Keep The Honey in the Moon

BY: - 10 Nov '09 | Relationships

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There are times when life’s routine can take its toll on a marital relationship.   Things  can become humdrum and “business as usual.”    It’s during those times when the importance of keeping the “honey” in the “moon” of your marriage alive.   Now, I don’t know the origin of the word “honeymoon,” but I did a little research on some unconventional uses of honey.   Here are a few ways we can apply these uses to our marriages:
  • Honey has a calming  power:   how many of us need to just calm down and not take ourselves so seriously?
  • Honey can be used as a topical ointment over wounds:   the honey in the moon will ease the sting of words spoken too hastily.
  • Honey helps the body retain more calcium:   calcium keeps our bone structure strong, just as retaining calcium within the structure and foundation of love in   our marriages is important.
  • Honey replenishes the body and gives it back what it releases during extreme  events:   after a particularly tough season or trial, honey has the ability to replenish what was drained.
  • Honey rids the body of toxins:   things like anger, unforgiveness, manipulation can poison a marriage.   Honey has a way of ridding a marriage of those types of things.
  • Honey improves blood flow:   in the bedroom, blood flow is absolutely imperative; in daily life, it keeps us alive and full of energy.

When marriage gets stressful, here are some ways I add the honey back to the moon of my own marriage:

  • Picnic in the living room:   after the children are in bed, we camp out in the living room over candlelight and a great meal.
  • Let’s do lunch:   we try to take the time out to eat lunch together to calm one another down during particularly rough seasons.
  • Sex Info 101:   this is a website we discovered that outlines 101 different positions we can use.   Periodically, I print out a picture (they’re faceless cartoons…nothing over the top) of what I’d like to try and put it in a place where I know my husband (but not my children) will find it.
  • Never underestimate the power of sticky pads.   We have both taken sticky notes and written what we love, appreciate and find sexy about one another and post them on our mirrors or in our closets just to get one another’s attention.
  • SCRABBLE!   Nothing more intimate than using a game of Scrabble (or whatever you like…Uno, Connect 4, etc.) to determine who will be the love slave for the weekend.
Those are a few of many strategies we use to ensure we remain hot for one another and that we stick together at all times.   What about you, BMWK?   How do you keep the honey in the moon of your marriage?   What are some strategies you employ to remain–for lack of better terms–hot and sticky for one another?

God bless!

~ Harriet

Harriet Hairston, a  freelance writer, human  resources administrator at an HBCU and creator of  the motivational blog, “Can She SAY  That?!?” has a unique style that  brings readers into her life through her transparent demeanor.  She lives in Louisiana with her husband  and two sons.   You can reach her at


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  • Aja

    Thanks for this article Harriet. My husband and I were just talking about ways to stay connected to each other. With a baby and trying to watch our spending it just isn’t as realistic for us to always have a date night. I will have to use some of your suggestions!

  • Tara

    Amen, Harriet and Amen Aja! With two kids, two new car notes and a mortgage, we are pinching our pennies and it seems like our love life is suffering!

    I like the picnic in the living room idea. I always plan on doing it then I end up passed out before we can get it going. Great tips – I’ll try some of these and report back! 😉

  • Thomas

    Thanks so much for this much needed reminder!! We (all married folk) often get into marital ruts. I’ve told my wife we will do MORE of just being together. It takes a bit to push past our dreaded comfort zones. But we have gone to the beach and just walked and talked (although we live in South Florida, it had been a long time since we’d been to the ocean). We have taken in dance and music events (I try hard to find free local events; this way we aren’t stressing over how to pay for this time we want to spend together). In short, it is a CONSTANT mindset.

    Thanks again,

  • Staycee2

    Harriet great post! It’s ecspecially hard when you have 4 kids (17, 12, 12 & 3), I inherited the two oldest when my husband’s ex-wife passed back in June. All I can say is that I don’t know what we would do if my mom didn’t live near us. Sometimes we call my mom and ask her to pick up the 3 year old from daycare and we have dinner together or do some shopping..

    P.S. Thanks for the tip,!

  • Ronnie

    thanks for the reminder Harriet…I need to check out that website you mentioned above :-)

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday rountine. I told Lamar the other day that I wanted to go out on a date and to the movies….as we have not been in a while.

  • Jonesi

    Perfect! I’ve been waiting to see how you would bring this concept life…now I’m going to be sitting in class anxious to check out that website :-)