Giveaway: My First Craftsman Excavator With Sounds

BY: - 14 Dec '11 | Giveaways

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I remember when I was a small child having a heavy duty construction crew set at my grandparents house. It featured some rough and tumble toys just like the one featured in this giveaway and I loved it. We have a bunch of awesome giveaways going on the site as we lead up to Christmas and this is no different.

One lucky reader is going to win a “My First Craftsman Excavator With Sounds” courtesy of our friends at Kmart. The retail value of this toy is $39.99. Check out this description:

With the My First Craftsman Excavator your little one can do some serious digging! Excavator features realistic sounds, a swivel base with crane and tracks to help you move!

o  Excavator features:

o Realistic sounds

o Swivel base with crane

o Tracks to help you move!

o Helmet not included.

o Requires 2 “AA” batteries, not included.

o Adult assembly required.

For more details on the toy or how you can purchase it check out this link:

About My First Craftsman:

The My First Craftsman Tools & accessories line invites children to emulate their parents in a safe and fun introduction to the varying types of tools used within the home.   My First Craftsman offers interactive tools, toy workbenches and power tools with light and sound to allow children to feel “just like Dad”! Check out the MFC tool line ““stable design and solid construction, just like the real thing!


Follow the instructions below. There is one mandatory step to enter. All others are optional and give you additional chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Lamar and Ronnie are Kmart Playdate Parents. This products was provided by Kmart for giveaway purposes and we are providing it to you so you can save money this Christmas!


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  • Sara Cicciu

    I would give this to my nephew – It would be perfect for him!

  • Randallamy03

    My son would love this toy he is so into any type of construstion vechiles we have so many dunp trucks and other but none that look likr this

  • Amber Saxby

    entered all of them. Fingers are crossed for this great giveaway, both my kids would go crazy for this. Wait, I can see the fighting now….!!

  • Tblevins72

    my boys would be so happy and have many happy times together.

  • Guest

    I f I won this I would give it to my nephew who at the moment is still too little for it but will make a great gift when he is old enough.

  • Connie J Regenos

    this would make a great christmas for my twin grand daughters ….

  • Tblevins72

    with 8 kids free is awsome!!

  • Heather

    I will give this to my son who absolutely loves ride on’s!

  • Courtney Miles

    My son would love this!!

  • Trey Burley

    I would give it to our 2YO.  It would give him so many hours of fun play in the yard.  

  • Bee Casagrand

    This is adorable–I would love to give it to my daughter!

  • Carbilcsj

    My three year old would love this!

  • Mamak0308

    If I won this I would give it to my son for his Birthday coming up! He is starting to explore outside more and loves taking anything to dig in the ground..He has a couple ride on toys but this one would outbeat both of them! crossing my fingers to win him this I have never won anything before  

  • Debra Miller-Morales

    I just got permanent custody of my 4 yr old grandson. I dont have alot of toys for him. I live on permanent disability at an early age because of an car accident. We live out in the country by a lake this toy would be very much appreciated by me loved by my grandson Mason

  • LuckyTJG

    This is great!   My nephew would love this!   Such fun!

  • Erin Johnson-Pina

    I clicked to open to this giveaway and my 4yr old was standing there. He says “AHHHHHH! I want that!” lol…………..Thanks for the chance :)

  • Lazarus Nikki

    it would be very great to win something we both lost our jobs and are having trouble with christmas, so it would help alot

  • Carol Schade

    My very first grandson would truly, truly love this. I so hope I can win it for him

  • Peony

    I want to be the good aunt that gives the most awesome gifts.

  • Dora Riehl

    very nice toy

  • MaryLou Moccia

    My grandson would just love this!!   He imitates everything his father &  uncles do and they work using these types of machines so this would be just perfect!!

  • Mheinly

    I would give this to a friend’s little boy.

  • Daisy Moreno

    it would be for my little boy

  • Cinny278

    My son sees construction vechiles almost every day outside of our home . He always watches from the window and wants to go out and ride in them. He gets to talk to the construction workers sometime. I would love to win this for my son so he could play with what he sees all the time.

  • Nancyhaywood1425

    My grandson would love this toy

  • Suzanne Hill

    I’d surprise my boys with this. They’d love it!

  • Laura Jacobson

    Oh I would jump up and down and up and down again!   Carter would love this and he is the perfect age for it.   Wow…what a great giveaway!

  • Caroldvaughan

    My grand daugthers would love having this to play with out in the mountains of Arkansas. I would send it to them.

  • Patty Watson

    i would give it to my nephews they would love it

  • Mary Williams

    I would give this to my son! He would love to get his hands on this!

  • Aschmidt517

    My two year old would love this!

  • Lianna Savage

    I have a grandson coming that i would love to win this for! it would match his daddys

  • Lil_innocent_lisa

    This looks like an awesome toy :)

  • Mcgeesam1

    would love to give this to my grandson for christmas

  • Ciji

    if i was to win i would give it to my 3 year old nephu because he loves trucks and would love to play with this one in his huge sandbox!!

  • Amanda Hammock

    My little guy’s first birthday is in three weeks, this would be perfect. Course I can see him excavating the house plants too…..! lol Thanks!

  • Crazzigrl2011

    i would be able to give my son a smile on our faces for christmas , heres hoping!!!

  • Sheryl

    I would give the toy to my 1 year old as a late christmas gift.

  • MaryAnn

    Would love this’s perfect

  • MaryAnn

    If I win, this will make my grandson ecstatic !

  • Jerry

    this looks great !   thanks for having this giveaway

  • Jerry

    If we win, we’ll play all day and night with this !

  • Rebecca Hopkins

    My son would love this… Hope we win!

  • Dbq1130

    My grand nephew would be over the moon to have this…that is if I could force myself to part with it if I win!