7 Reasons Why Busy Moms Love the Box Tops for Education Program

BY: - 21 Sep '12 | Parenting

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We’re just about 6 weeks into the school year here in Georgia and I have a confession to make: I’m already overwhelmed! I am a working wife and mom of 4 kids: one son that is 19 and 3 girls that are 10, 6, and 4. (Yes, I am dealing with college and Pre-K. Pray for me.)

Since school has started, I have been inundated with papers that include: multiple fundraisers to sell candy and popcorn, skate night fundraisers, ice cream social fundraisers, fast food night fundraisers, pizza night fundraisers, school pictures, and school spirit wear orders.

And while I want to do everything that I can to support the kids’ schools, I am not able to psychically or financially support all of the activities and fundraisers that come our way. But believe it or not, there was one fundraiser that I was glad to have the family participate in: supporting the our school’s Box Tops for Education goals.

Participating in the Box Tops for Education school fundraiser was a no brain-er for this busy mom because the program:

  • aligns with our goals to spend more quality time with the family – We have cut back on the number of extra-curricular activities in order to create more family bonding time with the kids. I love that adding this fundraiser does not takeaway from this objective.
  • is easy to implement – Clipping Box Tops is as easy as 1-2-3. Even our 4 year old participates.
  • get’s the entire family involved – Our family is very competitive, even with clipping Box Tops. And believe it or not, Dad has become our biggest Box Tops enthusiast. He can’t even wait until we’ve used the products to clip off the Box Tops. As we are taking the groceries out of the bags, he’s clipping the box tops. Yes, our pantry has packages with holes in them on the shelves.
  • provides a variety of options – I love the fact there are hundreds of participating products in the program. Today, I clipped Box Tops coupons off of an empty trash bags box, a croissants container, and a yogurt package. You’ll find that you will not have to change any of your purchasing habits because so many brands are participating.
  • alleviates some of my mommy guilt – As a working mom, I don’t volunteer as much as I would like to at the school. So, clipping Box Tops gives me one more opportunity to help out at my child’s school
  • provides money for much needed projects at the school – Last year, the Box Tops funds were applied to the construction of the outdoor classroom which will be used to expose the kids to environmental stewardship.
  • is great for grandparents – My parents can not say no to my kids. They participate in every fundraiser that my kids have. But they are retired and are on a fixed income. So, I love the fact that they can clip Box Tops from products that they already have in their pantry and send them to our kids, without spending extra money.

The Box Tops for education program has helped America’s schools earn over $475 Million towards their educational goals. And, I love the fact that this program makes it easy for busy moms and families like mine to participate in helping our school earn money.

 BMWK – If you had the ability to help your child’s school earn thousand’s of dollars by doing something that you already do, would you? Leave us a comment below to let us know if you are already clipping box tops for your child’s school.  Or, if you plan to start. We would love to know how many people are participating!


Disclosure: Lamar and I are paid spokesbloggers for the Box Tops For Education program. We will be providing information and stories throughout the school year in hopes of encouraging our community to take advantage of the millions of dollars that are being given to schools across the country each year. All opinions expressed are our very own.




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