The Intersection of Grace and Grief: How Grieving for My Husband Is a Daily Struggle

BY: - 22 Oct '12 | Marriage

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During a business meeting today in regards to my husband’s recent death, I was stunned by the comment that a stranger directed at me. Through eyes glistening with tears, she said, “My heart aches for you and I’m so moved by your grace during this difficult time. It’s obvious that you are sad and grieving, but your composure is amazing.” Hmmm. I’ve heard a variation of this a few times over the last 26 days from family and friends, but hearing it from a stranger gave me pause. I can hear my husband’s voice in my ear, as if he were still lying beside me in our bed. “Girl, you’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. You don’t see it, but everybody else does.” Ironically, one of MrTDJ’s favorite Whitney Houston songs was, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”. That’s one of the songs that has been on repeat over the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster that seems surreal and dizzying most days, but I suppose my internal struggles aren’t visible to the world. I feel as if my heart has been shattered into a trillion pieces and there’s no such repair kit available. I’ve always heard the term that everyone grieves differently, and now I actually understand what that means. As the minutes, hours, days and weeks begin to pass, the loss of my life partner has actually gotten harder. Since I’m an event planner by trade, my brain outvoted my heart and I put on my business hat to make it through the moments and days right after his death. I’ve not really allowed my deepest emotions to show because it’s been easier to focus on the “to do” actions.

Our love was strong, flaws and all. There are moments when I simply crave the perfect imperfections of my life prior to June 9. Allow me a few minutes to talk about my dear MrTDJ. Often in death, the deceased is unintentionally canonized into a model of perfection. Um, no. Not gonna happen here. No one walking this earth lives as such and I don’t seek any such illusions for my husband. My statement isn’t meant to color him in a negative light, rather to say that he was as imperfect a creature as any of us.

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43 WordPress comments on “The Intersection of Grace and Grief: How Grieving for My Husband Is a Daily Struggle

  1. Niambi

    I’m so sorry for your loss. May God give you strength and comfort during this time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story and family with us. God bless you.

  2. Jacqulyne

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony on the journey of life and love. May God bless and comfort you and your family during this most difficult time. May God be pleased with the life of your dear husband. May He bless you to fill the seemingly empty moments with great memories. May He bless you to endure and overcome knowing that God is always with you.

  3. Monique

    Mrs.TDJ, your story filled my heart. I send my most earnest prayers to you.I pray that God will give you comfort for your heart,and peace in your mind.Thank you for Your courage in sharing your story. It reminds me how precious every moment is.Im sending you all my sister love.

  4. Kimberly

    loved ur blog.,loved ur heart and ur willingness to share it with us. I’m from Virginia fact, we were football “rivals” – west Potomac!! Keep ur faith and keep loving God!!

  5. Mrs.B

    Your words reeled me and tears abound both for sadness for your loss & joy that two people shared such amazing journey….Your story brought laughter and smiles but the underlying messages were many. Such as love like there is no tomorrow, encourage each other to grow beyond their imagination & laugh through it all…lt was as though I knew you both and witnessed your love. What an encouraging story to love without limits….Many prayers to you and your loved ones…be well.

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  7. Sunny

    It made me tear up the first time I read her story, and again just now. MrsTDJ is truly a beautiful person and a fabulous writer. I am continuing to pray for her strength.

  8. Quiana

    Stopping by to re-read this again from your blog. This is such a beautiful piece and I am so glad we were able to meet in person. I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. Your story is an important one to share for the BMWK family.

  9. Des @StressFreeBaby

    I love your story of love and send you hugs and strength. I personally believe when people we love die they become like little angels on our shoulders, whispering to us bits of wisdom and encouragement the rest of our lives…and sometimes tripping the people who are mean to us along the way. 🙂

  10. Seamona Stewart

    Hello your post is both inspiring and touching. You and I are walking a similar walk I lost both my husband and my 4 year old son on June 19th 2012 in a fire . I know the pain you speak of in all the words you wrote ring true to me everyday. My husband I also got together while young we would have celebrated 20 years together in December 2012. Now I find myself 9 months pregnant with our second child, and longing for my husband and my son daily. Like you I’m determined to hold my head high and to keep moving forward. My gentle giant would have expected nothing less

    1. MrsTDJ

      Sending you the tightest, most genuine and heartfelt hug that I can muster. If you’d ever like an ear to listen to your words, screams or cries, please let me know. Although we are strangers, the unity that such a tragedy evokes is universal and our pain is unique.

  11. Kenya

    Thank You for sharing your story. You are truly an inspiration! Please continue sharing your story and you will continue to touch and change lives/marriages. May God bless you and your beautiful little boy!!

  12. Mrs. Jones

    My heart goes out to you for your loss. I competely understand when you truly love someone and then lose them, it’s a unspeakable pain, but God will give you the strength to keep going for you and your child, stay strong and in constant prayer.

  13. Margarita Henry

    I took a few minutes this morning to read your story, and it was a sad and at the same time inspiring. You are a true demonstration of God’s strength in your weakest season. May God continue to bless you as you walk out a life journey without your partner. He is with you ALWAYS!!!

    This journey has forever changed your life, but will also change many going through similar loss. God bless you and your son!!!!

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Am I The Only Husband Who Missed Sweetest Day…Again!

BY: - 23 Oct '12 | Home

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Photo Credit: Kalilo

For the husbands who didn’t realize they missed Sweetest Day, it was this past Saturday, October 20th.  As the title of this post says, I missed it too…again!  I have been married for 11 years, and I have to confess (shamefully) that I have never remembered Sweetest Day.  Before you all go jumping on me, and calling me the bad husband, let me present my “case.”

No Google, No Go!

When I am looking for information, all things Google is my go-to source.  I can search for Sweetest Day and find something written about it, but it is not listed in my Google calendar.  Now, if Google does not have it listed as a holiday, what does that mean?  I’m just sayin!

A Hallmark Holiday

A Hallmark Holiday is typically referred to describe “a holiday that is perceived to exist primarily for commercial purposes, rather than to commemorate a traditionally significant event.”  That is according to Wikipedia.  Made up day for money…hmm.

Even with that statement, this blog post says that even Hallmark doesn’t list it as one of it’s holiday choices on the actual day.  No Google, no Hallmark…hmm.

Legitimate Reason Excuse

So, Sweetest Day is not in my Google Calendar.  When in the store I do not even see a Sweetest Day section while walking through passing by the greeting card aisle.  There are no Sweetest Day sales going on that I’m aware of.

So how am I to know it is Sweetest Day?  No wonder I have yet to remember it in 11 years!  Nobody, I mean nobody is helping me to remember!

Playing It Cool Doesn’t Work

I typically “realize” I missed Sweetest Day when my wife says, “Happy Sweetest Day babe” or when she indirectly refers to it.  Sometimes that is her mentioning what somebody said on Facebook about their gift.   This is usually about half-way through the day.  After she has given me plenty of time to figure it out, and do something about it.

My response?  Although I have a legit reason excuse for forgetting, I play cool, and do say too much.  Why?  I have no idea!  I might as well just break down and apologize.

Fortunately, I have a special wife who is so forgiving of her man.  But I know, I know she is disappointed that I missed it again!  Pray for me y’all!

I’m No Dummy!

Yes, I have an “alibi”.  Yes, my wife is very, very forgiving.  But I am no dummy!  Well, it least after 11 years I am no dummy!  I know it disappoints her when I miss it, and it would make her day if I remembered.  Probably even more so, after going zero out of 11.

Sweetest Day is now in my calendar.  Manually added to my calendar, regardless if Google does it or not.  Next year, I will get a reminder, and I will not miss it.

For “Forgetful” Husbands Like Me

For the other husbands who have missed this wonderful day like I have, Sweetest Day is the third Saturday of October…every year!  Next year it is October 19th, all day.  If you need more dates than that, there for a link that lists every Sweetest Day for the next 10 years.  Do not miss it!

For My Wife

This is my public apology and plea for forgiveness.  I will not forget anymore.  It is in my calendar!  Now, you know me and good gift ideas, so please show me some grace with my Sweetest Day gift.  😉  And thank you for being so forgiving of your work-in-progress husband.  Love ya!

BMWK Family:  What are your thoughts on Sweetest Day?  Is it a legit holiday to be celebrated, similar to Valentine’s or your anniversary?  What have you or your spouse done for Sweetest Day?  (I need some suggestions)

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