A Bible Specifically for Black Women

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Photo Credit: Cohdra

Photo Credit: Cohdra

On January 1, 2013, African American women will have a bible of their very own. Christian publisher Thomas Nelson  brings forth  The Sisters in Faith Holy Bible:  Encouraging  and Empowering African-American Women with God’s Truth, “giving a black perspective on understanding the bible to those who seek it.”

The executive editors of the book, Michele Clark Jenkin and Stephanie Perry Moore, are co-founders of “Sisters in Faith”, which creates biblical products for black women.

Jenkins was quoted on Black Blue Dog:

“African-American women have a different history and a different presence from any other demographic,” said Jenkins. “Their history is characterized by strength in the face of instability; making a-way out of no-way and self-definition in the face of a lost identity. A substantial number of African-American women are working mothers and oftentimes single mothers. Most are looking to cut a new path. The Sisters in Faith Bible is designed to speak directly to the specific needs of this group of women.”

The Bible features modern features, like devotionals, notes referring to scriptures to answer life questions, creative articles from the perspective of women in the Bible. You can also expect the authorized King James Version of the text, center-column references, and concordance. The focus of this version of the bible will be aspects of life important to black women: God, family, others, self, and career.

BMWK – let us know your thoughts.  Do you agree there is a need for a Bible for African American women?


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  • Niambi

    In my opinion I don’t like all of these new versions of the bible because it waters it down and some even delete scriptures that are found in the King James Version. I think when you begin to put race in it, it takes away from Jesus’ message in which he loves all regardless of what race you are. On another note it bothers me when people talk about the “black church”. There is no such thing as the black church, only a church that may be filled with predominantly african american people in it. The church of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is open to all and loves all no matter what race you are. It is us as human beings that finds ways to divide ourselves. I feel that while we should value our ethnicities and embrace them, the bible and the church (that follows after Jesus Christ) is nondiscrimatory when it comes to race and should remain that way.

    • bridgette

      @Niambi, well said. this is not as simple as revising the Wizard of Oz to the Wiz or the new version of Steel Magnolias. the Bible is something sacred that shares undeniable power to anyone who seeks it. as Black women we do have a life, history and story that is unlike any other racial group, however, i don’t believe that having a racially specific Bible is the answer. there are a zillion spirit filled, self help, reflection, inspirational/devotional books that tell us how awesome, amazing, blessed and phenomenal we are, and those books would be a great addition to the word of God. “God, family, others, self and career” are not only concerns of Black women but of all people…men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.

    • Anonymous

      You’re brain washed… brought up to fight-off intelligent curiosity and afraid to investigate long held, assumption.

  • Anna

    I agree with Bridgette and Niambi. I can understand a devotional book that correlates with the Holy Bible, but a version of the Holy Word is not only unnecessary, but against his commandment.
    A direct translation is difficult to understand, but even only changing a word or two may change the whole connotation of the entire passage.

    • Anonymous

      We would know more about the women Apostles if “HIS commandments” were not tainted by the hands of men with earthly hangups to impose.

  • GWEN


  • veronics mccoy

    technically this wont be the first “The New Women of Color Study Bible” was published in 2006 and there is a “Man of Color” version as well.

  • RC

    I think it’s a wonderful idea. It doesn’t seem as though the authors are trying to change God’s Word but making an effort to relate the Word to African American women by including devotions and references that relate directly to our challenges.

    It’s no different than following this blog.

  • Kim Banks

    I am happy to get information that is target to help the African American family and woman. Our challenges are not the same and we do not have the unlimited opportinies as other women.

    We have to face so many obstacles such as unemployment issues, racial discrimination, crime and an a lack of positive role representation in the media.

    We work, hard every second fighting for basic rights. African American devotional Keep it coming!

    Because, I can not change my eyes to blue and hair to blond. God created me in his image as well.

  • Sammy

    Bibles, like the one described above, have the SAME text as any other bible (within translations). The difference is the encouraging words, stories from black women, and other bits of info that would be appealing to black women.

    I’ve seen bibles for boys, girls, teens, football players, moms, dads, and those recovering from addiction. Nothing is wrong with it. And it certainly does not separate us any further that we are already separated.

    I believe that if this encourages someone to pick up a bible and read it, it benefits the Kingdom.