Travel Tuesday: What are The Best Days to Fly?

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The holidays are coming and everyone is looking for ways to save money while planning the family holiday vacation. When it comes to booking airfare and flights, we are taught that the best days to fly and save on airfare are usually Thursdays and Sundays. Airlines will not tell you this but there are actually four days that are the best cost effective days to fly.

The first-best day to fly is Thanksgiving Day. You’re thinking that it’s the busiest day of the holiday travel season which is true but it is one of the best days to travel because airfare rates go back down to pre-holiday rates. The next best day to fly is December 18th which is the last day before the Christmas week rate hikes go into full effect.

There are two non-holiday days that are also great days to fly. If you are dreaming of a European vacation, March 20th should be your departure date. That’s the day before flights to Europe jump in price by 20%! Our fourth-best day to fly is June 3rd. June 3rd is the absolute best day to book great prices on flights from the west coast to Singapore on Singapore Airlines new airbus.

If you haven’t booked a holiday flight and you can be flexible with your travel dates, consider booking a flight on Thanksgiving Day or December 18th. If you are planning a spring break or summer vacation, please consider March 20th or June 3rd. It’s always better to be in the know before you go. If you can’t travel on these days, remember to shop around for the best deals on flights. Visit sites like,, and and you’ll be sure to find the best available prices on flights to your favorite destinations.

Happy Holiday Travels!

By The Travelin Diva (Kirstin N. Fuller)

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  • Kirstin (The Travelin Diva)

    Don’t know if I would want to fly on an actual holiday, but its good to know that the cheapest days to fly. :-)