Beyonce’, Blue Ivy and the Baby Name Game

BY: - 18 Jul '12 | Black Celebrity Marriages

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Beyonce' and Baby Blue Ivy

I’m sure by now, you’ve seen this image of Beyonce’ and her MOST ADORABLE baby girl. This is, by far, the best close-up shot I’ve seen of Baby Blue Ivy since her newborn pics were released on tumblr. I definitely see a little “Hov” peeking out of all that cuteness! Those cheeks! Speaking of Blue Ivy…I’ve always been sort of jealous of the way the celebrities have free reign in the name game. They have the privilege of donning their babes with the hottest, most unique names, because they are the spawn of a creative. But when us, regular folks try to pull it off…well…#FAIL!

Let’s face it. The Average Joe and Kesha could never get away with naming their babies things like Sailor, Jessie James, Story, or Petal Blossom Rainbow (I swear, that’s the name of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s baby!) unless your zip code is 90210. Otherwise, you and your baby – who will eventually grow up – are probably getting the “side eye and a snicker” every time they’re at the dentist office, pharmacy, going for their driver’s exam or just that everyday humiliation for 12 years straight as the teacher calls for attendance.

I know that ‘we’ can get really creative when it comes to names at times. And it’s for the same reason that I’m jealous of the celebrity kids’ names. I’m so glad to see these old names have re-surfaced – Emma, Olivia, Maxwell, Anna etc. I should have jumped on that bandwagon, because even though I named my first-born a Swahili name that means mighty and strong, his last name is Olde English in origin!! So guess what? I’m guilty as charged.

Personally, I don’t even fancy my own first name because it was never used in my home by my family or my friends. Also because it’s super-original (to put it nicely), but most of all because it’s too often mispronounced. I’m a 70’s baby…what can I say? So, when you have the opportunity to save a life or rather a life of humiliation for a child that you care about, step in and talk to the parents about the consequences down the road. It could mean the resume’ will be the first to review or the first in the shredder.

What do you think about giving your child a “unique” name?

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31 WordPress comments on “Beyonce’, Blue Ivy and the Baby Name Game

  1. Pranati

    I personally LOVE odd names….well now that I’m an adult. As a child not do much! I actually didn’t start using the correct pronunciation of my name until I became an adult….I also didnt research the meaning until adulthood as well. Yet I do like my nickname, to which only family & very close friends call me. As I am a child of a unique…& against the grain name, my children will have distinctive names.

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      I love unique names, too, Pranati. That’s why I named my kids the way I did! If its challenging or different, its all about embracing your name, owning it and rocking out! Your name is beautiful, by the way.

  2. Kim

    I think any parent should be able to name their kid whatever they want. I am not a fan of the old names u mentioned for black children because they don’t always represent our heritage, history, culture, or where we are moving toward in the future. Not to knock anyone who prefers names of European origin, but I don’t think those should be held up as the ideal. I also don’t believe we should be playing into, and thus, perpetuating, the fact that racism is alive in well in the example of hiring managers shredding resumes based on obviously ethnic or otherwise unusual names. We should be fighting against that by refusing to let that dictate what we name our children.

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      First of all, you’re blessed with an easy name. Secondly, I agree with with you on several points, Kim. We’re entitled to our own opinions. One thing I don’t agree with you on is that the “Old” names I mentioned don’t “represent our heritage, history, culture or where we’re moving toward in the future.” One of those “old” names is my daughter’s name whose named after my Grandmother. So, in my case it actually is my heritage…as far as I can trace it for now. And I like my children to have powerful/beautiful meanings behind their names, so I’m 3 for 3 in that area. And third, (if you care to exchange after this comment) How is acknowledging racism as a truth “playing into it” or “perpetuating” it? Anyone who says they can’t see color is telling an untruth. When you see a list of names that say Xi Hoang, Avi Schneiderman, Prasad Patel, and LoVon’mquishania Jenkins do you not think HR will categorize by default before they even get to body of the resume’? Several hiring professionals don’t want to work hard on your name alone during the initial screening process. A sad truth. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Gee Renee

    I too LOVE unique names, but they MUST be names full with Purpose, Power and Potential. All parents want their children to be different or unique in their own special ways, and this is one of the main reason for the rise in “odd names”. But its unfortunately how many parents are doing a lot more harm than good, by not realizing that what they name their child identifies who that child is, and what he/she can potentially become.

    I personally do not like old fashion names…I don’t understand with all of the beautiful positive names that are available, why would a parent name a child born in the 90’s or 2000’s Ann, Anna, Mary, Martha, Elisabeth, Agnes Agatha, Michael, Thomas, Robert, or John……But that just me!

    I’m putting the finishing touches on my Unique Baby Name Book. My purpose for writing this book is to help parent choose names that prophesy a truth of who they would desire their child to be. My book will include cool-sounding, positive meaning and purpose driven names from around the world. Prayerfully, it’ll help put an end to, influential parents like Beyonce and Jay Z having to name a child Blue Ivy.

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      Gee Renee! Hurry with that book! I can’t wait to pick it up…sounds great! As I replied in the previous comment, one of the “old” names is near and dear to me because its my way of paying homage to my Grandmother and the meaning behind it. But, if you have no ties to the names, they could be blah! But we all have differences in opinions when it comes to names, which is why my last baby’s name was a secret until birth…Didn’t want to hear opinions about it before she got here.

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  5. Teems

    Beyonce still received criticism for the name but I guess we just assume that Blue has nothing to worry about since she is “set for life”. Choosing a name was so hard for me. I hate to think that my child could be discriminated though a piece of paper but since there is a chance, I was a little more cautious.

  6. Jborange

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with parents giving their children unique,creative names as long as the names contain words that are actually in the English language,or other written languages,which the above mentioned names do.What I can’t stand is those ghetto,made up names some parents give to their children,because as you mentioned, they have to put those names on attendance sheets and resumes as they get older.

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      Jborange, we are on the same page…the made up names are what I’m trying to campaign against. If you want to name your child Apple, Rumor, or Seven..rock out! At least we can PRONOUNCE it!

  7. no comment

    Blue Ivy sounds like a drink or stripper name but she is a cutie pie all the same.

    Kourt K just named her baby girl Penelope Scotland I don’t care for Penelope but I think Scotland is a cute play on Scott. I also love the name Lourdes.

  8. AJ

    Hey Chica,

    Personally I like names that have meaning. My first born was named after his father and I have to admit it was not my first choice. However we need to pick our battles. For my second born, I threw up the bows and when I found out I was expecting a girl, I knew it was going to be a name beginning with M and she was expected in December so Noelle was already the middle name. The Hindu origin of Maya means illusion and the Hebrew origin means spring or brook. My meaning for her is my “little flower” which correlates with her personality. When I want to get her attention I say “Maya Noelle”. When I heard “Blue Ivy” my first thought was trademark and clothing line with her parents building an empire is a 24/7/365 job.

    So proud I know you IRL…….XOXOXO Congrats again

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      I have a very sweet cousin named Noelle! Love that name. It goes with a lot of first names. If it weren’t already snagged by my cousin, I probably would have used it. Trademarking was done by the Knowles/Carter team well before Little Miss Blue Ivy made her debut. Protecting the empire…Gotta love it! Thanks for the comment!

  9. Nikki

    This is interesting….When they first reported the name, I think people said that it was ‘Ivy Blue’ which I thought was wonderful…then it was corrected, and I thought…well, the Mom has an original name…there weren’t any ‘Beyonce’s’ at my school, and I am a child of the 70’s too!

    I agree with you, Kesha and Joe might not be able to pull off naming their daughter Sailor….but here’s a thought…maybe ‘Sailor’ will rise up to the name, and it would be Great! She could wear the name with pride and take on the ‘energy’ of the name…!
    It’s kind of like Stone Phillips…have you seen him without the suit and hair? He looks like his name should be Jim….it’s as if someone said one day,”Hmmm, his name is Stone…let’s MAKE him look like the name…!” And there you go….

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      OK, Nikki. You made me literally LOL. Stone Phillips AKA Jim! I love it and Yes! He really does look like a Jim. I believe that when put to the test, one can rise above anything – especially a name!

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      Meh……I kinda want Bey to stick with the lace fronts and leave the box braids for Solange. But they’re always beautiful no matter what they do! They’ve added another beauty to the mix!

  10. safiya'smommy

    It is so interesting to read this article, after listening to a local radio personality talk about being floored after finding out that someone named their baby ABcDe’, ( AB-sa-day) (no joke)she literally had me in stitches. Then the lady writes the host saying she in offended by the comments and now publicity her son received because of the banter.
    I dont think persons realise the ramifications that a name has on a child. They often do not think of what that child can become, and how the name they give them can affect their entire aura.
    I believe that a child ridiculed for their name, begins to breed hate and anger, whether towards his parents or those you taunt him.

    I named my daughter Safiya, which carries the meaning “pure, untroubled and best friend) all because, she was a twin, (i lost her sister at 6 months, carried both fetuses until my daughter decided she was ready to enter the world, healthy and unscathed, and we both left the hospital together the day after delivery, even though she was born 5 weeks early).

    It is often mispronounced, but she is swift and respectful to correct those who dont know it.

    Your article was on point.

  11. Regina

    Wonderful topic! I’ve always found the subject of names to be fascinating. My mom named me after my dad “Reginald”. She said she would have given me his middle name to, but it never dawned on her that “Lee” could be a girls name.. so she gave me the middle name “Lynn”. Turns out that name was perfect. I discovered Regina means “Queen” and Lynn means “beautiful waterfall” (that’s the sweet version) “babbling brook” is the other.. my friends would probably say that considering how much I can talk “Queen Babbling Brook” suits me perfectly! LOL!

  12. Kim M

    I have to admit I work in human resources in corporate America and I see a lot I names that come across my desk. Unique is one thing but as parents we must understand that in corporate America doesn’t think unique. When I am doing a phone interview and I do not know how to pronounce a name I’m left using te last name and asking tr person to pronounce his or her first name. Some people come off offended by that but I just don’t want to say the wrong thing. My peers on the other hand don’t give it a chance Peggy can be a high scho graduate with little education an La’Quita has a degree in accounting I’m sad to say that most would look at Peggy’s resume first it isn’t right but that is the society that I encounter

  13. Regina Marie

    Considering that the Color “blue ” can represent the heavens of the sky or the the endless depths of the mighty seas it is a beautiful name. I am like the author of this piece ans I am more concerned with the meaning of a name. I am “Queen Mary” Marie is the French name of Mary; in some original translations it means bitter but most recently it means blessed or beloved due to Mary being chosen as the mother of Christ. Parents should consider carefully what names they give their children. We are made in God’s image and when we name something it is a powerful thing that will tag them for the rest of their days!

  14. Aja Dorsey Jackson

    My dad, a musician, named me “Aja” after his favorite album ( although the name also means “the unborn” or “goat-lol,” but it isn’t a made up word). Yes its unique and sometimes people don’t say it right, but I have had far more positive experiences than negative because of it. In interviews it is often a conversation starter and people, especially those who like Steely Dan, always remember me. I am so glad they named me what they named me instead of “Jessica” which was the other option. Not that there is anything wrong with that or any other traditional name, but at the same time, who are we to decide what name is or isn’t meaningful to someone.

    On another note, is it just me or is baby Blue the biggest 6-month-old ever?!

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      LOL! She’s huge! But I always have HUGE babies that make people wonder why they aren’t walking. Ummm…its because she’s only 6 months! As I stated earlier. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Nobody, I mean, nobody will ever have something that is liked by everyone. We were made to be different with differences in opinions. Aja was on my baby name list by the way. We would pronounce is AH’-zha.

  15. Felecia

    My daughter’s name is Olivia and I LOVE IT and always have. I knew she would be named Olivia when I was 5 years old. She’s not named after anyone, but I love the meaning of her name, and the shortened version of her name “Liv” speaks LIFE as well 🙂

  16. @yo_q_crush

    Names should hold a meaning to you, and thats where I have a problem with the dequavenays or the Female’ (fah-mal-e) of the word… What do people think when they come up with names. My parents named me Quinne and even as an adult I have quirky issues about the name because regardless of how many times i tell someone my name, they spell it (quinn) or say it differently (ive been called quincy, quinton)
    That is part of the reason why when me and my wife have children I want to give them a name that will not have same issues with.

    We already have preleminary names
    Isaiah Christopher or Landon Benjamin (my dad middle name) and if its a girl Harper Victoria (because my middle name is vincent) My wife wants to name the girl Quinn because her mom essentially named her after her dad Toni but its hard enough with one quinne two will be a handful

  17. Anonymous

    That’s how my name (Aja) is prononuced! Ah-zha 🙂
    People always pronounce it Asia & ask me about the Steely Dan album. There are other meanings in Yoruban & Hindi that don’t mean goat but my mom always said heavenly child & I have NO idea where she got that from.

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Aja Dorsey Jackson wrote 207 articles on this blog.

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