Life is A Special Occasion- What are Your Easter Traditions

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Girls wearing dresses that their Great Auntie sent them.


Girls wearing dresses that their Great Auntie sent them.


Now that I have my own family, I have   the opportunity to pass along the Easter traditions that I had as a child. I am the first to admit that Easter (like Christmas) has become far too commercial. So while we do allow our kids to participate in all of the “Easter” activities around town, we ensure that our kids learn to celebrate the true meaning of Easter and that they will have special memories of spending time with their family on Easter Sunday.

For our family, Easter is just not Easter if you don’t:

  • Remember that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And so most of what we do for Easter revolves around preparing ourselves to worship as a family on Easter Sunday. The kids are taught about the true meaning of Easter via plays, programs and Children’s Church lessons during the days and weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.
  • Get together as a family. On Easter Sunday, all of the family (grandparents, grand-kids, aunties, uncles, cousins) comes together to attend church, to eat a huge Easter Sunday dinner, and to have an egg hunt with the kids.
  • Buy Easter Sunday outfits.   I must admit, as an adult I never got into having a new dress or suit on Easter Sunday. Or a new Sunday hat. But I do have fond memories of my mom’s new Easter Sunday suit and her hats.   She was a vision of loveliness. While I don’t spend any money to buy myself a new outfit, I have to make sure that my girls have their Easter Sunday outfits: beautiful spring dresses and sandals…or lacy socks and dress shoes. There is something about seeing little girls and boys all dressed up on Easter Sunday.   However,0ur oldest is 18 years old if I can just get him to dress up…we are good.
  • Take the kids on Easter egg hunts. There are several community egg hunts around town that we take the kids to on Easter weekend. We leave the house early and try to hit as many as we can around town.   They love it and it is so much fun on a beautiful spring day.

One thing that we have gotten away from on Easter is spending a lot of money. We don’t buy expensive clothes or expensive Easter baskets. Yes, I like to purchase dresses for the girls…but they are at a reasonable price and they are dresses that they can wear all summer and not just on Easter Sunday or special occasions. And, we don’t buy expensive Easter baskets. I think the prices of Easter baskets have gotten out of control. Sometimes I make the girls a small basket or buy them a small toy or gift. But the last few years we did not do a basket at all and the girls did not even notice. They just enjoyed the time with the family and their cousins.

BMWK Family- How does your family celebrate Easter?

Each new day provides you with an opportunity to have special moments with your family.

Life is a Special Occasion

Disclosure:     This post is part of a series that is sponsored by Hallmark and the  Life is a Special Occasion  campaign.     All opinions and editorial content expressed are my own.

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  1. Rene

    OH my gosh.. sounds like my family, growing up anyway.. Now our Easter tradition means driving back from wherever we were for Spring break. But there is a part of me that misses this 🙂  

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