How Do You Teach Your Kids That Anything is Possible?

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This week my family and I were lucky enough to be given four free (front row) tickets to the Chicago Sky WNBA basketball game. I immediately thought this would be something fun for us to do as well as different because we don’t attend very many sporting events together. But I underestimated the impact it would have on my children. See, my husband and I have two daughters who we make sure to constantly challenge on the importance of pursuing their dreams and thinking outside the box. We encourage them to live outside the lines and not allow anyone to define what they can and can’t do or have. Watching the Chicago Sky women’s basketball team play ball the way they did (and win the game, sorry Washington Mystics) was confirmation.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the game, the majority of my satisfaction came in watching my girls get so hyped about professional women basketball players. Our youngest daughter was standing, shouting and rooting for the team. What a beautiful experience for young girls to witness. From the players to the referees to the coaches, the entire game was run by women. Following the game I asked my girls how they felt about the experience and my oldest daughter expressed how much fun it was but that it didn’t feel any different. Basketball is basketball in her mind, whether it’s men or women. She did remind me that for a brief moment she played a little basketball herself.

My youngest daughter also loved the game and seeing women in action, but she has always been a girl who never accepted the idea that certain things were for boys and other things were for girls. As a soccer player she was a star among a team full of boys. I also remember one incident when this same daughter was hanging out with a relative and, while in a toy store, asked for a ball shooter which that relative refused to purchase because they thought it was for boys. My daughter immediately told our relative that it was unfair and there aren’t any toys that girls can’t play with. My daughter has continued to stand by that belief. One Christmas she even asked for (and received) a train set, which she played with faithfully.

I love that my girls are confident and know that whatever it is they want is within their reach. I will continue to push them and provide more real life examples of all that’s possible. Go Chicago Sky!

BMWK – how are challenging your children to pursue their dreams? How do you get them to think out of the box.



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