Chicago Teacher’s Strike Finally Over: Students Go Back to School

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teachers strike

Summer vacation is over, for real this time, for students in Chicago, Illinois. The Chicago Teacher Union voted Tuesday to end the strike, which will lead to a contract that will guarantee them a double-digit salary increase over the next three years that includes a raise for the cost of living. The raise isn’t the number they were seeking, which was 30%, but the teachers are satisfied and so are the parents.

During the strike, many parents of Chicago youth had to improvise for child care, as their children had no place to go while schools were closed. Some community organizations opened their doors, but many students were left either unattended or parents had to take off work to supervise their children during hours they’re usually in school.

Many students are excited to get back to school and see their friends and their teachers again. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is also relieved as he was able to give the teachers smaller raises than they were asking without stretching the already tight budget for the city.

This strike went on for 7 days, which is 12 days shorter of the than the last strike in 1987, which was over teachers pay and the length of the school year. While this isn’t the first strike in the Chicago school district’s history, parents and teachers both hope it’s the last.

BMWK – I’m glad the students and teachers are back to school.  One of the biggest issues in this strike was  evaluations and job security? Should teachers be rated on their job performance (i.e  test scores?)


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