Growing Up Old School – 7 Differences between My Kids’ Childhood and Mine

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Just recently, while making lunch for my young daughter, I realized that we were out of hot dog buns. I told her to use a piece of sliced bread and she looked at me like I had two heads. I laughed because it took me a minute to realize that this baby of mine has lived a sheltered life with hot dog buns, endless cable TV channels,  and at least two family vacations a year.  Basically, she was living like a real-life princess! Its not just her. Like a lot of kids these days, they are spoiled and sheltered.

Although, my life is in suburbia now, I wouldn’t trade my upbringing and exposure to the ‘hood for anything in this world. It prepared me facets of life.  And even though my kids get a taste of it when we visit, they could never really imagine how my young life could be so vastly  different from theirs. Not only are their lives so different than mine, it was just a different time back then. As with every generation, there are just some things that my kids won’t get and will never understand.

Here are a 7 differences between my kids’ childhood and mine:

1. My kids have never had the old school delicacy of all little children far and wide - Beanie Weenies.

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They need some...they really do! That meal in a bowl was chock full of some good protein. Speaking of "weenies", my kids have never had any canned meat ever! I'm talking Spam, Vienna sausage, etc. That's a very humbling experience to pull back the aluminum top of can and commence to eating meat. Ok, now that I think about it, I'm okay with my kids not having this.

BMWK – Do you feel like kids today are missing out? What are some of your fondest childhood memories?

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Sheree is a wife and WAHM of three who passionately blogs about marriage, family, health tips and more as Smart & Sassy Mom. Sheree is committed to helping blended families and keeping marriages strong, healthy, fun and SPICY!


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16 WordPress comments on “Growing Up Old School – 7 Differences between My Kids’ Childhood and Mine

  1. Cheryl

    LOL! I love your trek down memory lane. I would add that at my littlest daughters age, I was sent on errands to the store (she is 4). I distinctly remember going to the store for my mom to buy Pampers for my sister. Crossed the street by myself, counted the change. I don’t even allow her to play outside without me being right there.

  2. Tynia

    i work from home and my kids were home with me this summer. One day I told them they HAD to play outside for at least an hour. We have a water hose on each side if our house. My daughter asked what they should do if they wanted something to drink. I suggested the water hose and told them they could even take their pick as to which hose they chose. She looked at me, apparently mortified and asked “will it kill us, why can’t we have real water”…times and children are definitely different 😉

  3. Brandi

    It was cool growing up when I did, but I appreciate that kids today have a lot more at their fingertips. It shows in the way we have kids excelling at things a lot earlier in life. It’s so fun to look a the differences, though! Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

  4. Candice

    Yes!! This was well written. I especially loved the mixed tapes!! It’s funny because we try to keep those same experiences in our household but it is so hard. Our children do have the experience of the ” candy lady” 🙂

  5. Nicole Antunes

    Great article! It bought back so many great memories of growing up “old school”. My mom was southern and old school and she didn’t play but we had so much fun with the added bonus of discipline that I appreciate NOW that I’m grown.

    P.S. Don’t forget the added “exercise” of having to get up and change the channel on the t.v. Lol!

  6. DeeDee

    This was funny and it brought back memories of my childhood. It also made me sad to know that my children too, will never know the sweetness of all of the forementioned.

  7. Harold

    Sherree, growing up in south florida, I remind my kids of the following:
    1. We scraped the burnt off of toast, and put butter and jello on it.
    2. We at all of the bread, there was no pulling the crust off.
    3. Having to be in before the streetlights came on.
    4. Running away from dogs and jumping the fence.
    5. Climbing mango trees
    6. Having to get your own switch, for a beating.
    7. An old milk jug, serving as the water jug in the fridge.
    8. Two phones in the house, the long corded one in the kitchen, and the other in my parents room.

    1. Sheree Adams Post author

      Harold, you took us way back. I don’t want to remember going to get my own switch, my legs start stinging just thinking about it! Who could forget the longggggg cord on the kitchen phone. My mom still has hers.

  8. The Frugal Writer

    OMGosh, this brought back memories. Our kids indeed have it too good.

    My kids have no idea what it’s like to have to wait until Saturday morning to watch cartoons! But, hey, there was nothing like Schoolhouse Rock, Fat Albert, and Superfriends.

    Electric Company and Sesame Street are still relevant now, but were pioneers back then.

    I also remember buying my first Walkman with a record button! Woo Hoo Big technology!

    And, it was amazing to go to school and talk about what everybody watched. There were only 3 networks and 2 other local channels, so everybody was watching the same thing.

    Oh, and my mom used to feed us kids the breakfast of champions, a raw egg mixed with grape juice. The stuff was magic, and a quick way to get protein and calories in 5 kids before school.

    We all had perfect attendance in school, because unless you were bleeding, you went. And our buses put chains on their tires in the winter and kept on trucking. School closures? Please…

    Thanks for the memories!

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5 Tips on Setting Relationship Goals for the New Year

BY: - 11 Dec '12 | Home

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Every year people get into a frenzy toward the end of the year as they make goals for the upcoming year. There’s always the people who make goals dealing with their health, their money and even their career.  But, what about your relationship? Every year we seem to put so much emphasis on superficial things. What if we put the same emphasis on goals for our happiness in our relationships? Would we be happier and better adjusted with our mates?

This year I’m making my regular goals, but I’m also taking time to sit down with my husband and develop goals for us in 2013. Our goals are not elaborate but deal with what we need in our relationship. Our goals have nothing to do with gaining something new materially, but deal with the emotional side of our relationship. We use the acronym S.M.A.R.T. to develop our goals and usually it takes us a couple of weeks to be completely done and ready for the new year. So how do you develop goals for something so personal and intimate? Use these 5 steps in developing and implementing goals for you and your spouse.

1. Be specific. We don’t like to make goals that are too broad such as ‘be happy’. All of our goals are specific- we say EXACTLY what we want. We believe if we speak it, it will manifest in us. For example, we may set a goal of writing thank you notes that tell one another why we’re thankful at least once a week.
2. Make them measurable. We’re not in the business of taking some type of meter and measuring every one of our goals. But we do want our goals to be measurable- by some extent. So if we set the goal to take more weekend trips, then in March we’ll see if we actually took any trips. If we didn’t take any- we’re in trouble. If we did, we are progressing to our goal.
3. Make sure they involve action. It’s always a good thing to talk about goals, but what do they mean if that’s all you do is talk? So we always make sure we have action steps for our goals. If we plan on traveling overseas as a couple, that means that we have to get our Passports/Visas and secure babysitting services for our kids. If our goal is to spend more time with just us two then we have to have dates (or time) set aside to do that.
4. Be reliable. In order for relationship goals to work, both parties have to be committed to them so if we say we’re going to do something we have to do it.
5. Be timely. Time is of the essence in goals because you have a year to manifest your goals. So even before January 1st we start working on them. Be mindful there has to be a start (and finish) for all goals.

So,  in the New Year make all of your regular goals but don’t forget that some of your most important ones should deal with your relationship! Now my BMWK family, what are your relationship goals for this year?

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Franchesca Warren wrote 44 articles on this blog.

Franchesca Warren is writer, author, blogger, educator, runner, entrepreneur, mother and overall BossyGirl. She's currently working on her second book detailing her chronicles of working in two of the roughest urban school districts with a release date of August 2012. You can find her full-time on her blog chronicling her life trying to balance it all and run a marathon by the end of the year. In her spare time she runs her own editing company, The Editing Nerd, and working on the launch of her first magazine. For a daily account of the good, bad and ugly of being a BossyGirl follow her on Twitter!


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