Tia and Tamera Show Off Fabulous Life And Big Changes In New Reality Show

BY: - 8 Aug '11 | Black Celebrity Marriages

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Tia and Tamera

“Tamera is the one with the mole. I’m the one with the belly.” And so Tia and Tamera’s self-titled show on the Style Network begins.

It’s kind of nice to see what the twins are up to now that they’re all grown up. I have to admit that it does feel a little dated in today’s “we know when celebs are pregnant before they do” culture, since Tia is still pregnant and Tamera is prepping for a wedding that took place months ago. Still, it is refreshing to see a reality show that doesn’t revolve around who slept with whose husband and how many drinks can be poured on weaves in a 60-minute show. Marriage and babies – pretty basic and feels like an authentic feel-good show.

The show starts with Tamera in the planning stages for her bridal shower. As they shop for a dress, Tamera bemoans the fact that her engagement photos were leaked online.  Tamera was upset by some of the negative comments on the blogs. “You know how Mom and Dad went through back in the day?” Tamera said. (Dad is white; Mom is black.) “They called me a white man’s whore. Why can’t it just be about two people in love?”

She’s also a little bummed because her sister, Tia, is preoccupied with the belly and not with the wedding. But alas,  Tia’s upset because Tamera hasn’t shown enough interest in her pregnancy.

Tamera’s best friend Andrea has been taking over most of the main of honor duties and Tamera spends most of the episode trying to figure out whether she should stick with Tia (who hasn’t done much of anything) or give the title to Andrea, who’s pulling out all the stops to celebrate Tamera on her big day.  “I know you have a lot of stuff going on, but so do I,” Tamera says over lunch. “I just want to check your head space. I was your maid of honor and I was there 110% – I did everything.”

I’m not trying to say that “baby > wedding,” but it is very obvious that Tamera’s never been pregnant and doesn’t know how much it takes out of you. When Tamera was Tia’s maid of honor, she wasn’t in her third trimester, so it’s really an unfair comparison.

Then Tia gets an offer for a magazine cover if she does a nude pregnancy photo, much like Demi Moore, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have done. She mulls it over with her husband, Cory, and decides to go for it. I have to say that you can tell Tia and Cory have a great time together. After he sets her off laughing during the photo shoot, there’s a little concern about whether she peed on herself (as a pregnant woman, hey, sometimes it happens). Cory takes it all in stride and even pats the sofa where she was sitting. Now that’s true love. LOL.

At the photo shoot, Tia gets the distressing news that production on season 2 of The Game will resume only six weeks after she’s due to give birth. Juggling work with motherhood. “Having a baby and being a working mom is going to be extremely difficult and stressful at the same time,” she tells the camera. Girl, you ain’t neva lied!

The episode ends with Tia and Tamera patching up their rift and crying about how much they love each other. Awww. I think I will tune in to the next episode, if only to catch more of Tia and Cory’s love connection. What a great pair.

Did you catch the premiere? What did you think? Was Tamera fair in her criticism to her sister? Should Tia have worked harder to be there for her sister?

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15 WordPress comments on “Tia and Tamera Show Off Fabulous Life And Big Changes In New Reality Show

  1. Kristina Brooke Daniele

    I missed it but am DVRing it at midnight when it reairs. I really enjoy watching them. They are sweet and you are right, it’s nice to see a reality show that isn’t drama and ignorance. I don’t watch reality TV for that very reason, but I will tune in for them… maybe if it’s a success we will see more shows that are positive reflections of black women (and marriage).

    1. Tara Pringle

      @Kristina – Right? I saw the preview for this week’s BBW when Eric threw the drink in his wife’s/ex-wife’s face. I was through with that show during season 1, episode 1, but that just was the straw that made me rue the day Shaunie ever got the idea for that show. Oh man.  

      1. sheena@sophistishe.com

        DVR’ing Tia & Tamera’s show, I can’t wait!  

        Basketball Wives Sidenote: When I saw the preview of Eric throwing the drink in Jen’s face, I gasped so hard that I couldn’t breathe! I was just too through! I have never had that reaction to any kind of “entertainment”…ever. If I had pearls on, they would have been clutched, lol.

  2. YUMMommy

    Loved it. And I think Tamara should have been more understanding of Tia. Not taking it easy can be very harmful for a pregnancy as the we saw on the show. I was glad they made up tho. And I adore the relationship Tia and Cory have. It’s good to see a positive image of a Black couple on national tv.

    Will be tuning in to help this show get the ratings it needs to stay on the air. It was so refreshing to not have to see women acting like criminals but ladies.

    1. Tara Pringle

      @948d495b5f8c3da3a010b5c8f3de00e7:disqus  – Right? I thought it was refreshing. It had a little bit of drama but not so much that you ashamed to be watching it. LOL. I thought it was great. Look forward to next week.  

  3. LaTanya Wright

    I watched it last night and I have to admit that I liked it alot. You can tell that Tamera has no clue about pregnancy when she told Tia that it was rude that she had to go to the bathroom as soon as she got to the dress shop. I remember when I was pregnant and it seems like right after I went to the bathroom then went to go back and sit down on the couch I had to get right back up because I had to go again! lol But it is nice to see two women who love one another not fight it out and ultimately have each others back.  Plus I love Tia and Cory’s relationship.  The only other reality show I watch is The Braxtons I can’t stand any others so I will continue to watch Tia and Tamera!!!  

  4. Briana Myricks

    I caught some snippets of it before hubby turned to SportsCenter haha. But you’re right, it’s very refreshing. I admit, I watch the garbage that is reality shows. It’s a guilty pleasure but definitely an emphasis on guilty. This show is about real issues and a lot more uplifting.

  5. J4bzshep

    I think its bad timing for both events to be happening at the same time. I think they both can take some blame. Tia laid the guilt trip on Tamera about how her best wanted to be the Maid of Honor, but she stood fast and made her twin the MOH. Tia should’ve had no problem being Matron of Honor and kept close contact with Andrea. Tamera can’t relate to what Tia is going through and she can’t expect Tia to keep up. Was her wedding date set BEFORE the due date was determined? LOL

  6. Erica Miley

    Tia and Tamara, I have watch your shows since you were in ur teen years and I have never thought you both were fighting over a maid of honor title. I have a sister whom I cherish and adored to death but she getting married in the next April and I already know I’m not the maid of honor. I love her dearly and she’s aware that family is always come first. However, Im not broken that my sister choosing her best friend to be maid of honor, I was soooo happy for her. Your family is important and making your sister happy is what important. You will never be in any wedding if you argue over a petty decision. Sisters and Mothers bonds that CANNOT be broken. Be happy for one another and stop being selfish with each other. I understand being inseparable is hard but believe me, this is a wedding that will not happen twice. Be there for each other and love each other unconditionally whether the decision is not what you expected. I love you guys and I love my sister unconditionally. My sister is my best friend and we will always be together no matter what. Tamara, get Andrea as your Maid of Honor. Tia, be there for your sister. Congratulations to both of you on the wedding and having firstborn child.  Kisses and Hugs!!!

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  8. Rah

    I think that the twins are great. I have always enjoyed watching their show “Sister, Sister” when they were younger and so was I. Now that I get to see about their life is even better. I’m glad I learned that they had a new show from my co-worker at DISH. Now I can watch them on my new HDTV with my HD free for LIFE I get with DISH. I love having HD programming. I can’t wait to see Tia’s son.

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