Black Teen Scores Perfect Score on SAT

BY: - 20 Dec '12 | On the Web

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Cameron Clarke_Perfect Score on SAT

So often, we read about teens falling behind in school, race gaps in academics and the like. This student, however, has beat the odds by scoring a perfect SAT score.

Early on, Cameron Clarke’s parents knew he was gifted; at age 4, he scored 151 on an IQ test. Since then, they’ve worked to support and encourage that gift. The Germantown Academy senior took practice tests and a prep course with friends prior to the exam. It was his second time taking it that earned him a perfect score of 2400 after a notable 2190 on the first one.

“You can screw up or mess up on the smallest of things,” he said. “And I just feel like on that particular day, I was focused and I got kind of lucky, I guess, that I didn’t make any mistakes.”

Clarke, who admits he second-guessed and changed about 30 of his earlier answers in the last five minutes of testing, is recognized as one of 360 students nationwide who received a perfect score this year. To add, he is an accomplished cellist, tutor and senator in his school’s student government among other achievements. His dream college is Princeton.

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BMWK–Who are some notable young people you’ve read about or know of personally? What do you think drives the younger generation to do well?

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3 WordPress comments on “Black Teen Scores Perfect Score on SAT

  1. Jermaine Lucas

    All that I can say is that I am very proud of this young man. His achievement is absolutely commendable. Far too often we hear of youngsters who are falling prey to the dispicable activities that is so prevalent in so many of our communities, Yet, this eighteen year old was able to defy the odds and score the highest score possible on a college entrance examination and illustrate the fact that you can do anything that you set forth to do if you put forth a most concerted and assiduous effort. Keep up the good work Cameron. I am soooo proud of you!!!

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