The Problem With Being Natural! 4 Ways to Deal With Natural Hair Nazis

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I love being able to jump in the shower, run a couple of miles or sit out in the sun without worrying about my hair ‘shrinking up’ and ‘ruining my style’. You see my hair (in it’s natural state) is curly, kinky and fabulous! Four years ago, I made a decision to go natural. I was tired of my hair ‘breaking off’ and not growing; so I decided to be drastic- I stopped getting relaxers. The majority of my family and friends thought I was crazy- they even tried to persuade me to wear my hair straight so that I could look ‘professional’. Needless to say,  I showed them…..When in a year’s time, not only did I have a new job, but my hair was longer than theirs!

So with all of the great things that I’ve gotten to experience because my hair is natural, there are still things that make me want to ‘fly off the handle’.  Mainly,  natural hair Nazis that try to tell me what I have to do to be natural. Before I go any further, let me tell you exactly what a natural hair Nazi is.

Natural Hair Nazi- (n)- a person who wears their hair natural and attempts to tell others what other naturals can/cannot do with their hair. They routinely go on social media and question if someone is really natural.

You see, occasionally I wear my hair straight. According to the natural hair Nazis, this is a violation of the rules of wearing your hair natural. Occasionally, I get color in my hair. According to the natural hair Nazis, this is a violation. I’m here today to tell every person who wears their hair natural, but who attempts to put perimeters on what defines being a natural,  that they need to take a seat.

That’s right. Sit down and be quiet. Being natural is just what the word means- a person without a relaxer (chemicals) in their hair. Women don’t have to wear their hair in an afro to be natural. Women can wear their hair straight and be considered natural. Women can get their hair braided, and wear weaves, and still be natural. Being natural is not a club that requires a membership that can be revoked by these card toting mean girls.

So what do you do if you’re experiencing natural hair Nazis in your journey to transition to being natural?

Follow these four steps to regain your sanity and deal with these ‘dream killers’.

  1.  Stop defending why you’re natural.
  2.  Be happy with the decision that you’ve made.
  3. Understand that not everyone will be supportive.
  4. Tell these Nazis to take a seat.

In the end, being natural was a decision that I am so glad I made. It may be difficult (at times) but my hair has thanked me by growing double it’s length.

BMWK – Have you experienced the Natural Hair Nazis?  What do you say to a person that questions why you are natural or how you are taking care of your hair?  If you are not natural, have the Natural Hair Nazis tried to make you feel bad too?

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3 WordPress comments on “The Problem With Being Natural! 4 Ways to Deal With Natural Hair Nazis

  1. Shawanda

    I’ve seen harsh criticisms from the natural nazis about women who aren’t natural (still uses relaxers). I’m one of those women, and feel it’s insensitive and unfair to be so critical of women who’ve chosen to continue the use of relaxers. We’ve been called brainwashed, addicted to crack (creamy crack, that is) and ashamed of our hertiage as Black women, which is totally absurd. On the flip side, I’ve also seen relaxed hair nazis, who belittle and ridicule women who’ve chosen to go natural. They’ve criticized their looks, questioned their attractiveness, and blatantly expressed that woman’s ability to get a good job or a good man because they’d look too “ethnic”. Because it’s a personal choice, and we all should do what works for us, we should respect each other’s decisions. We shouldn’t even allow ourselves to go down the road of questioning why a woman makes the decision to either use relaxers or go natural. Whatever that woman’s choice is, stop right there, leave it at that, and move on. Beauty comes in many forms; each of us and all of us are beautiful – that’s what we should focus on and celebrate.

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