Five Fun [FREE] Things for Couples To Do on a Budget

BY: - 21 Aug '12 | Marriage

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Recently one of my readers asked for ideas on how to keep her marriage fun and exciting on a budget, especially without a babysitter. This is a reality for lots of married couples today. Several ideas came to mind. To be honest, I have only tried a few of them, but I’m looking forward to them all. Here are 5 FREE, romantic and fun ideas for couples to do when the kiddies are home:

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  • Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.

    Love ’em! Thanks for sharing. I just posted on my site today something I learned from Aja to have consistent dates (at least twice per month). These free fun ideas can fill in the other 2 times each month and my wife and I should have enough ideas and plans to date weekly. :)

  • Sheree

    Thanks Jackie! I’m all about the free stuff! Especially when there’s no sitter!

  • Lamar Tyler

    Great list Sheree!

    • Sheree

      Thanks Lamar!

  • Ronnie_BMWK

    Lamar and I are always playing words for friends..does that count :-). But I like these ideas…especially the foot rub!!!

    • Sheree

      Yup! LOL As long as you’re doing something TOGETHER, it counts. I just love a competitive couple…Its so cute!

  • Jada – Kay

    Here’s an oldie but goodie; take some food out the cupboard and make some sandwches and go on a picnic. Another one is taking a bubble bath together.

  • samelia

    i love all the ideas. another good one is dancing for your mate or cooking together and feeding each other :)

  • Keeley @ My Life on a Plate

    We do the photo booth idea all the time! Some of our funniest photos live on our iPhones.

    Now that we have a 7 week old baby I’d like to start taking evening walks to relax the baby before bedtime. It should be easier now that the weather is cooling down.