14-Year-Old Author And CEO Teaches Other Kids How To Get Published

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We’ve been highlighting a lot of young people doing extraordinary things lately. We couldn’t be prouder of these tweens and teens who are showing the world that talent, drive and passion know no age limitations.

Today we read about  Chental-Song Bembry, a 14-year-old New Jersey native and author of the Honeybunch book series, which she also illustrated.

From  her recent Black Enterprise feature:

When you think of an author, the term entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily come to mind; but more book writers are beginning to realize that being an author takes a certain entrepreneurial spirit if you really want to move volumes. Just ask 14-year-old Chental-Song Bembry, who sold more than 500 books last year and is aiming to double that with the release of her second book this fall.

The teenpreneur has the hustle it takes and attends trade shows, events, conferences, writing camps, and holds book signings at her church to market her book. Bembry, a high school freshman, authored and illustrated  The Honeybunch Kids, which follows three African American friends”“Desire “Dizzy” Williams, Chauncey a.k.a “Cheeks” and Stewart”“through their everyday adventures and the strict scrutiny of their teacher Ms. Hodgebottom. The story also shares funny life lessons that kids identify with. “If I can write a book that kids can relate to, they’ll be more inspired to read.” {Full story}

If you really want to be inspired, check out Bembry’s “About the Author” page on her website. Tell us – were you that accomplished at age 14?

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