VIDEO: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare – Very Disturbing Video From a Mississippi Day Care

BY: - 23 Jul '12 | On the Web

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My mom always brags that on my first day of kindergarten, I was the only kid telling my parents to go home instead of begging them to take me back home. That was because I had been “going to school” since I was 6 weeks old. I was in the care of my neighbor, who ran a daycare and a preschool, from the time I was just a little over one month old until the time I was 4. She was always comfortable with Mrs. Jenkins because she had gone to school with her kids growing up. My mom knew I was always safe when she dropped me off. But unfortunately, not all parents have that luxury.

In Vicksburg, Mississippi, Kiddie City Child Care has been the center of a lot of controversy lately. Surveillance video shows a 9-year-old boy downright terrorizing toddlers who attended the day care. In the video, the boy was seen choking, punching, and kicking little girls under 3 years old. Many times during the instances, day care staff members were either nowhere to be found, or simply inattentive.

One parent took matters into his own hands. After observing his 1-year-old daughter come home with injuries for a week, including a busted lip and bite marks on her cheek he took action. The angry dad wanted answers that the workers couldn’t give, and slapped a boy who he thought was responsible. The dad had the wrong boy and was charged with simple assault.

One of the Kiddie City Day Care workers, Sandra Trevillion, was arrested and charged with two counts of contributing to the neglect of minors.

The biggest reason why this is such a controversy is because these attacks were caught on camera. With these children being so young, you can imagine that they won’t be able to tell their parents if something happened to them. Even with older children, some may be afraid to speak up if someone was hurting or bothering them while they were at school. It makes you consider, how much do you really know about what happens to your children when they are at school.

Are teachers and staff alert and aware about what’s going on? Are there other children or students that are bothering your child? Can you really trust who’s running these centers? How informed are you in regards to the things happening at your child’s school? – Jackson, MS

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72 WordPress comments on “VIDEO: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare – Very Disturbing Video From a Mississippi Day Care

  1. angela

    THIS is why!!! this is absolutly INSANE! thsi si why i kept my kids close to me because i know how some teachers can get out of hand but NEVER other kids. this hurts me deep.

    1. Anisa

      This so sad and very disturbing, I am sure they knew what was going on. How could they not with the damage he was doing. They all should be held responsible. That his why there should be more than one cargiver in the room. WORD DOES NOT DISCRIBE HOW DISTURBING THIS VEDIO IS

      1. Jimmy

        Sad isn’t it. Of course they had to know what was going on. The footage is from there own surveillance tapes. All they had to do is play back the tapes when they noticed bruises to figure out what was going on. Instead they neglected to do so, and decided to down play the whole situation.

        1. Ms. Thomas

          @Jimmy sooo true!!! as a former Director of daycare centers I am outraged!!!!!! there is no way on earth I would ever allow that to happen. That’s a reflection on the director also….All of them should be arrested!!!! who knows what trype of brain damage those precious babies could have. The 9 year old didnt just wake up and say I want to be this angry and hurt children….someone did it to him and that’s all he knows…The whole family needs help…I have no doubt I would be in jail today if that was my baby that was being abused!!!!!

    2. chris

      Who are the parents of that freak of nature? I don’t care that he is nine. The parents of that child and the daycare workers deserve a public lynching!! The nine yr old needs to be locked up for life in a boys home to take the same treatment. It is because of freaks like this is why parents do home schooling.

  2. Dr. Reginia; The Social Mistress

    It is very troubling to see things like this. The 9 year old shouldn’t have been allow to rump in the same room with the infants. The center is completely neglectful and should be shut down. The 9 year old is clearly troubled and needs intensive treatment as well as his parents.

  3. Dianne M. Daniels

    I don’t often say things like this, but I’d beat the cowboy crap out of that little fu**er! And then, I’m taking the rest of my anger out on those “workers” who turned their heads while this was happening. How on EARTH do you not put facts together? Whenever this child was around, children would be crying and injured…even if you don’t SEE him do it, you can extrapolate from the facts – child was NOT crying before he came around, child is crying after he gets near them. DUH FREAKIN’ DUH! That boy needs a good old-fashioned a** whipping and THEN some therapy…but the a** whipping FIRST! He knew what he was doing was wrong – that’s why he waited until no one was watching before abusing those babies…SMH

    1. Ms. P

      I didn’t watch any of the video because I didn’t want to become any angrier than I already am just reading this and looking at stills.

      You took the words RIGHT out my mouth! I often struggle with issues like this…because I, too, would want to beat the CRAP out of that kid (…and his parents…and the so-called “childcare workers”)!! But, you know something is deeply wrong with him to be abusing other children at such a young age himself. He’s see or experienced this stuff, too.

    2. tawanda

      it would be very hard for me not to give that little boy a beat down for hitting my child with a follow up beat down for the parent. I mean, i literally just went into “mama bear” mode because that could be my child. Why is this 9 year old in this class anyway?

    3. Tara

      girl this video has me so mad…I’m right there with you! I would beat the hell out that child see how he like it and if his momma had a problem I beat her ratchet ass down too!

  4. Deborah Stinson-Carver

    The aunt had the audacity to say this is a normal child, this is a dangerous child and a murderer in the making, I refuse to let my daughter’s babies sit in a daycare, I will keep them myself..seeing this video flares up a rage for the daycare provider, the child, the mom and the child’s family, I would have to pray if it was my child or my grand babies I saw getting beat up and punched around like this..

    1. Angel

      There is nothing normal about this child. He needs to be placed in treatment because he has been in a violent and dysfunctional environment where he has nothing but distruction that lies waiting for him. If he is doing these violent acts now, just think of what he will do without help. Either he is witnessing abuse or being abused. I pray to God that he has NO siblings younger than him. Something has to take place regarding this matter. This is sick. Where is the structure in the daycare, kids running around doing nothing while the teachers are doing God knows what! Lord Jesus!!!!!!!! This is hurtful to even watch!

      1. Carol

        The even sadder part of this is that his family is rejecting the reality that this boy has problems AND I am positive he got the living hell beat out of him when he got home. Violence is a learned behavior. This boy is being abused at home. It doesn’t in anyway justify or defend his actions, but the adults are to blame here. If children’s services did not show up to this boy’s home and if they don’t currently have him under observation, than it is the grown ups (once again) who are failing each and every one of these children.

  5. Jennifer H

    Why is a 9 yr old even in the same area with 1 yr olds??? The father should’ve slapped the day care workers as they did nothing while these babies were attacked! It’s apparent after listening to the 9 yr old’s aunt as she casually says “He bad, but he don’t usually beat up on babies” o_O So you acknowledge he attacks other kids, why the hell do you even have him around children period if you know he has issues???

  6. Polo D

    I am soo sick of the new rage of saying a kid is bad but they on medication!! When has applying sum discipline and sum good ol fashion not sparing the rod and family love been taken out the picture? But that nine year old is showing signs of something thats looks a lot more disturbing!!!! Glad it wasnt my grandchild!!!! I wouldnt have hit that nine year old. but i may have accidentally chest bumped a few of those workers!!!! IJS!!!!!!!!!

  7. Notisme2012

    My question… is this a family run daycare? If so, these kind of daycare centers will always have issues like this arise. Most of the time it’s the adults, but really surprising to see a 9 year old doing this. The parents of these children need to file assault charges against the 9 year old. He need some kind of punishment for his severe violent behavior to these small children. It was really heart hurting to see this video while thinking of my own children could be going through this.

    1. Ms. Char

      This is not a center ran from a home….It is a DAY CARE CENTER…please don’t paint every daycare center or Family Daycare Home with the same paintbrush. First off…this center was run wrong from the jumpstreet….Why are children not engaged….they are in walkers( which are banned from being used in daycare) Older children just sitting in the hall….babies just sitting in the hall and daycare workers just milling around….Now had things been on the up and up all would have been engaged in some type of age appropriate activity….engaged children aren’t getting in trouble…..Why does a parent have contact with any other child besides his or her own child? Parents aren’t allow to have any contact with children other than their own….That is grounds for closing down that facility. But I don’t know the state laws for Mississippi concerning daycare but they cannot be this bad then again they can. Final note, you can tell if a child is happy regardless if he/she is verbal or not….if your child is crying every time he/she is dropped off….and it isn’t a new care situation…probably not a conductive place for learning and fun….if your child comes home hurt everyday and there is no medical condition that causes the child to fall whenever walking….probably not a good place to play….if your child is sick every other week….probably not a clean place….your child don’t have to say a word….his/her behavior will speak volumes!

      1. Renea

        I agree… But my child would only come home once with any issues…..that say a lot about the parents that continued sending their babies back without a reasonable explanation. Also, that little boy would have been messed up, just like he did those kids. I would have seen if he liked the same treatment… I’m ole school, I’ll fight a kid too…. If you’re big enough to pass a lick, then you’re big enough to receive it back. Lord bless those children..but their parents needs to be beat as well.

  8. AS82

    I’m so deeply saddened by this video. Sad that these children were harmed but even sadder just imagining what the little boy must be witnessing at home make him think this is ok, domestic violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, etc. I pray someone intervenes, as much as I too would want to ring his neck, he needs more than a butt whooping. I hope to God he doesn’t have any siblings because I’m sure they are getting much worse.

  9. Sheree

    I can’t bring myself to even watch the video!!!!!! The still shot is enough! This is unnerving and just plain ridiculous…we all want to blame someone. It’s human nature. In this instance, I blame the day care workers for allowing this to happen by not doing their job! Like I said, I didn’t and can’t watch this. His foot in the air is more then enough for me! I don’t blame the dad for wanting to react to what happened to his baby. But we all know that two wrongs don’t equal right. Wow. You go to work after dropping off your baby thinking that they are safe and you have to deal with nonsense!

  10. Heather

    The police need to charge that child..that is horrible. I would hope that child services is involved as well. This is just uncalled for. Don’t be surprised if other parents file charges on that child and parent. I know I would! Not all daycares are bad and as a have the right to see your child at the daycare anytime. Make those visits parents!!!

    1. Anonymous

      I agree. he clearly knew what he was doing. This is a damn nut case. He would kill those kids if he was left alone with them for a longer period of time. Did you see how hard he punched that child? He even bit one on the neck. He is a damn animal.

  11. Laconya Willis

    This child and his parent should be held responsible and also the staff at this childcare facility because first and foremost this child should not be allowed to be in the class with theses infants and toddlers. I worked at a daycare and the state is required to issue some kind of repremand for this. It makes you want to keep your kids at home with you, this little boy needs a beatdown and everything he did to these kids should happen to him, what if he woild have hurt one of these babies so bad they would have died, the workers in that center are lazy and need to be fired.

  12. Mishie

    So The Made a statement that he does fight little kids not babies and he takes meds… What No one was seeing that he Knows how to hide when the adults turn there head.. He is smarter then u think he is ……

  13. Danielle

    This happened to me when my daughter was five, only she was hit and pushed by the daycare employee, and she didnt tell me for two weeks b.c. she was scared. One of the other women who work up there finally told me but, the owner didn’t and she tried to apologize after I found out. I ursed her out and told me she should have told me when it happened, I felt like they were trying to hide it from me. The wrath they felt was far worse than them not telling me. Words dont describe the pain I felt when I learned what happened. I was so angry I was in a rage, I went up to the daycare and ended up having a fight with the lady. But it didnt end there, I called the police and the sheriff came, I also contacted child protective services and they launched a full investigation, I also contacted the state office in Austin, Tx that regulates all daycares in the state. I made sure the lady got charged and has a record where she cannot deal with children anymore. When the daycare got investigated, eventually they got closed down. As a single parent, I had to do what I had to do but, and at the time it was just me and her. I dont abuse my child and no one else ever will. This brings back so many painful memories. It hurts bad when your child is attacked like this and you cant do nothing about it but there are other adults around who could have done something, anything, somethin to stop him. It brings tears to my eyes b.c I experienced this and i wanted answers and I wanted to know why my child was being hit. Those innocent children, that shit aint right. I know that lady that hit my child will never put her hands on another child again and someone needs to do something about this boy so he cant hit on other little kids again.

  14. Ben

    Left to their own devices, children will be wicked monsters, capable of unspeakable cruelty and brutality out of no sense of consequences. But in this case, it’s obviously a generation of vipers in the making. A teacher once said, “The way I see it, school is a place to send your kids until they’re old enough for prison.”

  15. Sahanais

    The Aunt said of the 9yr old boy “he’s just a regular child”. I think not. Maybe he was abused in the home. She also said that he takes medication. I personally do not like daycare for infants. There were no day-cares for infants in the 60’s and 70’s. Women need to start making a nest for their babies before they are born, like maybe get married before they become pregnant. Get a good man who will work his ass off before he lets his wife work after she has given birth.

    Babies experience separation anxiety and so does the mother. I have been on both sides of my statement. At work missing my 5 month old, breast swelled with milk. Not natural for mother or baby to be separated like that. This world is coming to an end and too many children are not being raised right. I could rant and rant. But children need love not medication. And women need the right to choose! Chose wisely who you reproduce and lay down with. I’m tired of women saying how low down a man is and have babies by the same man. Wake up women we are worth so much more.

    1. Gina Ughiovhe

      Many women have careers these days.! We cant compare the two. Just because we may send our children to daycare does not mean we are not doing our jobs as parent Ms Perfect! Shame on you!

  16. Jasmine

    I guess would have been arrested too but not for hitting a child. All child care facilities are suppose to have record any injuries that take place while your child is there. In my mind, “you don’t have a record of it or know what happened because one of yall grown a** did this to my baby.” Not knowing what happened is unacceptable. The first time they said they didn’t know I would have called the police after i got in someone’s
    a** about it.

  17. Sherrell

    Check his back yard! I bet there are some buried animals there. This child is clearly disturbed ! He could have seriously injured some of those children. To be so young and have such hate is scary. The aunt has the nerve to say “yeah he bad, he take medicine every day but he just a normal child”. Woman you are not normal. Check out this whole family please.

  18. Felisa

    This 9 year old should not have been in the same room or around those younger children. They should be separated by age. And I definitely understand the anger of the father but he just got the wrong boy. And he should not been able to go in and approach another child. What is going on with this daycare.

    1. sds420ss

      They interviewed the grandfather too. He had the nerve to say that his grandson was innocent because his grandson said that the babies provoked him and they didn’t stop. Negro please. The baby is 2 years old, and the mental case child is 9 years old.Shame on that man for even having the nerve to say that as an excuse for his grandson’s behavior.Clearly by looking at the tape you can tell that’s a lie, that is if his grandson even really told him that. Plus, the grandfather looked like he was a fucking crackhead or a drunk or both. Just from looking at the tape of the child’s behavior at the daycare, plus the interview that was given to the aunt and the grandfather, I’d say this child clearly comes from a really low class ghetto ass background complete with unfit parents, unfit grandparents and just unfit people around him in general. Everything about this child and the people around just seems fucked up. I really want to know why the parents haven’t done at least one interview. I wanna hear what lame ass excuse they have. They could hide their faces just like the stupid ass aunt did. But I still wanna hear what they have to say about it.

  19. Heather Gezella

    This makes me feel horrible for the little girls parents, why was a nine year old boy in the same area as little kids. I work at a Day care center and Per the state kids under 2 cant be in goups with older kids or with more than 8 kids there own age. Please dont think this is how day cares are, this could happen at any day care but if you son or daughter came home with bite marks or marks and the day care doesnt know what happened, you should call the state and they will investage, I cant believe no one has said anything to the state earlier.

    1. Louise Kavadlo

      I have an Associates Degree and Bachelor’s Degree. I studied Early childhood Education. I worked in five Family/Group Day Care centers from 1997-2006. I adore this work; however, I’ve had to make out accident/incident reports when a child got injured or bitten by another child. I have Asperger’s syndrome, a neurological disability. I have trouble multi-tasking. I’ve seen accidents occur as soon as my back was turned! I blamed other people (staff members) for not covering for me. I cannot be left alone with children for this reason. Now I want to go for my Masters Degree so I can become certified. I need to work in a setting that has Liability Insurance to protect me against a lawsuit and arrest. I’m in a circle of anger! I want to do this work, but in a safe setting! I’ve seen toddlers fight over toys, bite each other, kick each other no matter how vigilant I was. I believe in professional training for child care workers, Training in Mandated Reporting of suspected child abuse, First-Aid/CPR, providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum,. I believe that the government should provide funding for more Educationally-focused child care programs for the poorest communities.

  20. TLC

    This day care is run by untrained workers trying to make money. Every Day Care is not as poorly run as this. Many children do benefit from quality run and well maintained environments. The children did not seem engaged in anything productive at all. Children should be separated by age group and have more that one worker per room. Not to mention that the boy doing these things must come from an abusive household. I would have this day care shut down and have the family of the boy pay for medical bills that seem to be required for being checked out after being pushed, kicked, shaken and choked. What is the educational background and level of training of the workers in this facility and how much does it cost? All are not cut out to work with children. The State should have been called along with the police. This boy is headed down the wrong path for sure unless an intervention is made. Act now. Prayers for all of the kids safety and well being.

  21. Shaka

    This is more than just “troubling” and if any piece of trash, ghetto nine year old kid EVER, EVER beat my child like that, I promise you it would be the LAST kid he ever beat!!!! That.Is.A.Fact! And if anyone in his family had something to say about, I’d take care of them as well….He could have easily given brain or internal damage to that tiny little child. Omg, I can’t even think about it!!! I can not believe that people are not more outraged, I could hardly even watch the video. The entire daycare should be shut down. He needs to be committed and never let out, he will just grow up to kill someone, there is no hope for a kid that is so far gone that he could intentionally beat a small child that severely and seemingly take pleasure in it. As I said, for anyone who thinks what the father did was wrong….be VEEERRRY thankful that wasn’t one of my daughters, I tell you what!! That little boy would be in the hospital right now…

  22. Stephen

    First of all, that 9-year-old boy should step in a most dangerous area if he is acting all tough against little toddlers. He would not last 3 seconds and he is suppose to be in grade school and not no day care. Which brings me to the parent(s) who spoil that boy. They are the root of the problem why he acts like that and they need to get their body parts broken. As for that fat daycare worker, hope her damn ass gets fired along with her being charged because that was just some dumb responsibility. She knew what’s going on and she allowed that to happen. I’m here with tears coming out of my eyes watching those poor toddlers getting attacked like that. Trust me. Anyhow that was my child and I catch anybody attacking my child, their time would be up!! I can NOT blame the father for being upset. Charges against him should be dropped and should be put on the boys parent(s). Keep the charges against the worker because she is only there for money and nothing else. Kiddie City Day Care has a problem for real and it’s not the center itself. It’s the people who are making it into a bad reputation.

    1. Anonymous

      Charges against the father should be dropped? Are you serious?! HE HIT THE WRONG CHILD. He did the same thing to someone else’s child that was done to his. Except, rather than a 9 year old boy doing the abuse… it was a GROWN MAN. A grown man hit an infant, and you suggest the charges against him should be dropped because you understand his anger? Of course his anger is understandable, his actions are as unforgivable as that little boys.

  23. erica

    Unfortunately I know a child like the 9yr old. Most parents especially in the Black community do not to accept mental illness and delay treatment. Ignoring the illness of course will only make matters worse as he gets older (for example the Colorado movie shooter). This is all around a sad sad storyfor everyone involved.

  24. YaYa

    It is disturbing to see a 9 year old child doing this to small children. I do not feel that the worker should be the only one penalized. I believe that day care workers are under paid and not properly trained. I suggest that the day care creates ages appropriate groups and not allow older children to play with the babies. One thing that is apparently clear is the little bot is mentally challenged and fits the psychological profile of a battered child and this is only the start for him unfortunately. I believe in this society we live in where care is not attainable for minority children with mental health issues fall by the way side. I am so thankful no children died from his abuse and I hope they will not remember it as well. May GOD bless that little boy and heal him.

  25. J Rose

    Thats the way serial killers start. First abusing small animals then they move on to children smaller than they are. Look at Jeffery Daumer. That little boy needs therapy because apparently he has been abused at one point. It would take Jesus to keep me from putting my hands on him, had that been my child he was about to body kick from behind.

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  27. Gina Ughiovhe

    The family needs to get that child some help. The aunt stated that he was bad and takes meds but is a normal child! Are they blind!?! That boy needs a good old fashion butt whoopin! Many parents are at fault for their childrens behaviors, they only do what they can get away with! This is coming from an elementary school teacher.

  28. Lindy

    I am totally disgusted by what I saw in this video. That nine year old boy is a demented animal. What was he doing in child care anyway? He is nine!! Why wasn’t he is school, or did he get kicked out of there? He KNEW what he was doing. How else do you account for the fact that he kept checking the coast was clear of adults FIRST before he consistently attacked that poor baby girl? He is wicked. Very strong discipline needs to be applied to him – he is already a child abuser and I forsee long spells in jail for that boy. His aunt clearly has no understanding of what a ‘normal’ child is. It is typical of people like this to excuse behaviour because they are too lazy to do anything about it, and are possibly engaged in perverse behaviour themselves. That entire family needs to come under heavy scrutiny from the social services as there is something very wrong within that family unit.

  29. Jimmy

    I had to watch the video after I saw the pictures. I would have done the exact same thing the dad did. Went in nursery beat the crap out of the owner and so called workers then found the little boy and repeated the same acts of violence he did to those babies. This boy knew exactly what he was doing, there is nothing wrong with him, his aunt will say this to keep him out of trouble. The boy should not have even been in the daycare, whether it is a home daycare or not his a** is to old to be there with those children. The parents of the those kids should have their child physically checked, he may have done something to them out of camera range. (ALL I NEED IS 5 MINUTES WITH THAT KID) that’s all I need.

  30. CarolLynn

    It amazes me that people that are supposed to be in care of children, are oblivious to this going on in their daycare. I would find it hard to imagine that they don’t know that the older child is a trouble maker tormenting the younger ones, It seems that they either don’t care or they should be shut down themselves for lack of supervision. Awful.

  31. Tawana Smith

    I am a daycare professional and this disturbs me greatly. The nine year old child is not at fault. The fault lies with the parents and the daycare workers. The daycare workers should have never allowed that nine year old to be in the same room as infants and toddlers. Licensing is supposed to address the age group and numbers that are allowed in childcare facilities. The daycare workers were probably just ignoring the child. They were probably allowing him to discipline other children. The daycare workers were probably busy cleaning and completing the duties that are required to be finished before closing time at 6:00PM. The video tape showed that the little boy was beating up on the others around 5:15PM. This is the time of day when the daycare center “regroups” the kids so they can start sending staff home. The kids are rounded up into one room at the very end of the day and you have a big mixed age group with one or two daycare teachers watching over them. The center director did not staff her center properly and she sure doesn’t seem to have qualified staffers working in her center. The center should lose their license over this infraction.

  32. Tawana Smith

    It saddens me that some of the adults who are posting their comments are saying that they would beat the nine year old boy if they had an opportunity to do so. Violence does not solve anything. Adults who beat children raise children who grow up to be adults who beat children. The cycle of violence is never broken. The child should be punished, but not with a beating. The parents need to get their child to the doctor for evaluation. He probably has a really crumby home life and his parents may not know what to do for their child. Punishment is not the same as corporal punishment. There are many ways that an adult can reach this troubled child. There are many ways in which he can be taught. Hitting him isn’t going to solve his behavior problems. I believe in Positive Guidance and there are ways to punish him without resorting to violent actions.

    1. roberta franklin

      Girl please. I would beat the hell out of that animal. This boy is sick and headed to prison. He took pleasure in hitting these babies. He knew what he was doing because he did it whenever the workers were not looking. I d o agree that I am sure the workers knew he was a problem child and should have watched him more closely, but he needs his ass kicked bad. This is horrible.

  33. Tawana Smith

    Another thing: Did you notice how sneaky the nine year old was when he was going around hitting the little kids. Super control-freak parents are quite often really strict and controlling with their young children. They want to do all the thinking for the children instead of teaching the children to think for themselves. Sometimes their effort to be strict and controlling really backfires and the kid rebels. The rebellious kids learn to be really sneaky so they do all the “bad things” their parents don’t approve of and they feel successful when they can sneak in a swat or a pop at anotheer child. This child clearly needs some professional help and he may have to be removed from home and placed in foster care. This is so very sad. The daycare worker that was interviewed seems to not have anything more than a 7th grade education. No wonder many people think that daycare workers are idiots, it’s because daycare center directors are notorious for hiring idiots to staff their centers. It’s absolutely pitiful!

  34. Stephen

    I saw this video last night and cried seeing those little babies getting attacked by that little 9-year-old punk. The father of one of those girls had every right to confront. The real dummy was the daycare worker for ignoring the situation that was going on. Also…the boy’s parent(s) seems that they are the root of the problem. As for his aunt who was getting interviewed was making stupid excuses for that boy. That boy think he is tough, put him in an area where he can prove he’s a bad man. He won’t last regardless. As for that Kiddie City Daycare……I say it’s not the center that is bad, it’s the people who works there just to get paid and not give a damn about their responsibilities.

  35. Jacqueline Silva

    Thank goodness I never had to put my children in day care! To see this type of abuse and the adults not even caring as to what is going on in there is totally insane!!! I hope the child is okay and as for the older child that did this I hope he is getting some much needed psychiatric help!

  36. gg

    There are no excuses, just because a job is miniman wages or just above. When a person is hire to do a job, they are aware of the pay and responsibilities that come with a job. Parents no what type of spirit they child have. What I’m saying the the child care was nelgent and the parent was careless not to alert the center of the issue the child has. All involved are responsible and should pay a steep penality

  37. Suzy

    OMG…that video is disgusting. I do hope something was done with that 9yr old kid and his parents does something about it before its too late. Its heart breaking to see people or other kids being abused esp a child that is toooo young to say anything to anyone. UGGHHH …The adults that are in that school, WHERE THE HECK WERE THEY. All daycares should have more than one workers. We TRUST these people to care for our children when we are not around and for them not to do their job….HORRIBLE. I pray to god the kids that were injured are ok and that the 9yr old kid gets help ASAP. As a mother of two young girls, I would have done the same thing as what the father did seeing that your child coming home with bruises.

  38. father

    fawking kneegrow scum. that little piece of human garbage and its father and mother should be publicly lynched. no mercy for this type of behvior

    1. ANT

      “fawking kneegrow scum?” “Publicly lynched?” What are you some kind of dam racist? What the boy did makes me incredibly angry. But how would you look a grown ass man beating or “lynching” a nine year old boy. My first reaction would be to beat him too, but I am an adult and I have to think and act as an adult. That boy obviously gets beat and abused on a regular basis or has serious mental issues. He needs immediate help. Blame and punish the adults to the full extent of the law, they are the ones responsible, they are the ones that are old enough to know better. Pray for the babies affected by this that they wont be traumatized by it, and you my friend, this makes us all mad but choose your words wisely next time. Lynching is something that will never happen in this country again. Makes me wonder about you.

  39. Ashley

    This is such a horrible tragedy and is the manifestation of so many issues. If we lived in a country that actually mandated PAID maternity leave so women of all economic classes and marital statuses could have REAL options with regard to early child care, and if we required all people to be paid an actual living wage, people who choose to or need to use daycare for their young children could have time to actually research the places and not just go for the cheapest one that has an opening because you can only afford to take 2 weeks of unpaid FMLA leave and still make rent, kids could have a better chance of being in a QUALITY daycare situation (they do exist, and some can even be better than the child’s home in many ways (hot meals, attention, education)).

    The boy is obviously either the victim or witness of regular abuse, note the violent abuse followed by insincere comforting afterward. But he is also a predator, he knew right from wrong which is why he tried to hide the abuse. He obviously need a lot of things, medicine, therapy, and an ass beating not being the least of them.

    He also should not have been in the room with the small children as many have said. I don’t fully question why a child that age was there,as many day cares offer summer programs or after school care for older kids, and if he had a sibling there parents might want them together, but they are not mixed in with the babies that I have seen.

    It is just such a blessing that none of those babies were killed by that boy. If he kicked that girl in the chest instead of the back he could have punctured a lung or bruised her heart or something and she could be dead. Or when he was slamming the baby’s head into the walker, or anything else, could have hit the wrong thing and killed her, or when he was choking babies, or punching babies repeatedly in the face, and who knows what else he did in areas where the cameras did not see. Do not get it twisted, this is a predator. Lots of abused or mentally ill kids do not do this, and lots of kids with no major issues do do this. Some kids just have it in them to hurt others and they will, and some just don’t have it in them. This one does. He can be treated, but that may or may not change his behavior.

    I don’t agree with the dad hitting the kid, although that is what most parents, myself included, would want to do. But I do agree that swift and immediate action needed to be taken, and the boy permanently removed from the center, and the center under immediate investigation by the regulating body or immediately shut down like they do nasty restaurants. Then lawsuits and a notation on the records of all the workers involved so they don’t ever again get to stand by idly and watch other people’s children be abused while they get paid for it.

    This is just such a sad story and just brings to the forefront the vulnerability of small children, even older than these, which is why predatory people so often target them both in and outside the home. So sad. When will we as a society, and a Black society, reestablish the understanding of the value of human life in our kids? This is so sad. And unnecessary

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  41. Diane

    How can you get on tv and said that he is bad, but he is a normal child. This little boy is going to grow up to be a killer of women. Just look at how he tries to pretend he is their friend then attacks them. He needs to be put in jail and get counseling g right away!!!! I mean how can the workers be in the same room with this child and not notices, and why is he in a room with a bunch of infants anyway. They should have him with kids his own age.

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