Wedded Bliss: Lekia & Maurice

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Tie the Knot Tuesday Lekia  Maurice

A destination wedding is out of reach for many couples, but Lekia and Maurice Ross made it happen for their special day.

When the couple started their relationship, they were going to have to make the long-distance thing work: she lived in Michigan and he lived in Georgia. They flew to see each other once a month and pledged to make the most of their time together.

Maurice said he knew Lekia was someone special when he got sick and lost his phone at the same time. After not hearing from him, Lekia, worried about him, booked a flight to see him and make sure he was okay.

While initially I thought she was crazy, it also made me recognize how important I was to her and how much she valued me,” Maurice reflects. He also shares that witnessing how Lekia got along with his now 7 year-old daughter, Aniya, was priceless.

“Usually Aniya is shy and non-inviting to strangers but she was very warm and talkative to Lekia the first time they met,” Maurice remembers. “Although she had not met many of Daddy’s ‘friends’ at that point, I recognized that she bonded with Lekia in an unusual manner.”

Check out the rest of their love story here and find out how they managed to throw a destination wedding to remember on a budget.


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  • Hoosier Newman

    I truly understand the long distance relationship. Many are successful  despite  the high number reported or experienced as failures. Mine just happily ended IN>NC the distance will make you appreciate the time you have together, but can also make you miss flights.


  • Robert London

    Being in the business I have written that a destination wedding can be cheaper than a local wedding! That is for the bride and Groom, the travel can be prohibitive for some guests but with good planning well in advance many of those issues can be overcome