Black Men Who Pray

BY: - 28 Dec '11 | Faith

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Great black fathers and husbands do exist. Some of them write for this website, while others you will never know. I grew up with a great father who adopted me and my brothers when we were just infants. He didn’t let the fact that we were not “blood” keep him for loving, providing for, and praying for us.

My husband plays a similar role in my immediate family today. In particular, I love it when he prays for our daughter, when he lays his hands on her asthmatic chest and speaks healing into her body. I love it when he walks into her bedroom at night just to make sure she is sleeping peacefully. Or, when he drops her at school and repeats the same blessing day after day: “May God bless you.” For me, there is nothing more enduring or attractive about my husband than his faith in God and his fervent prayers for his family. I know in my heart that God hears him and that he hears from God.

My husband is not unique. There are millions of black men who are praying husbands and fathers, one of which is Craig Varnado, a fellow church member and Facebook friend. About a week ago, Craig posted a happy birthday message to his daughter. But this wasn’t the “traditional” Facebook birthday greeting. It was a prayer. Check it out:

Happy Birthday to my daughter Christen who just turned 1 year-old. Here is my prayer for her:

Lord, thank you for bringing this little girl into our lives. Thank you for one year of life. There are many babies that didn’t make it one day, one week, or one month, but we are blessed that she has been here for one year in perfect health. I pray that she continues to grow and flourish in everything that she does with her life. Please remove anything that is negative from her life in the present and in the future. Any negative stereotypes that might affect her I ask that you get rid of them RIGHT NOW. Let her know that she is Beautiful, Intelligent, and Smart, and that she doesn’t need the pressure from society to feel that way. Allow her to go about this life with her Head Up and feeling good about herself. With her brother and all her boy cousins, she has a ZONE defense to protect her, but I know you will be playing PREVENT defense and protecting her. Let her know that she “can do all things thru Christ who strengthens her.” I ask that you continue to guide her life, and whatever it is that she wants to do with her life, she seeks You first for guidance. I ask all of this in Your name……AMEN!!!!


Don’t you love it when black men pray, and pray in their own way? They don’t have to use a lot of religious words or sound preachy; all they have to do is speak from the heart, be real, and believe.

BMWK, who are some black men who pray in your family or community?  

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Dr. Michelle Johnson is the founder of Alabaster Woman Ministries, an online international women's ministry. She is a wife, mother, writer, speaker, teacher. Through her daily blog, online radio show, and video Bible studies, Dr. Michelle encourages women and married couples to make God the center of their lives.


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30 WordPress comments on “Black Men Who Pray

  1. Niambi

    I thank God for men that pray.   Growing up I didn’t have the benefit of having my father in my life because he left us when I was a child and I didn’t have a chance to meet my grandfathers because they passed away before I was born.   My prayer is that my husband will be a man that no only covers me as the head of the household, but that he would also cover me and our children in prayer.

  2. Draelee

    I love praying together as a family  It brings us closer and plus it helps us remember who is in charge and in control of our lives.  Thank God for my wife and my family.

  3. Ddavid2u

    My husband is a prayer warrior! He prays for me, our family, friends, church family and even our unborn children. I know that he covers me as I cover him. Lord, you showed out when you created this wonderful man. I thank you for him daily.

  4. Mrs. Polk

    I absoulutly love this article! I don’t think this is stressed enough in our community! I love when mu husband leads our family in prayer it syrenghtens us beyond measure! Keep up the good work you hit the nail on the head with this one!
    God bless
    Mrs. Polk

  5. Yolanda

    One of the most appealing qualities about my husband is how he prays. His prays reflect his ever growing relationship with the Lord. And it’s a powerful testimony for the kids. Every morning, before entering work, he sits in the car, prays and then enters the building. He is such   wonderful man!

  6. Kay F. Solomon

    My husband relies on prayer for EVERYTHING! He doesn’t make a major decision, or a minor one for that matter, without praying.   Because of that, I can be assured that he’s walking according to God’s will.   Or, at least, his heart is in the right place.   I have seen God move mountains in our lives because of his prayers.   And he doesn’t have to pray aloud (although I enjoy hearing him pray aloud).   He has cultivated such a relationship with God that he can enter God’s presence anywhere.   I love it!

  7. God's Beloved

    Thank you Lord for fathers who pray for and with their families. Many Christian men fail to realize that they are supposed to be spirital leaders  of their families.   It is true that families that pray together stay together and I might add they have peace and blessings in every aspect of their lives. Unfortunately, many men are first men (traditionally speaking) and then Christians. This cannot work because Jesus says to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first and everything else will be added. Not only that, the world is going through a period of major deception by satan during these last days and a lot of men, who should be leading their families and protecting them from harm and praying with them and for them, have turned on their children and their wives and they have become like wild animals to them. There are very many cases of sexual, phyisycal and emotional abuse of children and women these days all over the world, including selling children for labor, killing  babies  because they are girls like in India  etc.  Some men pretend that by taking advantage of little children, they will be cured of AIDS so they take advantage. Others are involved in the trafficking of women and children worldwide. Just imagine sex tourism in Kenya and in many other coutnries where in some hotels in Mombasa, hotel rooms are rented along with little children as if they are a piece of furniture, for the sick men to do as they wish with them, while we all look the other way. Imagine a story where a male member of parliament in Kenya was seen complaining (story was in a Kenyan newspaper) that he had paid to have a small child in his room but none had been provided!! So, I urge the praying men to show their outrage for the atrocities being carried out by other men and find a solution. Or maybe they can find a way to teach their fellow men about the need to respect women whom God created in His image. We cannot destroy the children and expect to have a future. I would like to hear what some of the praying men think about my comment. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Abi

    Yes I am definitely attracted to a man who will stand in the gap and pray without ceasing for his children. I love “black men who pray”. I haven’t found one yet but I know they exist. This article is such a nice way to counteract all the negative stereotypes seen in the media.

  9. Traceykinohio

    I have a friend who prays with his spouse anywhere, anytime, even if over the phone. I don’t have that in my home, sadly. I truly admire a praying man!

    1. Randoll

      Its not clear if you have a spouse or not
      So in addressing both
      Standing in the gap for your spouse or for your future spouse is key
      When we see Godly traits in someone else and desire that we should pray thanking God 1st for a Godly desire then asking God to grant that desire be it His will for our lives
      We can look for good things and sometimes ignor what we have in front of us
      We also dont know what it was that made that husband the praying man he is
      The trials that grow these traits are too often negated we resort to our old skills and never learn to trust God never learn how to wait expectantly

      I pray whatever your status having a spouse or desiring that God will honor your desire as you strive daily to be a woman who will fully respect honor and encourage a praying husband in Jesus name amen

  10. Charlesanna Gladys Thomas

    My husband is a praying man of God. He is a great father and deacon. When we married my husband was turning 40 years old and didn’t have any children of his own. I had two daughters and after we married we had a daughteheis such a godly force in their lives. On the first day of school he gave each of them a lamented card with the scripture “I can do all things through Christ that strengths me” to place in the book bag and they carried them to school each day until they graduated. The baby still carries hers. He told then whenever times got hard in classes to pull it out their bags and meditate on the words. He has never made my daughters that are not his biological daughters feel like they were not his. When any situation or no situation he is always praying all day long for his family. Married for 15 years and he always say to me before he leaves for work these words “remember God loves you, I love you and you have a blessed day and then a kiss. Consistent for fifteen years.                    

  11. Melissa Diane Hudson

    There are so many negative comments in the world about black men that are stigmatizing the entire black men community.  But, we all know that all  African American  men are not cheaters, gay, prison bound, date other races etc….However, there are also alot of females who desire this type of Christian man to share their lives with but they are not living up to their standards in order to attract them. That is why my new Christian relationship book entitled, “THE FEMALE FOOL: 10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Attracting a Good Christian Man” was written  to educate females on ways to attract a praying man who has the heart for God. It is time out for dating “thugs” and ungodly men who are not willing to treat females like the queens we are. But females must also make a conscious decision to stop allowing these dead beat men to walk on them like doormats. They have to want a godly man and to want the Christian life he can offer. So many females desire that “bad boy” and later through the years, they get stuck in a rut and bear his kids out of wedlock. Now after a few kids with the “bad boys” and maturity steps in,  they search for that Christian man to help raise the “bad boys” kids. I admire strong Christian men who are putting God first and taking control of  their household just the way God requires.

  12. adaeze

    i also have a memory of when i was sick at the age of 6 or 7 i think and my dad carried me on his lap and prayed for me. i still remember the pain and discomfort i felt but more than that i remember my dads prayers. that’s why no matter how old i get, as long as God gives my parents long lives, I’ll continue to cherish their prayers. there simply is nothing like being part of a praying family. in these last days, we need more and more praying dads and moms and husbands and wives

  13. OAS

    Thanks for willingness to show Black men in a positive light, we have so many stereotypes types to overcome, I love to her about my brothers doing the rights things. Reading about positive Brothers inspires me. I pray all the time asking God for his blessings to lead my family the way he desires, to be the Shepard that my family needs, even when I’m struggling.

  14. Browneyez

    I will have this to my list of what I want in a man/husband…I would like to use the template as a blessing over my children as well. hope he doesn’t mind

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  18. Anonymous

    Praise GOD! I love it! My Prayer is for more black Men to take their position in the things of GOD! Realizing that only GOD can protect and provide for us! Thank You!

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