Must See TV…”Save My Son!”

BY: - 17 Sep '12 | On the Web

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Reality TV is more popular than ever and with the negative, demeaning portrayals of African Americans on a variety of networks. TV One is offering viewers a totally different option. TV One has a new look and a new mission.

The newest addition to TV One’s fall lineup is a reality show that focuses on rebuilding African American families one son at a time. Save My Son  follows educator and trained social worker Dr. Steve Perry as he works with/fights along with families to save young black men who have fallen thru the cracks.

In the premiere episode, Dr. Perry goes straight to the root of the issue, doesn’t sugar coat it and identifies the creators of the problems”...”usually everyone in the room.” Dr. Perry also offers parenting tips and advice along the way. The one piece of advice that it embedded in my mind “adults often have unresolved issues that keep them from being effective parents. Parents should/need to seek counseling for personal growth, put each other first and children second!” Celebrity mentors will help Dr. Perry get the young men on the right track. Mentors include former NBA star Jalen Rose, American Idol winner Ruben Stoddard and author, comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey. Inspirational life coach Iyanla Vanzant also makes guest appearances to help the families. I think the show is great and has an awesome mission. We might learn something while watching that will help us save a loved one.

I firmly believe that only we can tell our stories and tell them well. TV One is on its way to becoming the premiere destination for our stories. “Save My Son” debuts on TV One Wednesday September 26th @ 9/8c. This is reality TV worth watching. Don’t miss it! For more information please visit

Do you agree BMWK family that adults have unresolved issues that keep them from being effective parents?


By Kirstin N. Fuller


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  • The Travelin Diva (Kirstin)

    I am going to watch every episode. This is the kind of reality TV we need to watch.

  • Samuel Garcia

    The show was great.

  • Deborah

    I love this show, powerful! In my Hood Newark, NJ. Brother its a lot of work that need to be done in Newark. These folks (parents, grandparents, churches, and mosques) have their heads buried in the sand. Denial Denial Denial is the name of the game in this town. Parents refuse to look into there own backyard, but this mother did. Now that’s a MOTHER’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remove the sand and unleash the truth. Keep up the good work, it’s about time. TVone on top.

  • Tina

    Very touching!!! Felt like I was looking in the mirror and wish he could save my son :'( very happy for all the young men he is saving! Bless all these people and their families! Thank you to all of you ; angels sent in the nick of time !


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