronnie

    I think showing your appreciation is good all of the time. But I think my husband would see right through me if I went over board on the praise like I would do for a young child. I think it would be kind of insulting.

  • Lamar

    I think that you’ll find out it will backfire on you 9 times out of 10. Just acknowledge it and keep it moving, I think that would go a lot farther. What I’ve heard in some married men conversations is that when they do something like that their wives will do what you said, go overboard with the hype which is patronizing or the opposite of telling them yes you did this but it’s not right and this is how I do it… and neither is appreciated. Just my 2 cents. When Ronnie just acknowledges something that’s good enough for me and if she doesn’t that’s cool too because that’s not why I’m doing it but it is the icing on the cake.

  • Harriet

    What Lamar said. LOL My husband can see right through that. And–ironically enough–so can my three year old son. LOL

  • Tara

    I think treating your husband like a 2-year-old is a bit much, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me emphasizing to my husband how much I appreciate what he does around the house, not just giving him a quick “Oh, thanks.”

    I’ve found that more praise is better. Not necessarily, “Oh my goodness!!!! YOU WASHED THE DISHES!!!! WHAT A BIG STRONG HUSBAND YOU ARE!!!” LOL. But a simple, “Oh, you folded the clothes for me? You know how much I hate doing that – thanks sweetie!”

    My husband sees through it too if I go overboard, so a real subtle, simple thank you like the one I just mentioned goes over a lot better…

  • Harriet

    either than or walking around buck nekkid fresh out the shower. ROFL! can’t get any more “grown” than that!

  • Harriet

    * I meant “either THAT” not “THAN.” LOL

  • Yolanda (The Queen)

    Treating your husband like a two-year old will do one of three things:
    1. Enable him to operate as if he’s your son
    2. Insult his intelligence and his manhood
    3. Both of the above

    Have mature, Christ-centered conversations about household decisions and needs with your husband. Treat him like the man that he is. Then, watch him rise to the occassion. I did…PRAISE GOD!

  • Anna

    Should You Treat Your Husband Like a 2-year-old?
    Only if he acts like one. LOL. Really though if you do this(not sure why you would want to)it will only backfire. I never treated my 2 yr. old like a 2 yr. old. Keep treating him like a 2 yr. old and you will end up like Jon and Kate plus 8 = divorce.

  • Savannah

    I dont think you should treat them like two year olds but lord knows the sure do act like it!! lol