Parents Worry, But Aren’t Aiding in Child’s Online Privacy

BY: - 21 Nov '12 | On the Web

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Many parents remain concerned about the safety of their children while using social media sites, so why aren’t more of them helping to set up privacy settings?

A recent report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project showed that while 72 percent of the 802 surveyed parents felt concern about their children interacting with strangers online and 70 percent feared their children’s online habits could affect their future, only 39 percent of teen’s parents helped them set up their privacy settings.

Even further into the study, it was found that age, race and class helped determine the use of privacy settings. Half of younger teens had help from parents, white parents are twice as likely to set up privacy settings compared to black parents and high-income families are more likely to set them up.

These differences remain despite the fact that 82 percent of parents under 40 have social media accounts. Read the entire article on TIME’s website.

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