Bulletproof Backpack Sales Rise After Newtown Tragedy

BY: - 24 Dec '12 | On the Web

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Following the tragic events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT last week, discussions of gun control and mental health have been on the rise. Additionally, parents are looking to make sure their kids are safe in school. One solution that has gained controversial attention: bulletproof backpacks.

Two companies, BulletBlocker and Amendment II, have seen a heavy increase in demand for bulletproof backpacks for children in the past week. Amendment II, who primarily makes armor for the military, just started manufacturing backpacks six months ago, but went from selling 15 to 20 backpacks a week to 50 to 100 per day in the past week.

Unable to keep up with the fast pace of orders, Amendment II posted a message indicating so on its website as well as informing its audience that it will donate a portion of its sales to the families of Sandy Hook victims.

“We never wanted to be in the spotlight for kids’ body armor,” Amendment II co-owner and sales director, Derek Williams, said. “There’s a criticism that we’re capitalizing on the tragedy. That isn’t true.”

However, people like Kenneth Trump, a school security consultant, believe that sales like these distract parents from concerns such as an up-to-date safety plan in school and how trained teachers are. He points out that students don’t carry their backpacks for most of the day.

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BMWK– What are your thoughts on bulletproof backpacks? Are they worth the investment or are companies profiting off of parents’ fear?


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