Giveaway: Win 2 tickets to See Angela Bassett and Samuel L. Jackson in the Broadway Play The Mountaintop

BY: - 20 Sep '11 | Entertainment

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How would you like two tickets to see one of the newest and hottest shows on Broadway? Well if you’re a fan of Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett like I am then you’ll love this opportunity to win 2 tickets to see the new play “The Mountaintop” courtesy of your friends here at Below you’ll find more info on the play and rules for entry.   Imagine how great date night will be when you win these tickets!


Taking place on April 3, 1968, THE MOUNTAINTOP is a gripping reimagining of events the night before the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. After delivering one of his most memorable speeches, an exhausted Dr. King (Samuel L. Jackson) retires to his room at the Lorraine Motel while a storm rages outside. When a mysterious stranger (Angela Bassett) arrives with some surprising news, King is forced to confront his destiny and his legacy to his people.

For details, information or to purchase tickets you can go to The Mountaintop website.

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44 WordPress comments on “Giveaway: Win 2 tickets to See Angela Bassett and Samuel L. Jackson in the Broadway Play The Mountaintop

  1. Pamela D

    I want to win the tickets because my husband and I are hard workers and have little time to spend with each other.   This will be a wonderful way to rebond and reconnect with each other.

  2. Arnett Mumford

    I’m an Atlanta native and a long time admire of the legacy Dr. King. My parents were part of the struggle and I have tried my best to continue the fight daily.    I am also a huge fan of Kenny Leon the director. I have been to most of his true colors  productions here in  Atlanta  and I know his creative vision along with the all star  actors casted will do Dr. King Justice.    I couldnt make it to see his production of fences….so help me to see this one and pick me.

  3. Ali Dee

    I would love to win tickets!  With the recent anniversary of his” I have a Dream” speech, they were airing KING on TVone, and I told my boyfriend I was watching it, and he told me he’s never seen it!  Granted he’s 31, but I thought everyone has seen that.  Well, just yesterday, the DVD arrived, because I had to add that to my collection.  If we were able to go and see this play, it would be icing on our (history) cake!

  4. Sally68

    Born 10 days after his assassination, the window into that time, that world that shaped my home and upbringing is a gift. Having that history delivered by these artist is divine. Please let me come and be born again.

  5. Anonymous

    I would be so excited to win these tickets because after 14 years of marriage & 6 children (ages:   11, 9, 7, 4, 4, &2) whom I homeschool) my husband & I could get some rare away time.  

  6. Qiana Lawery

    You had me hooked on this play as soon as you mentioned Samuel L. Jackson & Angela Bassett — how could it NOT be amazing?!?!  It’s not often that you have such a powerhouse cast of African Americans on Broadway, much less telling such a compelling story.  I would love to win tickets to see this — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!  Pick me…pick me 🙂

  7. Semccauley2

    I am a huge fan of both Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett.   They are both such powerful actors, I am excited about their performance in person.   pick me please!

  8. Mak

    It’s been a long while since I’ve had the opportunity to see a Broadway show and hadn’t made ANY plans to do so in the near future. The “Idea” of “THE MOUTAINTOP” overall was enough that I’d probably would have gone and seen by myself , but there is a particular lady I’m trying to impress who happens to be a HUGE Angela Bassett fan and I think taking her to the show would be the perfect icebreaker.  

  9. Btcatlanta

    I haven’t been to NY in forever and LOVE anything that Samuel Jackson and Angela Bassett are starring in….would be a great getaway from a very busy time in my life…

  10. Sheila Battle

    I would love to surprise my husband with these tickets because he is an incredible husband and father to our two girls. He has never seen a Broadway play and these are two of his favorite actors. He also has a gifting in production, so I believe that seeing this form of art live could propell him into his destiny in the arts.

  11. Tcarterbrown613

    What a wonderful opportunity to see two of Black Hollywood’s Elite! This play would be a wonderful thing to see and I would love to treat my husband to his first Broadway play! Thank you for this opportunity.

  12. Kymitch

    What a great reason to head to NY! My husband and I have never been been together so seeing this awesome play would be a great ‘first’ for us (even though we’ve been married 14 years!)

  13. Anonymous

    What could be nicer than seeing Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett in “The Mountaintop” on Broadway with my husband? It’s so wonderful for to present us with this opportunity. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left us all a wonderul legacy, and I’m sure seeing this production would be inspiring.

  14. Beth Mimi Johnson

    What a nice  event for my Husband & I to go see a Hollywood Play. I would love to come to NY, because we have never been and this would be an awesome opportunity for us. He would be totally surprised   if we won. We’ve been married alomst 25 yrs. in January, so it would be an early Anniversary gift. Good Luck to us! 🙂

  15. Shah

    I would like to win the tickets because the production stars two of my favorite actors and because I think this piece will be an important work regarding our people and our history.

  16. Anne Reeves

    I would love to win Mountaintop tickets because MLK was my hero. He helped make interracial relationships acceptable. I truly believe if more people were mixed, it would be a happier world! I would love to see Samuel and Angela portray this defining moment in American history.

  17. Melzie

    As a self-professed history buff this would be a great opportunity to not only be entertained by two of the greatest actors around, but to also get a real life view of that very important period of time that changed all of our lives.

  18. Flowelove

    I would love to surprise my wife with these tickets. She is wanting me to go with her to see a play in NY. She loves Broadway. She is currently deployed in Afghanistan and we will really need to get away and relax. Thanks for the opportunity

  19. Tamika Rhames Childs

    I would love to win tickets for a number of reasons…first and most importantly, Dr. King was such a brilliant husband, father and leader and Mrs. King, the EPITOME of what and how to be the “helpmeet”…I believe my husband and I stand to learn a lot from seeing how they worked together through it all!!!   Secondly…I can’t even remember the last time my husband and I had a date!   With the woes of the economy coupled with the 3 young boys (2 of whome are in college….i mean DAYCARE, I get it confused sometimes since the COST are the same :- )…we’re not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon…   Would be  the perfect  way to learn, grow and rekindle in the process.

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Earth, Wind & Fire with My American Express Prepaid Card

BY: - 26 Sep '11 | Entertainment

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What’s up BMWK family? How was your weekend? If you read my post this past Friday on what we had planned then you already know what we were up to. This past Friday, Ronnie and I attended the Atlanta leg of the Earth, Wind & Fire 40th Anniversary concert tour at Chastain Park in Atlanta.

The show was just what I expected of course. This was my 3rd time seeing Earth, Wind & Fire and I enjoy the show every time. I like to point out that EWF is so bad that they don’t even have an opening act! The just come out and start jamming! A good friend who shall remain nameless walked up to us before the show saying that she only knew 1 song that they sung. I told her to keep count and let me know at the end of the night how many she recognized. She came back and told me 12! I know you didn’t ask but let me run down my five favorite EWF jams that they played the other night:

  1. Written in the Stone
  2. Kalimba Story
  3. Reasons
  4. I’ll Write a Song For You
  5. September

We were provided tickets by American Express so we could try out their new American Express Prepaid card in real life action and yes we tried it out! I tried it out getting gas on the way there. We tried it out at dinner before going to the concert. Lastly we tried it out during the concert with several runs to the concession stand. It was all very successful and worked for what I wanted it to work for. That purpose is to have better control over our entertainment spending. Using a prepaid card is an excellent way of controlling spending and making sure you don’t go over limits and incur extra fees (you know the banks love it when you do that).

I ordered my American Express prepaid card online in just a few easy clicks. The America Express Prepaid website was pretty easy to navigate around and I didn’t have any issues going through the order process. A few days later I received the card as promised. I also received a PIN number that allows me to use the card at ATM machines in case there is a need for cash.

The next step was to actually load some money on the card to use. I connected the card to a bank account. The process of linking the account to the card took roughly about 2-3 days and once complete I was able to initiate a transfer which took about another 5 days.

Once loaded I’ve been using the card just like I would any other debit or credit card and it’s been a breeze.

While using the card I also thought that another great use would be for your college aged child. You could get them a card then load money directly on it via the web from your bank account to their card. Then you don’t have to worry about them accruing debt via credit cards or overspending and owing banks fees.

I’ll be using the card out in a few other situations this week and will update you on Friday with more findings on my review of the American Express Prepaid card.

Have you ever considered getting a prepaid card? What would be some great uses for it? What’s your favorite Earth, Wind & Fire song?

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