Election 2012: The Good News about Long Lines

BY: - 6 Nov '12 | Home

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Voting Lines

We stand in line on Black Friday to purchase flat screen televisions and new computers.

We stand in line at Disney World just to see our kids beam with glee and create life-long memories.

We stand in line for concerts eager to get our groove on.

We stand in line for a myriad of reasons, and today, we stand in line to vote. It’s refreshing to see lines of voters stretching around city blocks. I know it’s inconvenient to wait for hours, to stand in the cold or rain, to keep your children occupied, and to possibly even miss work. . . just to vote. But the longer the lines the better. It’s true, local governments can do a better job extending polling hours and establishing more polling locations. On the positive side, however, long lines mean we are waking up.

Long lines mean we aren’t interested in handouts; we want an America that works for everybody.

Long lines mean we are willing to be inconvenienced and uncomfortable for a greater cause.

Long lines mean we haven’t taken for granted the sacrifices our ancestors made for us.

Long lines mean we do more than spend our money on material items and entertainment. In fact, we donate to political campaigns. We volunteer in our communities. We teach our kids to work hard and to be respectful. We continue to sacrifice for our country in the military. And, yes, we stand in long lines to vote.

So, don’t give up today. Stand your ground and remember this too shall pass. But the results of the election today will have an impact for generations to come.

BMWK, what has your experience been like at the polls?


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  • Vik

    We had a very positive experience even though we ended up at the polls 2 hours earlier than they opened. LOL! I pray that my daughters will remember their experiences voting with Mommy.