VIDEO: Two Little Girls Sing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” On Ellen – Um, Really?

BY: - 13 Oct '11 | On the Web

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Okay, we get that Nicki Minaj, at times, looks like a life-sized Barbie doll with her colorful wigs and all pink everything. And we even understand that her youngest “fans” don’t understand the lyrics.


This video from the Ellen show gave us pause after watching two Nicki Minaj fans (ages 8 and 5) perform their rendition of “Super Bass” after their home video of the same song went viral (more than 7 million views). Check it out below (the performance starts at 3:30):

What do you think? Is this two young girls having fun or are they too young to be singing along to a song of this nature?


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  • Jenise Bradshaw

    I think it is great.  Nicki is a very talented woman and these girls idol her.  I don’t always agree with lyrics or style but overall I am a fan.  As parents and sometimes as Americans, we feed into things way too much.  We try soo hard to shelter our children from things, whereas, in other parts of the world things are all out in the open.  That song has helped shape these girls lives for the rest of their lives.  I think its great.

    • Livindaflylife

      I would have had an issue with my daughter on stage cursing to a Nicki Minaj song. I dont feel that Nicki’s music is appropiate for kids that age even the clean versions bc the meanings are very clear. I dont think we shelter our kids enough. They are overly exposed to an over materalistic and sexual world system. Whats wrong with wanting and 8 yr old to remain a child and hold on to innocence that will soon be stripped away. I have to disagree with your view. I have and 8 yr old daughter and she is not allowed to listen to Nicki and alot of other songs.



    • p.brown

      So since they don’t understand it, they can sing and idolize it. So when your child grows up and do what Nicki is saying, then you should have no problem with that.

      That is whats wrong with most parents. They are so naive.

      WAKE UP PPL. We are destroying our children’s minds and at an early age.

      GET IT TOGETHER PLEASE….before it is too late

    • p.brown

      So since they don’t understand it, they can sing and idolize it. So when your child grows up and do what Nicki is saying, then you should have no problem with that.

      That is whats wrong with most parents. They are so naive.

      WAKE UP PPL. We are destroying our children’s minds and at an early age.

      GET IT TOGETHER PLEASE….before it is too late

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm, as a Father that has served and lived in many countries…yes, I must agree that things are out in the open in other countries, however, these 3 little girls singing that song is a ‘disgrace’ and nothing to be cheered and proud of.   Im not, nor have I ever been a fan of her music and hopefully, my 2 young dauthers will NOT be as well, I hope and pray!

      • Alexn614

        there are 2. not 3.  

        • Anonymous

          ‘Really’ …your such a beautiful person for pointing that little typo out for me… ‘thank you’ for letting me know that!

          • YellowHat

            Sheesh. That’s no way to sway people’s opinions.

    • J_wodd

      If you listen to the song, which I think is very catchy, the content, while probably above the head of most 8 and 5 year old’s, is mos def  inappropriate  for children of that age. I think she’s great too. Just not for 5 and 8 year old’s.

    • WhoIsShe

      @ Jenise Bradshaw: you hit the nail right on the head, because the bible clearly states that we should have no false idols. It’s a shame that these girls idolize this woman that is godless and the these girls love her more than God

      • Tecobb1

        The only reason you have a problem with these little girl likimg nikki minaji is because she is a black woman and they are white little girls.

        • sickofchurchfolk

          I understand everyone’s point of view on the subject matter,but Ms. Minaj is NOT the PARENT(S) of these children. Also , she is an ENTERTAINER,so for you really to call her Godless? Do you even know her- typical HYPOCRITICAL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE,but you will TITHE   YOUR PIMP PREACHERS & “BISHOPS.”Pleaaaaazzz, NEXT!

      • sickofchurchfolk

        I understand everyone’s point of view on the subject matter,but Ms.
        Minaj is NOT the PARENT(S) of these children. Also , she is an
        ENTERTAINER,so for you really to call her Godless? Do you even know her-
        PREACHERS & “BISHOPS.”Pleaaaaazzz, NEXT!

      • Shonnathanael

        Typical Christian statement…how do you know what she believes in? Are you positive she is Godless and that these girls love her more than God???

    • Breed4853

      Are you kidding me? As a teacher  I can say that yes Ms. Minaj is SHAPING their lives alright.. I don’t even know what else to say but WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.  

    • Tricia_82

      Yea! but shaped their lives into what? The panties coming off off! This is not a song the parents should have allowed their kids to learn and they should be ashamed to have them perform it live on TV. Bad parenting example. It’s not great…………….

  • Tebo

    There is nothing cute about this video at all!

  • Kennedy

    Yeaaaah so they said all the words that get bleeped out on the radio. I guess because they didn’t pronounce them correctly, it’s okay….. I do not approve, and damn them for being princess ballerinas and looking so cute. But I’m sure they don’t know what they’re saying. I grew up during the gangster rap era and I know more Snoop and Dre than 5 year old should have, lol. It hasn’t effected me negatively but for some it may. I know my kids won’t listen to it at least not so young, jeez.

  • Trimese

    Definitely NOT ok. However, this shows the state of parents in today’s society. It doesn’t matter what the kids are doing as long as they can get on television and become “famous” for it…and we wonder why this generation puts no premium on education and hard work. Nicki Manaj is definitely not a role model for women, let alone young girls. And to address the lady that said Nicki is their idol…idols replace The Most High…and a young girls first role model should be her mother…Proverbs 31. Parents definitely need to use more wisdom!

    • Livindaflylife

      I agree she is not an idol for your girls or anyone for that matter

    • Livindaflylife

      I agree she is not an idol for your girls or anyone for that matter

    • Michael Moore

      You clearly didn’t watch the show or at least a full clip of the segment. If you did you would have heard some of the first words out of Nicki’s mouth were for those girls to put books first and music second. She was encouraging those girls to get a proper education before trying to become famous. Do you know Nicki personally or are you making judgments from what the media has portrayed? So, she may dress differently or sing some lyrics that you may not agree with and that makes her not worthy of being a role model or an idol? There are far worse people walking this earth that you should be worried about the children of today watching as role models or idols. How about some of the politicians or other “celebrities” that cheat on their spouses? Or become “famous” for creating sex tapes and leaking those to the public? Do you know those girls parents personally? How do you know that their parents posted that video online to try to get on television or become famous? How do you know that they didn’t post the video for family and friends to see and it grew from there? It’s amazing how one person has said something negative on this post and so many people have followed suit. Check out the other posts on the internet and it’s nothing but encouragement. Just remember, you are on the internet looking at this stuff. Maybe you should step away from the computer and go make a difference in the world, instead of trying to tear down other people. I think you need to step down off your high horse and see things the way that everyone else does.    

      • sickofchurchfolk

        AWESOME COMMENT- Well said.

  • Ta’Shara Alvarado

    I think that’s between those kids and their mother.  It was okay to chime in when we were a village, but we’re not anymore, and haven’t been for a long time.  The village got plowed over to make room for the highway.  And instead of caring concerned neighbors, now you got everybody with a means of transportation doin’ drive-by’s telling you what to do with you and yours, constantly crying about them and theirs.  Leave these folks alone.

    • Nana

      Ummm, but they didn’t just keep this as a home video, they purposely put it out there for the world to see, so they open themselves up to people’s two cents.

      • YellowHat

        Truth. And it leads to healthy discussions like these where people are able to formulate opinions (or at least piggyback off of general pro or con arguments that are made in the initial few posts). However, all that Ta’Shara is saying is that in no way do our opinions effect reality, so despite our best efforts and huffing and puffing about personal morality, we’re doing naught but wasting our proverbial breath.

  • Lamesa79

    wow! Too young to sing about kissing and panties coming off. Really parents!?

  • Kathy

    Of course the kids don’t know what they are saying and are just having fun. But I kinda wonder what the parents are thinking (or lack of thinking). It is really going to be hard to reverse all of the things that we think are “cute” when they are little and they begin to do “whatever they want” when they get older. As parents, we have to be really careful what goes in our children’s heads (through radio and T.V.).
    The little girl is a well spoken child and I believe that she knows more than maybe her parents think!

    • YellowHat

      A parents duty is not to prevent our children from doing ‘whatever they want’. On the contrary, full support should be given in that arena.
      A parent’s duty is to instill ethical behavior in his or her child. It is not unethical to listen to Nicki Minaj, especially if it is helping these girls develop artistically and socially. What is unethical is to overindulge in sensual pleasures without discipline. The little girl is, as you have said, well spoken and obviously intelligent. A mind like that can easily be taught limits and consequences. But you’re right, all it takes is a very slight lack of guidance, and her parents are her guides.

  • Anishanphillips

    There’s sheltering and then there’s just inappropriate. It’s more than inappropriate for any child to be singing Nicki Minaj. Nothing about her is kid friendly. Everything about her is sex and 8/5 year olds should not be singing her songs. Why? Because they’ll come to understand what she’s talking about as they grow up – which happens earlier these days – and then everybody will be surprised when the kids who liked her for the simple barbie image are now emulating the very apparent sex symbol image. And reaping all the consequences that come with it. As a nation, we think things kids do are cute – cursing, mock sexy dancing, etc. – until they lead to behavior we “didn’t expect.” They need to be somewhere prving they know their academics since they know all the words to the song or making mudpies or something. Cause this is just a mess.

  • Pamela Green Cunningham

    Well looks like someone coached them before doing this show cause they dropped the F in ‘who the F I is” and toned down some of the gyrating. (I saw them on the net about a week ago doing their routine.)  The girls are cute as can be but their mamas need their you know whats beat for letting these girls go around singing those lyrics and emulating some potty mouthed gyrating rapper!!  That’s what’s wrong with half these kids now!  Too much MTV/BET and not enough Sesame Street at too young an age does not make for a good look at about 16!!

  • Darcy Madrigga

    You can criticize this and are really missing another point. She’s just having fun, not knowing the meaning of the song, and got to meet her idol. Perhaps Nicki isn’t a role model in some of your eyes, however she’s a world wide successful recording artist who has a good time with her colorful image and isn’t conforming to the rail thin “beauty” fashion and Hollywood depict. She’s also set to represent a world-wide fundraising campaign for people living with AIDS via MAC’s Viva Glam campaign. She’s generous, successful, creative, independent. Aren’t those things we want our kids to be? Did you miss the part when she encouraged them to stay in school? Don’t focus on the negative so much!

  • Darcy Madrigga

    You can criticize this and are really missing another point. She’s just having fun, not knowing the meaning of the song, and got to meet her idol. Perhaps Nicki isn’t a role model in some of your eyes, however she’s a world wide successful recording artist who has a good time with her colorful image and isn’t conforming to the rail thin “beauty” fashion and Hollywood depict. She’s also set to represent a world-wide fundraising campaign for people living with AIDS via MAC’s Viva Glam campaign. She’s generous, successful, creative, independent. Aren’t those things we want our kids to be? Did you miss the part when she encouraged them to stay in school? Don’t focus on the negative so much!

    • Shyreeta Mouzone Harris

      No, we didn’t miss the part when she told them to stay in school! What did you expect her to say? ‘When you get older, you can get rid of those princess dresses in favor of something more sexy and get injection/implants in your butts, or any other area you deem fit!’ Of course not! I think the problem is that we’re not focusing on the negative nearly enough! I would not say that Nicki Minaj doesn’t have positive attributes. I believe that everyone has their good and their bad points. I know that she is doing all of those things that you mentioned and that she could very well be described as generous, successful, creative, etc.  However, the point is that her music is not kid friendly! I don’t think it matters that the children don’t understand (or may not understand) what they are singing.  If we allow children to sing such stuff at that age, what happens when she sings it in the classroom?  She exposes other children whose parents may NOT want their children to learn those words.  Or she could get in trouble with a teacher who just hears inappropriate language and cannot let that slide.  Nicki Minaj should not be a young girl’s role model.  Why not find another person who embodies all the positive qualities you mentioned who doesn’t sing foul, sexually explicit, and violent songs for the masses? That little girl has a really nice singing voice. There are hundreds of songs she could have sang on her Youtube video that would have been more appropriate!

      • sickofchurchfolk

        OMG!!! I bet your husband   is cheating on you-IF you are married-PRUDE! GET A DAMN LIFE!

        • YellowHat

          Doing what? Replying to comments on articles on websites? Oh, wait…

        • Miciewiczgirly86

          Haha why so she can be like you and sit on her computer all day and comment on stuff that has no affect on her life like you???? She has good moral values and its obvious your the slimeball for even saying something like that, your name may say sick of churchfolk but i think church is exactly what you need porr thing :)

    • ALICE BELL35

      Exactly sista, u could tell Nicki was happy for the fan, yet a bit disturbed. PPL maybe thts why Nicki told the girls she’s take them on a shopping spree for anything they want like BOOKS. Yet we didn’t hear tht.  Like Ludacris said “I MAY HAVE DID WHAT THEY SAY I DID, BUT I’M NT WHO THEY SAY I AM”!…. PPL, What kind of work ethics can these young ppl learn. When jobs for young ppl r either filled with middle aged ppl, unproperly signed bills tht sent our everyday ppl jobs to other countries, and to sweat shops, and modern day slavery called the FREE ZONE. THANK U REAGAN. GREAT ON THE SCREEN, BUT HORRIBLE ON PAPER. don’t forget losts of americans r pushed out or turned away because their nt bilingual, yet the government doesn’t provide funds in the public school system to make a second language (SPANISH) a requirement academic throughout K-12. Yet ESL classes r pretty much free. These babies r confused and lost due to our and our elders bad voting skills. STOP BLAMING THE YOUNG PPL, WHEN WE HAVE FAILED THEM. tHE MOVEMENT IS NT OVER PPL. GET DOWN TOWN AND OCCUPY IF U CAN.

  • Theresa Bowling

    I just adored them when they were singing! The girls don’t have a shy bone in their body and they will never have to hide behind anyone or sit back and bite their fingernails.   It is just joy to watch both of them!

    • Spice69up

      totally agree!!! these are young kids having fun with the moment. I loved the whole performance and think that girl has a voice on her and she is so confident with it. loved it!!!

  • Ncopney_2000

    It’s beyond sad that some people pay way more attention to the *beat* of the song, than the lyrical content. As long as the beat is _______ (insert whatever slang word is heavily in use now), and dance-able or get the crowd hyped, no one is checkin for the lyrics.  That’s kinda scary.  

     I saw the video of the little girls on YouTube and thought “oh how cute!”; and “that little girl has a great voice”.  Then after reading this article, I Google’d the lyrics of “Super Bass”.  Um, so not age-appropriate.  

    I’ve listened to my share of adult-themed lyrics, and believe it’s all about presentation. Even in my 30’s I’ve had to stop mid-two-step in disbelief, like, “hol up…did he just say…?” The garbage that gets mad radio airplay these days, is all  in your face like, “whoa!”  It lacks  subtlety, and substance.  Few artists are clever enough to use  double-entendres in their music.  It’s just straight to the climax – POW! Can we get some  musical foreplay, already? That’s not too much to ask.  

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  • Heavenwbc

    I have the Nikki album. I dont listen to it in front of my girls who are 6 and 3. But they have heard this song before on the radio  and they sing along to the words of the chorus. I get so annoyed when people expect rappers to be role models. Its not Nikkis job to be a role model for my kids. Thats my job! No greater influence on a child than the influence in the home. I bet these British parents don’t even know what the hell Nikki is saying! I bet they don’t know that alot of people knock her for “being a bad influence” here in the states… this seems like something they did for FUN!
     If you have a problem with these girls singing this song (when they dont even know what the heck they are really saying) then you should also have a problem with whats on the Disney channel…. when 12 year olds are kissing on national TV. If these girls were singing Beyonces best thing i never had, wouldnt nobody be saying NOTHING! But Beyonce says “ass” in the song doesnt she??
    People used to listen to suggestive music back in the day like “STROKE IT!” and “SEXUAL HEALING”…. i remember singing to that and not even knowing what I was talking about until college…..

  • Stephania

    Music throughout all generations have pushed the envelope of what’s supposed to be appropriate.  Let’s not forget singing at the top of our lungs to “12 Play”, “Sex Me”, “Knockin Da Boots”, “Honey Love”, “Bump and Grind”..and I was in middle school when those songs came out!  Also, the sexually suggestive content that’s displayed on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network now is enough to be a shocker.  Once again, it is NOT the responsibility of ANY musician, athlete or actor/actress to be a role model.  Their job/responsibility is to maintain their level of relevance and stay paid.  It’s a parent’s job to determine what to expose their children to, what kind of conversation to have when such exposure is imminent and in essence raise their own damn kids.

    • Shyreeta Mouzone Harris

      Yes, we sang those songs, but would our parents have recorded us and proudly displayed it on Youtube (if we’d had it back then)? I know my parents would have done no such thing. And I think THAT is the issue here.  Radio, TV, movies, cartoons….much of it is inappropriate for our children. And I know that we can’t police and control everything they hear and see. I do believe, however, that we can teach them what is and is not okay. And you are correct, entertainers are NOT responsible for being role models. I don’t think anyone here is taking issue with Nicki Minaj’s music (at least not for this discussion). I wouldn’t say she should change her music or do anything differently because she is NOT a role model.  What I am saying is that it’s a parent’s responsibility to monitor what their children are ingesting. And for the person that said her ‘British parents probably don’t know what’s being said’ all I can say is they do speak ENGLISH! So her parents may not know what’s being said like many of us may not, but it’s not because they are British. And one final question- isn’t it their JOB to know?

    • Jaykalkyn

      Seems like you’re kind of missing the point. The issue is with the parents, not necessarily Nikki Minaj. The point is that the kids have no business singing the song, period, talking about panties dropping, and f-bombs. It’s not appropriate by any means for this age group. Nikki Minaj can do whatever she wants to but the parents are the ones who need to grab the reigns on their kids. I agree with you on that point, wholeheartedly. However, artists do have a certain level of responsibility, regardless of whether they want to accept it or not. They know they’re influencing these kids so a responsible person would consider that to some degree. Seems there aren’t a whole lot of responsible artists these days, parents either for that matter.

  • Ajwilson

    I have to say these girls are absolutely adorable!!! :) especially the 8 year old is just hilarious! But I do think it’s incredibly inappropriate to encourage them to curse and the content…is not right either. They can be offered so much more than what this song offers. So I wouldn’t have my children listening or singing this…

  • forreal

    just wanted all that thinks Nikki is so great to please listen to the lyrics of this song

  • Nina

    This is sooooo SAD! Where are the parents? Really? People should be ashamed of themselves to think that this is ok.

  • Andrina

    The girl on the left is doing absolutely NOTHING, why is she there? No I do not approve of little girls following someone like “Nicki Minaj.” Sad state of the world in which we live. Too many parents leave the TV to educate their children…

  • ddwilli

    No, no and no! How can any adult sit back and approve if this?! As someone who’s worked in the field of adolescent sexual health, I’ve seen this type if thin serve as the root for 20 something year old mothers to become grandmothers at the age of 35! And far as theses miss not knowing what they’re saying but merely having fun…imagine your child drop an F bomb at you. Are you going to think that’s an “Awww so adorable” moment whether the know what the word means? We’re getting much to lax with what we allow our children to view or listen to. Yet we wonder why this seems to be a lost generation. That’s because we’re steering them off course!

    • ddwilli

      Sorry for the typos. Touch screens are a new thing for me.

  • Lyrikalbutterfli

    I think  there are times  parents take things waaay too serious, in all things there needs to be a balance and you cannot shield your children from EVERYTHING, believe me. There are tons of things that your children will listen to and do behind your back. Don’t be naive. Don’t be blinded. You as a parent set the foundation strong and set the guidelines and rules, but don’t be so pious and ridiculous to think that they won’t find out the real deal of the world. Growing up, I sang along to so many songs that I probably shouldn’t have…lol, it didn’t make me a whore, I’m a college educated, intelligent, fully functioning adult, as with my brother’s neither of them are in jail, both are in college,  have no  criminal records and none of us have had babies out of wedlock. Could she have found a more kid friendly song to sing…of course. She could’ve been two stepping a twirling to a Disney beat, but then we wouldn’t be discussing that.  

  • Brighthorizons99

    Pedobear says he approves of 8 yr olds singing about their “panties coming off”. Anyone who thinks this little girl doesn’t have some idea of what she is singing about, apparently doesn’t have an 8 yr old. I have a child, a niece, and a nephew who are 8, and they are much more schooled in the ways of the world than our generation was 30 years ago. Where has the innocence gone? We try so hard to shelter them, but they have so much sexualization and innaprop behavior shoved into their faces daily. Acceptance of this type of behavior is what has paved the way for such shows as Teen Mom. I don’t want my child seeing another child his age having applause and approval showered upon them for singing dirty songs on national television during the middle of the afternoon. What type of message are we telling our children?

  • Timiera

    Honestly I am torn.   Grew up in the 70’s listening to “Ring My Bell”, “Sexual Healing” and “Love To Love Ya Baby” with the girl moaning on the album and let’s not forget Prince.   So I am really not sure. I do monitor what my kids listen to and watch, but no matter how hard you shelter them it is out there.   I definitely don’t find it entertaining to watch a little girl act like a pole dancer.  

  • guest

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with this the kids are young cute and having fun, i think everyone is with the negative feedback is just jealous of them. Look at these girls they got great personalities it doesn’t matter what the words say if you don’t have anything nice to say then just don’t post it. Anyways I would love to say congratulations to these to girls they are cute and got a lot of life ahead of them to do wonderful things.

  • Rwsbw

    It was adorable…I ? it! I like her american accent!?

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  • Ebony Tucker


  • Rashaan Independent-Queen Dram



    Had to go and watch the original version of the song… I dont like the video too explicit so NO wont allow my children to listen to her songs..

    I dont want them to think that is the way forward…

  • sydney

    so cute off the bomb they run the world good for brtses and nikkie

  • YellowHat

    I have seen comments saying that this is not cute.
    This is adorable.
    I have seen comments claiming that Nicki Minaj’s lyrics are inappropriate for these girls.
    Luckily, Sophie Grace bluntly stated that they did not care for the meaning of the words, nor did they truly have a firm grasp of their meaning.
    I have seen comments claiming that, somehow, these girls are being robbed of their childhood innocence.
    What could be more childlike and innocent than 2 young girls dressing up as princesses or ballerinas or whatnot and singing and dancing with no fear and no judgement (outside of the judgement they receive from critics on forums like this)? From what I can see, these kids (or at least Sophie) are wildly more intelligent than your average tyke. Beyond that, Sophie has a firm sense of not only rhythm, but of vocal expression. Now tell me: what are the chances of her being able to fully develop her likely amazing musical gift if she is unable to listen to and learn the songs that she loves- and even if it’s just a phase, she seems to LOVE this piece of music by Nicki Minaj, who, despite her explicitness, is rather unique in the music world as a female rapper. She is someone worth looking up to, and NOWHERE was it stated in this video or the one that landed them this interview that these girls are being raised on Christian values. As Christians, we are not to force our faith onto others- rather, to spread the good news. So all the tasteless complaining of the godlessness of these talented, blessed little kids is outright wrong, in my humble opinion.

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  • pat

    This so is not proper for those children to be singing, why anyone would encourage young children to sing about drugs, panties coming off and such as needs to be sat down and talked to. They have failed in knowing what is appropriate for children to be exposed to. You have to get past the fact that the child could memorize the lyrics and can belt out the song in front of everyone and see the wrong in the parents letting their child memorize it and encouraging them to sing it. Now, you can say that the child doesn’t know what the lyrics mean, but adults do, and behavior like this pedophiles love. Women have to quite dressing their little girls up and parading them around being something other than what they should be doing, they should be children not means for attention. Shame on the parents.

  • Nirmala147

    They r indeed amazing. Love them.

  • Lexic9

    They are sooo adorable now we know that girls rap better than boys

  • Amen

    that little girl sound grown and this nicki manaj is not a good modle for any children. thats why little kids these days act like they grown by listening to these musics. nicki manaj has a lot of not good stories about her and it gets over news facebook and more. so shes not a good role model for kids

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  • Your Therapy Fix

    This is soooo Sad and as cute as these little girls are it makes me sad that their parents don’t have boundaries to help these young ladies sort through what is appropriate and inappropriate at their age.  What tends to happen in these situations is…It starts out CUTE and then later it is a disaster and parents are in a frenzy trying to manage behavior that is out of control.  Laugh now Cry later.  It is up to parents to create healthy age appropriate boundaries for children and in this case the parents are failing to do that and this is very unfortunate for their development.

  • Mike

    If I had an 8 year old daughter and she was singing this stuff, she wouldn’t be leaving the house.. Ever. Home schooled and definitely not going to be dancing because we all know what that leeds to..

  • getrealppl

    In the words of every Nicki Minaj album cover:



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