What Sacrifices Are You Willing to Make for Your Children?

BY: - 16 Aug '12 | Parenting

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I spent this past weekend with my youngest daughter and her Girl Scout Troup on a camping trip. My previous experience with camping occurred nearly 25 years ago, and because I was a little more adventurous back then, I enjoyed myself. But now that I am fearful of almost every 4-legged creature there is, the idea of camping isn’t at all appealing. Everything about it, insects, sleeping arrangements, no real technology access, communal showers and darkness are all bummers to me.

This same camping trip was offered to us last year, as well. Although my daughter was anxious to attend, I had a scheduling conflict, and we were unable to join the troop. Seeing her disappointed broke my heart. As a result, I knew this year I would have to rearrange my schedule and put my selfish reasons aside for my little girl. Of course as a parent, I could have made the final decision that worked in my favor, (which I honestly considered) but that wouldn’t have been fair. I am sure other parents feel like me. My child’s happiness is more important than my minor inconveniences.

I sucked it up. I prepared myself and faced the bugs as well as nature. Even when my daughter and one of the other Girl Scouts wanted to sit in the extreme darkness to share stories, I stood there (scared we would all be eaten) holding the flashlight. When there was word of a meteor shower happening the last night we were there, I stood again in the dark and cold with her gazing at the stars. Although camping wasn’t something I really wanted to do, I couldn’t have been happier with my decision to go.  It was all worth it to witness the look of joy on her face, plus I actually had a really good time. I would go through that  same experience again and again, if it would generate the same reaction.

To me, mine was one of the smaller sacrifices we sometimes make as parents. There are other parents who’ve had to make extreme sacrifices for the sake of their children. I think of my own mom, who would go without just so we could have. Whether a parent is funding their child’s dreams or largely supporting them in another capacity, parents have to do what we have to do for our children. Our love for them knows no limits. The moment we bring a child into this world, it is no longer about us. Our primary goal becomes providing that child with everything needed to be happy, healthy and successful. The sooner a parent recognizes that truth the better job they will do overall.

BMWK, what sacrifices have you made for your children?


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  • Stephanie

    I really enjoyed reading this article. My son has dealt with some of the circumstances that our family has faced and we don’t have a lot of extra but what we lack in one area I try to make up for in another .
    He was recently invited to go to Europe the cost of the trip was over $4,000.
    Which I did not have and did not know where it was coming from but I told him if he wanted to go we would have to make lots of sacrifices . We prayed and asked for God’s will and the lord provided every step of the way . I remind him all of the te of the sacrifices that were made by family,friends and loved ones who helped to make this trip possible . I believe that he realizes that when people believe in you and what you are trying to do they will go above and beyond the call of regular duty for you . It is not only minor inconviences but major adjustment to your life to consider someone else happiness above yours. This is what parents do , it is not always buying children something but allowing them to see opportunities of unselfish acts on your part. Especially when they know that this is not your area of expertise ( camping , bugs, long away trips with out you) this is how we can show real sacrificial love to them . The same kind we would want others to show to us.

    • http://www.lifeediting.com Tiya

      Thank you Stephanie, I just love your comment. You’re right sacrificing comes along with this territory. Great story about your son and Europe. I hope he enjoyed himself.

  • Erinn

    When my daughter was little, I could only afford a one bedroom apartment. I gave the bedroom to her, and I slept on a pull out sofa for 5 years. I now have my own spacious bedroom where we live, but she remembers those days, and brags about how she never knew we were “poor” and how amazing and fun her bedroom was. :)

    • http://www.lifeediting.com Tiya


      That is awesome! And I bet you didn’t even think twice about making that sacrifice.